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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?


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LOL. One that doesnt watch sports or keep up with it (There are a few of us!) Sorry, but I cant think of a more boring way to spend my time.......



In his case, I have heard of him. But I wouldnt know his picture from Slim Summervilles'.......


Edited by: Hibi on Sep 10, 2013 3:26 PM

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I guess I forgot to confirm that the three Reginalds were Reginald Denny, Reginald Gardiner, and Reginald Owen. Lavender got them. SCSU1975 got Dave O'Brien. He was a chorus boy in the "Young And Healthy" number in "42nd Street" and the "Honeymoon Hotel" number in "Footlight Parade". He did indeed star in "Reefer Madness", which is why I included the third picture. I said that he appears on TCM as often as anyone because he starred in many of the Pete Smith shorts, usually playing a bumbling husband.

Now, who are these two actors? They sort of have something in common. Do you know what that might be?


Here's the first man:






And now the second:





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That's right, MN. Edward Ellis, playing Maureen O'Sullivan's father, actually had the title role in "The Thin Man". J. Scott Smart had been playing "The Fat Man" in a radio series. He got to play the role on film in the 1951 movie version.


Now, here is an actress who starred in a cult classic, but most of us know little else about her. Do you know her?







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Well, missed out on the thin man ;) , but I can take this one . . . Olga Baclanova.


Most famously Cleopatra in Tod Browning's Freaks, but she also appeared in other noteworthy films - opposite Conrad Veidt in Paul Leni's The Man Who Laughs and in one of John Gilbert's talkies, Downstairs. The latter also featured one of the recently discussed Reginalds (Owen).

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Yes, Twinkeee got him. Robert Paige was a contract player at Universal in the forties and fifties. You may remember him in "Abbott And Costello Go To Mars", which turned out to be Venus in the movie. He was also in the musical "Can't Help Singing", which was Deanna Durbin's first movie in color. Now, here is a character actor who was in many movies over the years. Do you know him?







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You got him, Lavender. Maybe it's the bow tie, but does Clinton Sundberg remind you of Charles Osgood, the CBS news commentator?









Now, who is this actor?








We may have had him before, but it's been a while.

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Miles Archer wrote;

Robert Paige was a contract player at Universal in the forties and fifties.


I remember him as the host of TV's *Schlitz Playhouse* in the early 50's. I was surprised to see him in *Bye, Bye, Birdie* as I'd had no idea he was an actor. I saw him in a Deanna Durbin movie but really wasn't that impressed. I'd forgotten him until I saw these photos.

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She's always been one of my favorties: Diana Barrymore.

Two of her best were BETWEEN US GIRLS (1942) a delightful comedy similar to THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR, but which came out first (just barely) but is almost never mentioned anymore while the Ginger Rogers film is the one everyone remembers.

Also NIGHTMARE (1942) a very good WW2 spy drama showed Diana did have some acting talent instead of being just a famous name.


If her main six movies were not Universal Pictures maybe we'd be seeing them regularly on TCM and she'd be better known and appreciated.

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That's right, MN. Diana was John Barrymore's daughter from his first marriage. Drew's father, John Drew Barrymore, was from John's marriage to Dolores Costello, so John Drew Barrymore and Diana Barrymore were half brother and sister, and just like her father, she had a problem with alcohol. She died at age 38.

Now, who is this actress who had a very short life? She had a famous relative and she was married to an actor for a short time before she passed away.







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That's right, MN. She was married to Richard Long for a short while. She died of cancer while in her early twenties. You can see her in "Chief Crazy Horse" with Victor Mature.

Now, do you know this fellow. He had been a vaudeville and burlesque comic. He played small roles in quite a few movies from the late 1930's throughout the 1940's. He also had a famous relative.











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