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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?


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Music and Cas, great to have you two back here. I thought I was good to go until last night. I couldn't get on the message board at all, let alone post. And today it's taking me, so far, at least two hours to get this posted, if you're reading it. Yeah, watching paint dry is less frustrating. lol


Clue two on the baby pic. Um, at an early age she became obsessed with watching Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dance. Though she did dance, she was better known for her unusual voice and from there on in it was all good news for her career.


My guess on the last three ladies are, though I know I'm way off base, but from bottom to top, Vivien Leigh, Marion Davies, and Gene Tierney. lol Hey, it's a guess, not a very educated one, but a guess nonetheless. :-)

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> {quote:title=drednm wrote:}{quote}

> well my first guess was Betty Compson..... but it sure looks like Bessie Love




You are correct! The second of the three ladies is Betty Compson. I thought someone would figure out the Clown Girl fairly quickly. I guess not?

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Believe it or not, we already had a guess on another forum, of Barbara Eden for The Clown Girl. Yes, it does look like her quite a bit. No, She is a Silent and Pre-code film Actress. Marion Davies is a good guess, but that is not the right answer either.

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