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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?


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I might add that your ?guess the star? photo thread is the most interesting. Especially when you post large close-ups of faces of well-known stars who don?t look like we remember them looking.


It?s just amazing how some of them look like someone else, such as the photo of Ida Lupino. The face, to me, looks like Rhonda Flemming. But I figured that the hair style and clothes were about 10 years older than what Rhonda would have worn.


Your photo of a blonde Ann Miller was just amazing.

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Fred, I've been here, just can't post. I got my fingers crossed, at least I could get a reply page tonight.


You mentioned about this thread and it all started when I saw a close up of Ingrid Bergman, and even though I knew who she was I just couldn't see her. Lighting, the angles of the shot, and make up and hair color play a big role in all that. Anyway, if this works, here we go... :-)



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FredCDobbs . . .was that you that said that you have to

type out your posts on 'Word' and then copy it over to the thread ?


If that was you, I took your advise by typing out my posts in

my E-mail & then copying it onto these posts. And it's been working.

Thank you very much for that advise. I don't have 'Word' so I have

to do it thru my E-mails.


Now with that said, are pictures able to be copied onto an

E-mail & then copied & pasted over to these threads ??

Just wondering, as I've made mention before, I'm not

computer savvy, I just thought this might help georgiegirl or anyone else.



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Hey, that?s an excellent idea to type your text in an email, if you don?t have a Word program!


Yes, you can put the photo code in the email too.


Use this code for small photos:


<img src=>


Put the photo's url address in-between the = sign and the > right arrow.


For larger photos that you will need to reduce in size, use this code:


<img src= height =275 width =400>


Put the photo?s url address after the first = sign, and leave one space at the end of the address and before the word ?height?.


Those numbers are for a wide photo. For a tall photo, use the bigger number for ?height? and the smaller number for ?width?.


You can test your photos here:



or here....



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Dear Everyone,


I don?t know quite what to do.


I know the name of the girl in the chair, but I don?t want to name her. I want to give others a chance to name her.


georgiegirl sometimes gives clues to her photos, but she also has trouble posting on this board.


Does anyone have a suggestion?


Should I give a clue, or should we wait for georgiegirl to return?



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Thanks for the warm welcome back, guys and dolls. Giving this another try, and Fred I sent you a PM but they don't always work, either.


Okay, clue. She never became a super star but she did have a long run as a supporting actress in movies from the late 30s to late 50s.

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