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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?


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The amazing thing is that none of these photos are new. I have posted them in the past in other threads. Granted some of those were more than a year ago. Not all of them though. A few were posted much more recently.

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The first lady (the "bad" one) is Mary Nolan, I think. She was so memorable in two films where MGM really gave her tough roles: "West of Zanzibar" (1928) and "Desert Nights" (1929). And then a few at Universal, some B-stuff, and what a tragic life.


The second lady is Billie Dove, right?

It sure would be nice if TCM could show more of her movies...but it would also be nice if more existed!

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Yes, you got them both. It was Mary Nolan, and Billie Dove. It's a shame that at least one of the features Billie made with Gilbert Roland doesn't still exist? I don't think that they do? Hope that I am wrong.




*Statuesque Blond Bombshell Mary Nolan*








*Raven Haired Billy Dove*

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Here is a 1926 Lobby-card of Douglas Fairbank's THE BLACK PIRATE with Billie Dove. Of course this picture was filmed entirely in Two-Strip Technicolor. And is on DVD from Kino.





*The Black Pirate (1926) Lobby-Card. Doug Fairbanks, and Billie Dove*


Billie was a Huge Star in the late 20's. In-fact, in a poll conducted by Exhibitors Herald for the past year ending October of 1928, Billie Dove ranked an imposing third most popular female Star in number of votes received. She was behind only Clara Bow who was an overwhelming Number 1, and Colleen Moore, who ranked a comfortable second place.

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No, I don't mind. I was going to post this weeks ago, but lost the file and did not find it until about an hour ago. I think I have two or three more, but they were not together. I have lots of posters for other Fairbanks films.


Hey, please request this movie! THE BLACK PIRATE has never been shown on TCM before. At least not the American TCM, as far as I know it hasn't. They used to run it on the old AMC back in the early to mid 90's. I would also request THE IRON MASK while you are at it too. TCM's contract with Photoplay means they should be able to broadcast the Photoplay Productions Carl davis scored version. Only the 1950's re-issue with Doug Junior narrating has been shown on TCM in the past. And that was at least 9 years ago!

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