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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?

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On Apple computers, there is a program, called Preview, which can copy all or part of what is on the screen and save it as a PNG, JPEG, or other file. You can sellect what you want to save. I'm sure there is something in Windows that has a similar capability. Then you can go to the site tinypic.com and upload it and get an address for the file to paste into this thread in the plain text mode.


Here's what the homepage for tinypic looks like:




Choose a file on your computer, the file type (in this case, image), and resize it as you want. Click Upload Now, and enter the confirmation code provided. After you upload your image, you will see this:




Copy the IMG code for Forums and Message Boards between the s. Then on this thread in the plain text mode, paste that where the dots are below:


(exclamation point). . . . . . /post.gif(exclamation point)


I can't type the exclamation points, otherwise the site will think I'm referencing a real address.


You can click on the preview tab to see if it worked.

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Wow I'm good! Didn't even look it up!!


As far as the hair, I assumed you used that pic to trick us! Actualy, it was the profile that made it difficult to recognize her, more so then her hair.


Would have had the answer sooner, but the mouse went screwy on me, hence "Vivie n"

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With a title clue like that, a person has to be fast around this place.


Your clue certainly helped. I would have never looked for that guy. The photo does look a little like George Sanders or Wayne Morris.


I never would have guessed Vivien Leigh for that lady. I thought it looked a little like Patricia Laffan, who was in The Devil Girl from Mars! LOL.

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