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Nominations for Worst Theatrical Film of the Decade - Cast Your Vote!

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As the early 2000s draw to a close, we can do many things, like listing the best films of the decade. But who wants to list the best films when we can list the worst ones? ;)


Each film starts with 0 votes.


Freddy Got Fingered

This Thing of Ours



Chaos (David DeFalco, 2005)


Being Claudine

Texas Night Train


Miss March

SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2

Kis Vuk

The Master of Disguise

What Boys Like

An American Carol

Surviving Christmas

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

The Singing Forest


National Lampoon's Gold Diggers

The **** and the Nottie

Date Movie

Epic Movie

Superhero Movie

Meet the Spartans

Disaster Movie

Dirty Love

Alone in the Dark


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Battlefield Earth

The Trouble with Romance





The Adventures of Pluto Nash


Dungeons and Dragons

From Justin to Kelly

House of the Dead



Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2


I Know Who Killed Me


Prom Night

Witless Protection

Beer for My Horses

The Lodger

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Good Luck Chuck

Other (please specify) :)


So... cast your votes! :)


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"Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" They had the gaul to make a sequel? The first one was boring enough and as stupid as that "Mothman" movie. Give me a break.


There was a remake of "Heidi", 2006 starring Emma Bolger and Max von Sydow. I only think its fair far as ratings go. Haven't seen any opinions on it.


Was "The Disaster Movie" a disaster? Some thinks so.


Why is "Pinocchio" on the list and "Pinocchio's Revenge" is not? (is this a Chucky ripoff?)

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Thats some list there. Many on here likely know I also see/review between (36-60) new theatrical releases-(only counts if in a theater, for me anyway) per year, since 1982-(started at only age 18)

Main reason cannot devote as much time as I'd love to this, thee mt. summit of 'em all!!!

So I'm pretty-much aware of the flix you selected. However, what may actually rank as The Worst In Decades, is>"Hannibal: Rising" from 2007. A prequel of course to>*"The Silence of the Lambs" franchise. So repellent, I actually left the theater disgusted to my stomach. I've never yet left though in the middle of a release. At least likes of "Catwoman" was bad (*1/2)-(& besides M. Pfeiffer is the definitive Catwoman in my book!) But this was another story & why they even make such garbage-(it made nada $$$) By the way, Travolta awhile ago spoke of a sequel to his "B. Earth"

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I can't remember the whole decade. But I've seen some in the last couple of years that were unbelievably bad. Insulted my intelligence. GHOST RIDER is appalling. And I like comic book stories. THE HAPPENING should not have happened. Absolutely nothing going for it. Even Robert Redford's political essay (forgot the name of it). OK, it's not an explosive action film. It addresses some substantial issues. But there's no story. No drama. What's the point?

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But I mostly agree with MetropolisMan's list...


I don't think Ghost Rider was so bad...


"I Am Legend" - A waste of Will Smith, and a waste of the great book by Richard Matheson. Horrid, unbelievable CG- Bad Ending.


"The Day The Earth Stood Still" - I think they messed with the story too much- Which was in turn messed with even in the Robert Wise version, read "Farewell to the Master" by Harry Bates.


I also agree that "Catwoman" - well you don't wanna hear that expression here.


Now, I have heard, that during a preview of "Van Helsing" - Some guy stood up and yelled "This Movie S***s!" and was applauded by the rest of the audience... But I kinda liked that flick.


Also.... Most of the made-for-TV movies for the Sci Fi Channel made by "UFO Studios" or something, those are icky... But as none of them ever made it to one movie theatre, we can count em out.


Starship Troopers 3: Maurader.... Yeeech! But I liked seeing Jonny Rico again being played by the guy from the original flick.

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Yes...I must say the ZOLTAN (I just did the Z with my thumbs) uniforms of bubblewrap is funny as heck and the Chinese take-out scene. Maybe I've been spoiled with Pineapple Express.


Okay...remove "Dude" from my vote. I just described way too much of the movie to have disliked it. I'll think of another one.





aaaannnndddd tttthhhheeeeennn?

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I rented that flick, and it is probably the first flick I ever just shut off after about 15 minutes


I liked Tropic Thunder-


Comedy is hard, it is difficult to find new gags and jokes that haven't been overused:


I think the two funniest films from the 90's were Ace Ventura.


I rented a movie called "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" - And although parts of it were pretty hilarious, overall, I had a couple of problems with John C Reilly, even though I think he is a good character actor. I guess that film was almost a scene by scene parody of "I Walk the Line"


"Hood of the Living Dead" - Avoid with extreme predjudice


I found this thing called "Ghost town: The Movie" - Not the same as the other recent comedy of the similar name - But I only got through 5 minutes of it. I peeked at the rest of it, normally I like independent films but I just could not connect with it. I wrote a bad review of it over at IMDB, and I rarely hand out 1 star, usually I give 8 to 10.

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I also loved Tropic Thunder...Downy, Nolte, Stiller...all incredible. I had to turn it off because I was laughing so hard during Stiller's desire to tickle the ivories when the unit returns and forms a band.



New Vote for worst movie..."In a New York Minute" starring the Olsen twins.





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It's such a difficult choice: Hollywood grinds out dreadful films with such mind-numbing regularity these days, but if I had to nominate any movie, it'd be the execrable Da VINCI CODE, which was about as inept and inane a piece of storytelling as I have seen in a very, very long time.

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Due to curiosity, I actually watched Disaster Movie, an 87-minute assault on human decency that leaves the viewer staring blankly as their brain cells rot. The true awful-ness doesn't really sink in until after watching the whole thing. It might even make you feel sick to your stomach. If you decide to watch it, may God have mercy on your soul.


Also: nowadays, amateur vanity projects can be picked up by studios for theatrical release. I'm dying to see the universally-scathed indie films Being Claudine ("wooden, graceless amateur film") and Strippers ("unbelievably awful celluloid-waster"), as well as Texas Night Train ("a slow train to nowhere"), especially after reading this [priceless review|http://www.awcm.us/ccc/0027.htm].

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> {quote:title=CineSage_jr wrote:}{quote}

> It's such a difficult choice: Hollywood grinds out dreadful films with such mind-numbing regularity these days, but if I had to nominate any movie, it'd be the execrable Da VINCI CODE, which was about as inept and inane a piece of storytelling as I have seen in a very, very long time.


I want to understand why you feel that way, because you are not the only person I have heard give that film a bad knock.


My partner and I discuss films, and as he is from Brooklyn, he is very strict with his film critiques.


He told me he didn't like it, but he said, in particular, there is one scene where Sophie meets her Grandmother, and for some reason, the entire Theatre audience laughed when the woman says "I am your Grandmother" -He also had other specific complaints that I can't think of.


Now, you say, it is inept storytelling, is that your complaint? You think it is corny? Or are you offended by the religious questions it asks?


I'm probably the only guy in here that liked "Davinci Code" - I think many people, religious folk, were very upset. Especially many of my friends, and when I ask them if they ever even read the book, they haven't done it. That does not make sense, you cannot say that something is bad if you have never seen it.


Which is why I read the book and rented the film, I wanted to understand the religious opposition: and I saw nothing really destructive to my own Faith... maybe because in my own, there is room for questions "What If" which is all DV Code Is.


It is almost the same thing that happened when Marty Scorsese announced he was intending to film "The Last Temptation of Christ" - He was fought by the religious community from start to finish, but interestingly, I am familiar with the film and the book it is based on, and there is nothing detrimental toward their religion at all. As a matter of fact, it is complementary. So, it was as if the people were telling Scorsese not to make the film because he was in agreement with them, which is plain silly.


I myself am religious, but the ideas in Davinci Code, well for one thing, they are mostly from the book "Holy Blood/Holy Grail" - Even in that book, which may seem to be aimed at the destruction of religious beliefs, at the very end, the author encourages people to not lose their Faith, which is basically what Dan Brown does.


I think Dan Brown took the Holy Blood/Holy Grail concept and gave it more substance and inserted Hope- And mixed it in with e detective story. I am a sucker for detective stories, all the way from Warren Williams Perry Mason films, to the recent "Watchmen" Detective/Masked Hero film. DaVinci Code was in the same category. Also, the film was shot beautifully, was edited cleverly, the colour palette was fantastic, and it has my favourite actor: Ian Mcklellan.


My complaint about Davinci code was that they ought not to have made it before making "Angels and Demons" - Also, they changed too many things from the original novel.


Which is my complaint back to when they first made films like Wuthering Heights and Gone with the Wind... They always change things


There have been two films made, which are at least 90% close to the original novel: Phillip K Dick's "A Scanner Darkly" made by Richard Linklatter, and "Watchmen" by Zak Snyder, which is 90% identical to the Graphic Novel, but 99% in exact duplication of each frame in the book.


I'd like to see, one of these days, the great Novels and Graphic Novels of the last 200 years to be put to film and not change one line of the original material.

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