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Warner Archives Discussion


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we have separate threads for Blu-Ray and standard DVD, and since the Warner Archives are an altogether different format and market, i thought we should discuss them in a new thread. since there are already 150 titles and will be about 20 new titles every month, the information could really get lost in all the other threads.


first of all, i'm curious to know:

which titles other people bought.

which format you oped for: DVD-R, download, rental

if you've received any of yours yet.

any reviews, issues, questions, complaints that may arise


i bought all the Garbo pictures: The Kiss, Wild Orchids, The Single Standard, and Love, plus Ice Follies of 1939. although i got a shipping confirmation from Warner saying all the titles had shipped, i got an apology email a few days ago saying that the Single Standard wasn't ready but would be within 10-14 days (they also said i would get an additional 15% off of it and it would be overnighted, which was impressive). Yesterday i received Love, the quality was just what was depicted on the site, there were no playability issues, and it even had 10-minute interval chapter-stops, which i didn't expect. overall, i love Love and can't wait to get the others, i will definitely have to allocate part of my budget for this library.

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I purchased 5 DVD titles from the archives:








Only watched SO THIS IS LOVE. Very impressed by the print. The last time I saw this film was on a small screen B&W TV. This was a bare bones DVD, with no trailer. I have yet to watch the others.


I agree with many people that the price of these DVD's should be no more than $14.99. Hopefully the archives will have more sales, otherwise I am being very, very selective about which titles I choose.

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i'm glad to hear that the quality is good on these dvds..... there are a number of titles that i'm interested in, and i hope they'll be offered by WB for some time (a few years).....to give us enough time to collect them.


since these are rarer 'on demand' titles, i suppose they will stay at $20 @ title...... the price is too steep for me though. i might just get 2 or 3 titles this year.

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I purchased 5 titles on March 26:


The Single Standard

Strange Interlude

Souls for Sale

Exit Smiling

Beast of the City


I have only seen Exit Smiling once before and it's been years since I've seen Strange Interlude on TCM. The others I was buying based on reputation.


Only Thursday April 2 did I finally get a message from WBShop saying they shipped. Like the author of this thread they also mentioned that The Single Standard was what was holding things up and said they had credited 15% back to my credit card because of the delay. The order is yet to be delivered, but I'll get back to you on quality when I receive them.


I guess it's a good sign if volume is so high WBShop is having to delay shipment a week to catch up with brisk business. They would do even better business if they would lower their prices just a few dollars.

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I ordered captain sindbad, and it was great ! Fine widescreen transfer and with original sleeve art as shown on their website

My friend was happy with Crescendo...

Doc Savage & Betrayed are next

Crisis, Big House and Beast of the City are next

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I bought 4 titles; SOULS FOR SALE (1923), THE BIG HOUSE(1930), THE DUDE GOES WEST (1948) and THE D.I.(1957).

I have only done a quick run through on each title, and have not sat down to watch any of the completely, but the transfers are first rate no playback issues, and the packageing is excellent.

I will no doudt be buying more titles in the near future.

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i just got the rest of my order (minus the Single Standard, of course) and i'm so excited.


since all the ones i've viewed are preceded by the old Turner trailer, i'm guessing these are all old transfers from the VHS releases, although fortunately they don't appear to have been transferred from VHS, unless i just have no sense of definition. while there's no new transfers or restorations, i'm still greatly satisfied with the quality overall.


the Technicolor finale of *Ice Follies of 1939* is vibrant and, with the exception of one part with visible damage, not needing much restoration anyway. I'll admit the short Technicolor segment is probably the one reason why i was interested in this title, and I wasn't disappointed.


*The Kiss* and *Wild Orchids* appear to have original synchronized scores, with the crackles and pops that go with that. the Wild Orchids track has some interesting sound effects and limited singing, which I missed out on when seeing this in the theatre with live music. it could be distracting to some, but i actually rather have the original experience than a new score, unless they were able to provide multiple audio tracks.


*Love* is unique in that it has a live recording of a composition conducted by Arnold Brostoff from a screening at UCLA, so it has some ambient noise like applause, laughter, and coughing.


once I get the Single Standard, then i'll literally have every Garbo movie that's available on DVD(!) one curiosity, however, I noticed that WHV also made the Temptress available in the Archive, even though it was already available in the TCM Archives/Signature Collection. I can't imagine there being any difference or improvement on the latter, does anyone know if there was a reason driving that release that i'm not aware of?

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I watched my copy of PRIVATE LIVES from the WB Archives this week and thought the quality was excellent. There were a couple very minor visual "glitches," and it's possible restoration might have sharpened up the picture a bit, but considering it was a print of a 1931 film I thought it was in great shape. I am very happy to have finally seen it and own it. :)


I was also impressed with the quality of the keep case, which included a plot synopsis on the back.


I do wish they had bothered to do a nicer "menu" screen other than the "click here" with the directions on how to fast-forward in 10-minute increments -- does it really cost that much to put in a still and "Play" rather than a blank screen with an arrow to click? -- but that's a minor quibble given that we know the point of their program is to put the movies in our hands.


Message was edited by: MovieFanLaura

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I got *The Single Standard* already!


I was hoping to preview it at work, but I can't seem to get it to play on my laptop. curiously, i noticed the amaray case for this one was slightly different from the others. the first 4 i received had a new mold i hadn't seen before, which would slide shut rather than snap. this one was more the same type that WHV usually uses on their DVD releases. it makes me wonder if the backorder was due to the case, which would make sense since the DVD's themselves wouldn't have to be inventoried.

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i got a survey from WHV today about my Warner Archives purchase, which promised a 10% discount coupon for completing (the promo code they ended up sending me was actually for 15%!), so it looks like i'll definitely be buying more this month or next.


one of the interesting questions they asked was if you would be interested in enrolling in a monthly service to receive them at a lower price.

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I also filled out the survey and was encouraged by some of the questions. There were a number of questions about pricing options which made me wonder if they are sensitive to the feedback that $20 for a single, possibly unrestored film is too high. Among other things, they asked for an opinion on the appropriate pricing. (I suggested $9-13.)


They also asked if I would be interested in themed or boxed sets. Don't know if that would mean any extras or simply buying some films as a group -- i.e., there was supposed to be an ANDY HARDY DVD release which I suspect now would happen via the Archive -- but it's intriguing.

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Warners has just announced the next batch of titles. Some of these were in a previous list I updated (such as Spitfire) but they were pulled from the site back then very quickly, so they were probably just testing out the site at the time.


Anyway, here are the new titles:

A Woman Rebels


Joy of Living

Luxury Liner

The Mad Miss Manton

Return of the Bad Men

Tall Street

Quality Street

The Little Minister

Meet the People

Having Wonderful Time

Break of Hearts

Christopher Strong

Carson City

Thousands Cheer

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I know, it is supposed to be 20. But 15 is all they are showing as new at this moment. Maybe they will do 5 more by the end of the month.


And I can't believe I forgot to mention this. In the email I got from them today, they said:


*"Buy 2, Get 1 Free when you order by 4/27/09" Enter Coupon Code: SPITFIRE*

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I used the code and ordered three DVDs:






I am being very selective about what I order especially with their prices @ $19.95. Buy 2 and get an additional one free is pretty good, but they either need to lower their prices or have more of these sales with free postage. I'd settle for the 1 free deal all the time.


I also took advantage of buying 2 Blu Rays and getting the 3rd free plus an additional 20% making this another great deal.

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For people who may be interested in renting Warner Archives titles, classicflix.com has announced they have some Warner Archives for rental coming up and expect more to be delivered soon:


Just a quick update on the Warner Archive Collection. We've added the first 30 to our site that have been shipped and are scheduled for delivery to us by Monday. You can find them here. The rest are still pending with Warner and will hopefully ship this week.


Also, we've created a new category under "Fun Ways to Browse" entitled "By Collection." In it you'll find an easy way to find the Warner Archive Collection as well as other collections put out by various studios.

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An updated list, including some of the more recent ones in BOLD (the most recent 5 have an *). The total is now 170.


The Abdication

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

The Actress

Adventures of Huck Finn (1939)

Adventures of Mark Twain

Ah, Wilderness!

Al Capone

All Fall Down

Along the Great Divide

Angel Baby

The Baby Maker

*Badman?s Territory* *

The Bamboo Blonde


Beast of the City

The Beggar's Opera


Bwohani Junction

The Big Circus

The Big House

Brainstorm (1965)

*Break of Hearts (Hepburn, Boyer)*

*Breakfast for Two* *

*Bright Leaf (Cooper)*

*Broadway Rhythm* *

Cain and Mabel

Canyon River

Captain Nemo and the Underwater City

Captain Sinbad

Carbine Williams

*Carson City*



*Christopher Strong (Hepburn)*

The Church Mouse

The Citadel

Close to My Heart

The Command

El Condor

Convicts Four



Crime and Punishment


The Crowded Sky

The D.I.

Dance, Fools, Dance

Darby's Rangers

The Defector

The Devil Is a Sissy

A Distant Trumpet

Doc Savage: Man of Bronze

Dream Lover

A Dream of Kings

Dream Wife

Drums of Africa

Dude Goes West

Dusty and Sweets McGee

Edison the Man


Enemy of the People

Exit Smiling

Forsaking All Others

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The George Raft Story

Goodbye My Fancy

The Grasshopper

*Having Wonderful Time*

H.M. Pulham, Esquire

Heart Beat


**** Tonk

I Was A Communist for the FBI

I Was an American Spy

Ice Follies of 1939

Idiot's Delight

Interrupted Melody

The Invitation

John Loves Mary

*Joy of Living*

Just the Way You Are



King of the Roaring 20's

The Kiss

Laughing Sinners


A Lion in the Streets

Little Drummer Girl

*The Little Minister (Hepburn)*

Lost Boundaries

Love (1927)

Love on the Run

*Luxury Liner*

*Mad Miss Manton*

Made in Paris

The Magnificent Yankee


Man from Galveston

Man from God's Country

Man Who Loved Cat Dancing

Mannequin (1937)

The Mating Game

*Meet the People*

Men in White

The Money Trap

The Moonlighters

Mr. Lucky(1943)

Mrs. Parkington

My Blood Runs Cold

The Oklahoman

On Borrowed Time

Once Upon a Honeymoon

One on One

One Trick Pony


Outlaw Blues

Oxford Blues

Painting the Clouds with Sunshine

Payment on Demand

Possessed (1931)

Private Lives

Promises in the Dark

Purple Hearts

*Quality Street*

Quentin Durward (1955)


*The Rain People*

Rasputin and the Empress

The Red Lily

The Red Mill

Room for One More

Scaramouche (1923)

The Sergeant

The Shining Hour

The Shopworn Angel

The Single Standard

Sins of Rachel Cade

The Smart Set

So This is Love

Somewhere I'll Find You

Souls for Sale

*Spitfire (Hepburn)*

Spring Fever

Strange Interlude

Sunrise at Campobello

Sweet November (1968)

*The Temptress*

They Only Kill Their Masters

This Woman is Dangerous

*Thousands Cheer*

Three Comrades

Three Sailors and a Girl

The Toast of New York

*Tom, Dick and Harry* *

Too Hot to Handle (1938)

The Trail of '98

*Trail Street*

*Tugboat Annie*

*Two Girls and a Sailor* *


We Were Dancing


When Ladies Meet


Wild Orchids


*A Woman Rebels*

Yes, Giorgio

Young Tom Edison

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