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According to a post on DigitalBits, four MGM musicals are coming to the archives: GIVE A GIRL A BREAK, I LOVE MELVIN, EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS and BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE. Also another title I have been waiting for: GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE.


Edited by: Edgecliff on Nov 5, 2009 4:31 PM

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Edge, some of the titles you mentioned have now been confirmed by classicflix.com plus others. Here is the new list:


Because You're Mine

Call It A Day

Gun Glory

I Love Melvin

The Man With Two Faces


The Nutcracker

Our Vines Have Tender Grapes

Out of the Fog

Rich, Young, and Pretty

Tiger Shark

Two Seconds

Warner Bros. Big Band Shorts Collection (6-DVD set)


Here's a link to the group on classicflix with details on each one:




Also, looking at the WB site, it looks like some of the value paks have been taken off. Only 6 are showing now: Jolson, Cooper, Gordon Scott as Tarzan, Lex Barker as Tarzan, Roddenberry's Genesis II and Planet Earth, and Stars of The Wizard of Oz.

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A new set of Vitaphone music & band shorts has been released by Warner Archives.

Let's hope this one does well and that they'll release more, especially the Vitaphone two-reel comedies such as those with Shemp Howard.



DISC 1: Ramblin? ?Round Radio Row #1 (1932-33)

Ramblin? ?Round Radio Row #2 (1932-33)

Ramblin? ?Round Radio Row #3 (1932-33)

Ramblin? ?Round Radio Row #4 (1932-33)

Ramblin? ?Round Radio Row #5 (1932-33)

Ramblin? ?Round Radio Row #6 (1932-33)

Ramblin? ?Round Radio Row #1 (1933-34)

Ramblin? ?Round Radio Row #2 (1933-34)

Ramblin? ?Round Radio Row #1 (1934-35)

The Yacht Party

The Audition

DISC 2: Yamekraw

Smash Your Baggage

That?s the Spirit

Pie, Pie Blackbird

Rufus Jones for President

All Colored Vaudeville Show

King for a Day

The Black Network

DISC 3: Eddie Duchin & Orchestra

Mills Blue Rhythm Band

Isham Jones & His Orchestra

Ben Pollack & His Orchestra

Dave Apollon & Co. in The Wishing Stone

Johnny Green & His Orchestra

Borrah Minevitch & His Harmonica Rascals

Red Nichols & His World Famous Pennies

George Hall & His Orchestra

Harry Reser & His Eskimos

Little Jack Little & Orchestra

DISC 4: Jimmie Lunceford & His Dance Orchestra

B.A. Rolfe & His Orchestra in Off the Record

Leon Navara & His Orchestra in Sin-Copation

Cab Calloway & His Orchestra in Hi De Ho

Freddie Rich & His Orchestra

Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra

Larry Clinton & His Orchestra with Carol Bruce

Ray Kinney & His Royal Hawaiian Orchestra

Swing Cat?s Jamboree

Saturday Night Swing Club

Larry Clinton & His Orchestra in The Dispy Doodler

DISC 5: Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra

Artie Shaw & His Orchestra in Symphony of Swing

Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra with Betty Hutton

Frances Carroll & the Coquettes

Larry Clinton & His Orchestra with Bea Wain

Rita Rio & Her Orchestra

Artie Shaw & His Orchestra

Henry Busse & His Orchestra

Cliff Edwards & His Buckaroos

Woody Herman & His Orchestra

Skinnay Ennis & His Orchestra

DISC 6: Hal Kemp & His Orchestra

Glen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra

Six Hits and a Miss

Borrah Minevitch & His Harmonica School

Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra

Jammin? the Blues

Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

Jan Savitt & His Band

Spade Cooley, King of Western Swing

Stan Kenton and Orchestra

Desi Arnaz & His Orchestra


This set was released Nov. 17. Here's the link to details:


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From their recent newsletter:



This month the collection salutes one of the true legends so closely associated with the Warner Bros. name, Edward G. Robinson. His portrayal of a ruthless gangster by the name of Rico (better known as LITTLE CAESAR) made him an 'overnight' star at the age of 37 after years of prior work on both stage and screen. The film ushered in the "Warner gangster" cycle of films and forever defined his screen persona. Typecasting in future 'tough guy' parts frustrated Robinson who fought hard for roles that would exhibit his versatility. Such qualities are on full display in the six Robinson films making their DVD debut this month. TWO SECONDS, a unique 1932 drama directed by Mervyn LeRoy, casts Robinson as a condemned killer whose life flashes before him as he's being put to death. TIGER SHARK, a melodrama directed by Howard Hawks, stars Robinson as a colorful character whose beloved wife falls for another man. Surprising plot twists are the highlight of THE MAN WITH TWO FACES, a 1934 mystery/drama which gave Robinson a splendid showcase to display his acting bravura. When MGM readied their 1937 production of THE LAST GANGSTER, they realized no one else could do the role justice the way Robinson could, so Warner Bros. lent his services to MGM with splendid box-office results. MANPOWER, one of Robinson's last films under his Warner contract, was filmed in 1941 with George Raft and Robinson fighting for the affection of man-trap Marlene Dietrich. OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES is a warm and moving family-themed melodrama about immigrant farmers in the mid-west. Robinson shines as a devoted patriarch, with Margaret O'Brien cast as his young daughter. Buoyed by a marvelously crafted screenplay by Dalton Trumbo, OUR VINES was a tremendous showcase for the kind of roles against type that Robinson loved to play.




Ever since the Warner Archive Collection began releasing DVD collections built around classic theatrical short subjects, there has been a high demand for a collection of musical shorts. We are proud to announce a new 6 disc set of these little gems entitled WARNER BROS. BIG BAND, JAZZ & SWING. Over 60 short subjects spanning the period of 1930-1945 have been brought together to highlight the huge amount of timeless entertainment preserved on celluloid through the fine efforts of talented short subject filmmakers at both the home studio and the famous Vitaphone studio in Brooklyn, N.Y. Among the famed musical talents contributing to this outstanding set are ARTIE SHAW, CAB CALLOWAY, THE BOSWELL SISTERS, KATE SMITH, JIMMY DORSEY, THE NICHOLAS BROTHERS, ETHEL WATERS, LOUIS PRIMA, STAN KENTON, DESI ARNAZ, RED NICHOLS, and SAMMY DAVIS JR., CLIFF EDWARDS, EDDIE DUCHIN, and BETTY HUTTON, just to name a few.




Films made specifically for television have always been hard to find on home video. This month, we add several of the most highly sought after. Two TV movies star Andy Griffith (WINTER KILL and DEADLY GAME). David Janssen heads an all-star cast in the disaster-in-the-sky classic MAYDAY AT 40,000 FEET. Michael Parks stars in THEN CAME BRONSON, the popular telefilm that served as the pilot for the 1969-70 NBC series which became a cult favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts. Two biographical telefilms earned their Emmy awards for their leading ladies: BABE, the 1975 biography of golf legend Babe Didrickson Zaharias stars Susan Clark, and THE BETTY FORD STORY, a 1987 production stars Gena Rowlands as the courageous and highly-admired former first lady who changed the face of battling substance addiction.



Just in time for Xmas, the collection brings YOGI'S FIRST CHRISTMAS to DVD, starring everyone's favorite animated bear, along with Hanna-Barbera characters including Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Augie Doggie and more. Filled with songs and snappy humor, this 1980 feature-length production is surely going to be a must-have under the trees of die-hard fans of the Jellystone Park legend. The wonderful television specials which featured the animated puppetry of Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass became an essential part of every Christmas. One of the rarest of these is THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS, based on the book written by Wizard of Oz creator L. Frank Baum. Now, the Warner Archive Collection heralds the return of this long-unavailable holiday charmer, by presenting it on DVD along with another Rankin-Bass holiday favorite... NESTOR: THE LONG EARED CHRISTMAS DONKEY (sung and narrated by Roger Miller). Rankin and Bass also lent their fine talents to traditionally animated works, and one of the most sought after of these is their 1986 feature THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS, based on the famous book by Peter Dickinson. Produced with a stylistic design reminiscent of anime, FLIGHT quickly became a cult favorite among audiences all over the world. The DVD premiere of FLIGHT OF DRAGONS will surely be welcome news to its ever-loyal legion of fans.




MGM's stable of movie musical legends take the spotlight as the archive brings 8 of the fabled studio's song-and-dance classics to DVD. The fun begins with Red Skelton providing the laughs while Eleanor Powell taps up a storm in Vincente Minnelli's I DOOD IT (1943). A 17 year-old soprano by the name of Jane Powell makes her MGM debut as the star of 1946's lush Technicolor extravaganza, HOLIDAY IN MEXICO. Jane co-stars with crooner Vic Damone (making his film debut) in 1951's RICH, YOUNG AND PRETTY Later, she wins the heart of big-city playboy Farley Granger in 1953's SMALL TOWN GIRL. First filmed by Metro in 1936 as a Janet Gaynor/Robert Taylor comedy, this melody-laden remake is highlighted by the unlimited imagination of Busby Berkeley, who conceived the film's musical numbers, most notably Bobby Van's famous 'hop' routine (to the tune of Take Me to Broadway) and Ann Miller's tap spectacular, I've Gotta Hear That Beat. The sleek and elegant dance team of Marge and Gower Champion star in 1952's EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS, and also top the marquee along with Debbie Reynolds and Bob Fosse with a fine score by Burton Lane and Ira Gershwin in Stanley Donen's Broadway-themed frolic, GIVE A GIRL A BREAK. Debbie reunited with her SINGIN' IN THE RAIN pal Donald O'Connor for 1953's charming I LOVE MELVIN. The magnificent tenor vocalizing of the legendary Mario Lanza is the irresistible lure of 1952's BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE.




Edgar Rice Burroughs' legendary 'lord of the apes' returns to the WAC line-up with the release of six more action-packed TARZAN adventures finally available on DVD. These titles star the ruggedly handsome GORDON SCOTT. Scott's Tarzan tenure saw significant changes to the long-running film series, and how the character was presented. TARZAN'S HIDDEN JUNGLE has all the typical trappings of a modestly-budgeted B&W RKO release. Series producer Sol Lesser aimed higher as he severed ties with the decaying RKO and introduced color, widescreen & location photography with TARZAN AND THE LOST SAFARI in 1957, followed by TARZAN' S FIGHT FOR LIFE the following year. These films presented a more modern approach to the TARZAN character, and further cemented Scott's popularity in the role. 1958's TARZAN AND THE TRAPPERS was a more traditional approach to the ape-man's exploits, having initially been crafted as a multi-part pilot for an unproduced Tarzan television series. Gordon Scott's last two films in the series are considered among the best: TARZAN'S GREATEST ADVENTURE (1959) and TARZAN THE MAGNIFICENT (1960). With new producers at the helm, these two films benefit from tightly-paced direction, well-crafted screenplays, and fine supporting casts (look for a very young Sean Connery in "Greatest Adventure") Most impressive was Gordon Scott, who was determined to help elevate the quality of the series, and the continued popularity of his 6 Tarzan films is a testament to his commitment to the role. With most of these films out of view for countless years, their DVD release through the archive will be welcome news to loyal Tarzan fans of all ages.




Star turns from screen legends have also been in high demand, and this month more consumer wishes have been granted as Olivia deHavilland and Ian Hunter lead a stellar cast in witty British-themed farce CALL IT A DAY. Warner Bros. fireworks of a different order are on full display in OUT OF THE FOG, a taut crime-themed melodrama starring John Garfield and Ida Lupino. Also on tap this month is an action filled CinemaScope Western favorite from MGM, the 1957 release GUN GLORY, with Stewart Granger and Rhonda Fleming leading an outstanding cast.



Jeff Bridges stars as a young widower trying to cope with the prospect of new love in Alan Pakula's charming SEE YOU IN THE MORNING, co-starring Farrah Fawcett and Alice Krige. The lighter side of love is on display with ample comedy and romance as Buddy Ebsen vies with Keir Dullea for the affections of Lois Nettleton in 1963's MAIL ORDER BRIDE.



Ryan O'Neal stars in a ribald look at the New York fashion industry circa 1980 in Andrew Bergman's cheeky SO FINE, while James Caan is on the run with Sally Kellerman and boisterous Peter Boyle in Howard Zieff's 1973 cult fave caper comedy SLITHER. Chevy Chase co-stars with Carrie Fisher in the zany 1980 laugh-fest UNDER THE RAINBOW, a fictional farce set during the filming of THE WIZARD OF OZ, with an unforgettable performance from Billy Barty as a lascivious German spy Munchkin.



Fans of the late Gilda Radner can rejoice that her one-woman Broadway show is finally available on DVD. The multi-talented comedienne brought her amazing talents to the stage of New York's Winter Garden Theater for a limited engagement during the summer of 1979, which quickly became the hottest ticket in town. Fortunately, the proceedings were filmed by the masterful Mike Nichols, who turned it into a hit 1980 movie called GILDA LIVE. All of Gilda's colorful characters are in tow, including Roseanne Rosannadanna, Emily Litella, and little Judy Arlene Miller. The film reminds us why Radner was instantly recognized as one of the great comedic talents of her time.



That wraps up the Archive activities for November... And be sure to keep your eyes out for our December announcements... we've got some big surprises in store for you!

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WB has added a bunch of new titles for sale including THE BOY WITH GREEN HAIR and THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE. Also of interest are several vintage musicals including SALLY, HOLLYWOOD REVIEW OF 1929, ON WITH THE SHOW, RIO RITA and GOLDEN DAWN. Many of these are obscure films which include Technicolor inserts. There is an article in today's (12/1) LA Times where George Feltenstein, talks about the films. He states that another wave of these vintage musicals will be released in the Spring. I wish they would have put these films in a Value Pak since I would be interested in buying the set.

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> {quote:title=Edgecliff wrote:}{quote}

> WB has added a bunch of new titles for sale including THE BOY WITH GREEN HAIR and THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE. Also of interest are several vintage musicals including SALLY, HOLLYWOOD REVIEW OF 1929, ON WITH THE SHOW, RIO RITA and GOLDEN DAWN. Many of these are obscure films which include Technicolor inserts. There is an article in today's (12/1) LA Times where George Feltenstein, talks about the films. He states that another wave of these vintage musicals will be released in the Spring.

Can you (or anyone else) provide a link to the NYT article you mentioned?

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More added titles:






Upcoming, but not listed yet:


Beauty and the Boss (1932)

Show of Shows, The (1929)

So Long Letty (1929)

Split Second (1953)

Strange Love of Molly Louvain, The (1932)

They Learned About Women (1930)

Under Eighteen (1932)

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Has anyone ordered the Warner Archives DVD of "It's a Great Life" (1929)? (Starring The Duncan Sisters). I'm wondering if it's the complete movie. As long-time TCM viewers would know, when that movie has been shown it has been missing the "Sailing on a Sunbeam" Technicolor production number. But then a few years ago that footage was found and TCM started running it separately as an unannounced filler between movies, but it wasn't put back into the feature next time they ran it.


Whether or not I'd consider ordering "It's a Great Life" depends very much on whether or not that footage has been restored to the movie.

If anyone has ordered it and can tell us, or if anyone's seen any articles or reviews anywhere that would confirm it, please do let us know.


In order to hopefully get a faster response (as the sale ends today) I'm also posting this question on the thread about the sale in the Hot Topics forum.

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I think we could soon be seeing some changes to the Archives. You could say I have an inside track on this because I was one of a number of people who attended a special roundtable discussion with the Archive's marketing people.


They asked our opinions about all sorts of things over two hours, but the primary subjects the participants being questioned agreed about was they need to do better cover art, lower the price, add special features and remaster the videos, offer value paks of our choosing, dig more into their vaults, and work on the Archive website so it is more user friendly.


They seemed to be quite receptive to our opinions. So we just have to wait and see.

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filmlover, hope you are right about this. Didn't think I would order any more DVD's this year, but took advantage of the 5 for $55 and used the code which brought them down to $10.00 each. We need more sales like this from WB Archives. BTW was roundtable discussion held somewhere in the LA area? Think they asked me to attend but it was a bit too far for me to travel without a car.

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