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Warner Archives Discussion


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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}

> I think we could soon be seeing some changes to the Archives. You could say I have an inside track on this because I was one of a number of people who attended a special roundtable discussion with the Archive's marketing people.


> They asked our opinions about all sorts of things over two hours, but the primary subjects the participants being questioned agreed about was they need to do better cover art, lower the price, add special features and remaster the videos, offer value paks of our choosing, dig more into their vaults, and work on the Archive website so it is more user friendly.


> They seemed to be quite receptive to our opinions. So we just have to wait and see.


Filmlover, not long ago I filled out an online survey on the Warner Archive that addressed many of the same issues. Since this was a third-party survey (I had filled out an "in-house" survey earlier), I can't say a lot about it, but apparently they are very sensitive to the price issue and seek to do something about it that will be cost-effective and fun for their most frequent customers, and make it easier for them to acquire their favorite films from the Warner Archive.


After that and reading the New York Post article posted earlier, I would agree that Warner Home Video is unusually receptive to our opinions about the Warner Archive. Clearly, they realize what a unique program this is and are seeking to make it better. The world needs more home video execs like George Feltenstein and his associates.

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> {quote:title=musicalnovelty wrote:}{quote}

> Has anyone ordered the Warner Archives DVD of "It's a Great Life" (1929)? (Starring The Duncan Sisters). I'm wondering if it's the complete movie. As long-time TCM viewers would know, when that movie has been shown it has been missing the "Sailing on a Sunbeam" Technicolor production number. But then a few years ago that footage was found and TCM started running it separately as an unannounced filler between movies, but it wasn't put back into the feature next time they ran it.


> Whether or not I'd consider ordering "It's a Great Life" depends very much on whether or not that footage has been restored to the movie.

> If anyone has ordered it and can tell us, or if anyone's seen any articles or reviews anywhere that would confirm it, please do let us know.


> In order to hopefully get a faster response (as the sale ends today) I'm also posting this question on the thread about the sale in the Hot Topics forum.


Back on Dec. 14 I asked if anyone had ordered the Warner Archives DVD of "It's a Great Life" (1929) because I wanted to know if anyone could tell us if the movie had the formerly missing Technicolor musical number "I'm Sailing on a Sunbeam" restored. I didn't hear from anyone who could tell me, so I took a chance and ordered it (just in time before the sale on musicals ended). Well, it arrived already and I'm delighted to report that the footage is restored to it's proper place in the movie, and that the other two Technicolor numbers are there, too. It all looks and sounds great. So anyone who was waiting to hear the answer to this question, don't hesitate! Order it now! They did it right! Thanks TCM or Warner Archives...or whoever!


And for others who have always liked that song, "I'm Sailing on a Sunbeam" as sung in the movie by Lawrence Gray, here's a link to hear Lawrence singing it as he recorded it for Brunswick Records (#4631) on Nov. 20, 1929.



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Some sales on valu-paks:


8 Olivia de Havilland: Great Garrick, Four's A Crod, Princess O'Rourke, It's Love I'm After, Strawberry Blonde, Hard to Get, The Male Animal, Call It A Day $79.95


6 Katherine Hepburn: Break of hearts, Christopher Strong, Spitfire, A Woman Rebels, The Little Minister, Quality Street $59.95


5 John Garfield: Four Daughters, Castle on the hudson, Fallen Sparrow, Pride of the Marines, Out of the Fog $49.95

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New titles:


They Met in Bombay (1941)

La Boheme (1926) (King Vidor)

Wild Oranges (1924) (Vidor)

Beauty and the Boss (1932)

Under Eighteen (1932)

Captain Salvation (1927)

The Flying Fleet (1929)

Split Second (1952)

Sunny (1930)

Tide of Empire (1929)

Angel Dusted (TV, 1981)

The Bad Seed (TV, 1985)

The Deadly Tower (TV, 1976)

Divorce Wars: A Love Story (TV, 1982)

Desperate Lives (1982) (TV, 1982))

Hostage Flight (TV, 1985)

A Killer in the Family (TV, 1983)

Operation Heartbeat (aka U.M.C.)(TV, 1969) Edward G. Robinson

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More January titles coming as posted on another thread. This is more like it!


Blood & Orchids (1986)

Bride Goes Wild, The (1948)

Cry 'Havoc' (1943)

American Romance, An (1944)

Awakening Land, The (1978) (3 discs)

It's a Wonderful World (1939)

Kismet (1944)

Lace (1984) (2 discs)

Lace 2 (1985) (2 discs)

Lady of the Night (1925)

Merry Widow, The (1925)

One Foot in Heaven (1941)

Pagan, The (1929)

Phantom of Hollywood, The (1974)

Possessed, The (1977)

Ripley's Believe It or Not! - The Complete Vitaphone Shorts Collection (1930-1932)

Scruples (1980) (2 discs)

Special Bulletin (1983)

Valley of Decision, The (1945)

White Cliffs of Dover, The (1944)

Without Warning (?)

Death in California, A (1985) (2 discs)

Fifth Avenue Girl (1939)

I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989) (2 discs

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Thanks, as always, for keeping us posted here on the new Archive releases.


Query: My father and I split an Archive order during a pre-Christmas sale. He has started playing them and three out of four of his Archive DVDs have an FBI warning show on screen and then don't play; the screen goes blank. The fourth is fine.


He has previously played at least one of my Archive DVDs on his DVD player without a problem.


He's going to try playing his DVDs on a friend's DVD player to see if they work there, out of curiosity, but it looks like we'll have to exchange them. Has anyone else had a problem with Archive DVDs not playing?


So far mine are fine but I'm going to try out those I haven't played yet to make sure they play OK.

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Some people have complained that their DVD's have froze or would not play, but I have never had that problem with the Archives. I am thinking it depends on what DVD machine you have. I would send the titles back and exchange them and see if the replacements work on your machine.

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We'll definitely exchange them. I'm a bit concerned as we are slightly past the 30-day window from purchase, due to the holidays and the fact I had to ship his order to him in another state, but I'm assuming if they won't play the Archive will stand behind their product.


Thanks for your feedback!


Edited by: MovieFanLaura on Jan 12, 2010 1:41 PM

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There is a bit of a sale going on right now to tie in to the Golden Globes. 35% off past winners. The titles are:


Mrs. Parkington

The Search

The Actress

The Moon is Blue


Crime and Punishment U.S.A.

Sunrise at Campobello

A Majority of One


The Betty Ford Story

The Two Mrs. Grenvilles

Jack the Ripper

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A follow-up to my note about the difficulty my father had playing Warner Archive discs: he has a friend who has several DVD players for business reasons. The Archive discs my dad couldn't play wouldn't play on his friend's nicest/newest equipment, but would play on a Walmart cheapie that cost around $30. Strange!


It's a bit disconcerting knowing that the Warner Archive DVD-Rs are randomly not going to play on all players... I have not had any difficulty myself with approximately 10 Archive DVD-Rs to date.

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Regarding Warners Archives discs which will not play on certain DVD machines. I have several Warners Archives discs which I ordered months ago and they play quite well on my machine which is a Panasonic player and digital recorder. However, I recently ordered a copy of Rosalie; and when I received it, it would not play on my machine. I contacted the company from which I purchased the disc, and they said that Warners was now putting a chip in their Archives disc which prevents them from playing on any DVD machine which can record as well as play. I can understand their concern; however, it makes no sense to me as I can't record a disc. I can only record off the air. They certainly are losing me as a customer.

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Some new titles:


Breakthrough (1950) - David Brian, John Agar, Frank Lovejoy, William Campbell, Paul Picerni

Force of Arms (1951) - William Holden, Nancy Olson

God is My Co-Pilot (1945) - Dennis Morgan, Dane Clark, Raymond Massey, Alan Hale, Andrea King

The Last Flight (1931) - Richard Barthelmess, David Manners, Johnny Mack Brown

Operation Secret (1952) - Cornel Wilde, Steve Cochran, Phyllis Thaxter, Karl Malden, Paul Picerni

The Tanks Are Coming (1951) - Steve Cochran, Philip Carey, Mari Aldon, Paul Picerni

Fighter Squadron (1948) - Edmond O'Brien, Robert Stack

First to Fight (1967) - Chad Everett, Dean Jagger, Bobby Troup, Claude Akins, Gene Hackman & James Best

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More new titles at the WB site:


She's Working Her Way Through College (1952)

The Amazing Captain Nemo (1978)

The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady (1950)

Love in the Rough (1930)

She's Back on Broadway (1953)

So This Is College (1929)

Sweet Kitty Bellairs (1930)

The Jazz Singer (1953)

Valley of Decision

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