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Coming July 20:




"Devil's Doorway'' (1950)

"The Half Breed'' (1952)

"The Wild North'' (1952)




"Excuse My Dust'' (1951)

"If You Knew Susie'' (1948)

"Lovely to Look At'' (1952)

"Two Sisters From Boston'' (1946)


William Haines


"The Girl Said No'' (1930)

"Are You Listening?'' (1932)

"Fast Life'' (1932)

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I like those new releases coming soon! In the mean time, I would really like to see some Bogie double features...


China Clipper/ Isle of Fury

The Great O' Malley/ Racket Busters

Swing Your Lady/ Men are Such Fools

King of the Underworld/ You Can't Get Away with Murder

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Another 2 musicals added for release 7/20


SUMMER HOLIDAY which stars Mickey Rooney, Walter Huston and Gloria DeHaven.


SHOW BUSINESS stars Eddie Cantor and Joan Davis.


Edited by: Edgecliff on Jul 20, 2010 2:24 PM


Edited by: Edgecliff on Jul 20, 2010 2:25 PM

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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}

> Some new releases:


> The Sellout (1952)

> Tomorrow is Another Day (1951)

> It's A Small World (1950)

> Oil for the Lamps of China (1935)

> Saadia (1953)

> Santiago (1956)


As A big Shirley Mills fan I'm very happy to see that IT'S A SMALL WORLD is being released.

It's another of these Warner Archive releases that have never shown up on TCM.

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New releases 9/7 most seem to be crime dramas. Many of these are quite obscure: THE GANGSTER and UNDERWORLD STORY look the most interesting. Both have very good casts.


BETRAYED (1944), Robert Mitchum, Kim Hunter

THIS SIDE OF THE LAW (1950), Kent Smith, Viveca Lindfors

UNDERWORLD STORY (1950), Dan Duryea, Gale Storm


THE GANGSTER (1947) Barry Sullivan, Belita

HOT NEWS (1953) Stanley Clements

THE SEA AROUND US (1953) Documentary

THE SYSTEM (1953), Frank Lovejoy, Joan Weldon

BUNCO SQUAD (1953), Robert Sterling



Edited by: Edgecliff on Sep 7, 2010 3:16 PM

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Stranger on the Third Floor (1940)

-30- (1959)

Violence (1947)


*30's Double Features:*


Big Hearted Herbert (1934) / The Merry Frinks (1934)

Side Streets (1934) / Stranger in Town (1932)

Merry Wives of Reno (1934) / Smarty (1934)

Girl Missing (1933) / Illicit (1931)


*Silent Films:*


The Magician (1926)

The Prisoner of Zenda (1922)

Our Dancing Daughters (1928)

Our Modern Maidens (1929)

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A few notes on the releases of 9/21:


The remastered titles are all 24.95. Why so much? Because they (think that they) can.


Since Our Dancing Daughters and Our Modern Maidens are not in the remastered category, I have to assume that they are in the same rough shape as they have always been with really bad contrast and quite a bit of decomposition evident throughout. You might want to wait on purchasing these to see if anyone reports anything being done to improve what I've seen on TCM over the years. They can't be worth 19.95 if nothing has been improved.


The Magician aired on TCM just recently and looked quite good. In fact I believe in the credits it was mentioned that some restoration had been done to it. Thus, it may have not been remastered for this release but it looked pretty good already.


Note that WBShop has recently slashed its insider rewards discount from 25% to 10% off for archive purchases. Everything else on that site still has the 25% insider reward discount. This is a short-sighted move by WB in my opinion. They would get so much of my business if they would only lower their prices to ten dollars each for those of us who bulk purchase 5-10 titles at a time.

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Yes, I have always agreed that the discs are priced too high. I guess many people are not concerned about the higher prices. The site still seem to be giving birthday rewards of 20%. I am really selective what I buy but they do have a number of film noir/gangster flicks just released which I probably will purchase. They have also offered me any extra $5 off for stuff left me in my cart and postage is free this month. I do hate paying the sale tax. Quite of few of the discs I purchased from the site which I was disappointed in, were re-sold by me on Amazon.


It looks like Sony MOD will have the same kind of prices. I have very little interest in most of the announced titles on that label.

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Sony MOD is actually charging 24.95 for pretty much everything. I also am not very interested in what they are offering initially. There is too much modern stuff to suit me. They'd have to get back into their 40's noirs and 30's precodes to get me interested.


The one thing that the Warner Archive got right from the beginning was spreading their releases out across genres and across time periods. They pretty much hit all of the decades equally. Plus I think it really surprised Feltenstein when the made for TV stuff in the archive sold so well.

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Hey, Triple-H -- No, I haven't bought a single Warner Archives DVD. It's primarily because of the price for what you get. You basically have to say to yourself, "I REALLY want this film on DVD." As of the moment, I'd rather just record TCM than pay the price.


I only have so much money to spend on DVDs and I still have plenty to buy of the commercial releases.


If you could create a box set of five or six films for around $25-$30, then I would be more interested.


I am encouraged by Warner releasing a little more film noir. They've been very slow to do that.


I will say that Fox could be more appealing to me because I don't get the Fox Movie Channel and I'm curious to see some of their films, namely those of Linda Darnell and Gene Tierney.


Thundarr the Barbarian is a cartoon I've been wanting for a little while. It was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. I have no idea what they'll charge for it. If it's more than $50, I probably won't get it.

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