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Edge, I hadn't noticed until now in your recent list that "-30" is there! I am so excited to see it being released. I haven't seen it in about 30 years or so, and cornball that it is, I liked. You know, Jack Webb and his style. But, ouch, it is one of there remastered titles at $24.95. I want it but I will wait for a good sale (maybe Black Friday).

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According to dvdaf.com the following are listed for release by the Warner Archives on 9-28:


Jimmy The Gent 1934

The Judge Steps Out 1949

A Stolen Life 1964

That Certain Woman 1937

Thunder of Drums 1961



Thundarr the Barbarian (1980)

Night Court: The Complete 4th Season


They're usually a little bit behind, so maybe more will show up in the next few days.

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Maybe I'm remembering a different film, but if I'm not "Pretty Maids All In A Row" bordered on softcore porn. I remember seeing this on cable back in 1983 and thinking - were Angie Dickinson and Rock Hudson hard up at the time, having to resort to this sort of material? This would be great for TCM Underground.

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10/4 -- Sports Movies


THE CROWD ROARS with Robert Taylor

HUDDLE with Ramon Navarro

BABE RUTH STORY with William Bendix

THE FIREBALL with Mickey Rooney

COLLEGE COACH with Dick Powell


Edited by: Edgecliff on Oct 5, 2010 3:50 PM

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Coming with no release date as yet.....


Adam's Woman (1970)

The All-American Boy (1973)

Night Must Fall (1937) - remastered

Once You Kiss a Stranger.. (1969)

The Opposite Sex (1956) - remastered

War of the Buttons (1994)

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*10/19 releases:*


3 disk Horror Movie Collection (6 films)


Disc 1

Find the Blackmailer (1943)

Smiling Ghost, The (1941)


Disc 2

Sh! The Octopus (1937)

Hidden Hand, The (1942)


Disc 3

Mystery House, The (1938)

Patient in Room 18, The (1938)-


*10/26 release*




He Who Gets Slapped (1924)

Monster, The (1925)

Unholy Three, The (1925)

Mr.Wu (1927)

Mockery (1927)

Unholy 3, The (1930)


The Chaney titles can be bought as a set or individually. This is an expensive set priced more than $70!!!


Edited by: Edgecliff on Oct 13, 2010 11:34 AM

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Some very interesting news from digitalbits via ToonZone...followed by likely bad news from the New York Post on same subject:


At New York Comic-Con this past weekend, Warner had a booth on hand to promote their Warner Archive line. The studio revealed that they're FINALLY going to be releasing *The Censored Eleven* on DVD via the Archive sometime in 2011. For those of you in the know, The Censored Eleven are a batch of vintage Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies animated shorts that haven't been seen since the late 1960s due to "offensive" content (including racist imagery and stereotypes, etc). They include *Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land, Sunday Go to Meetin' Time, Clean Pastures, Uncle Tom's Bungalow, Jungle Jitters, The Isle of Pingo Pongo, All This and Rabbit Stew, Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs, Tin Pan Alley Cats, Angel Puss* and *Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears.*




Now, here's the bad news:


There are no firm plans to release the 11 racially sensitive cartoons '30s and '40s cartoons known as the "Censored Eleven'' next year, a Warner Home Video rep tells me.


Michael Lachman of Toon Zone reported earlier today that during a visit to the Warner Archive Collection booth at this weekend's New York Comics Convention, an employee working the booth "said they are coming out with the infamous Censored Eleven, and it will be available though the Archive sometime in 2011. He also mentioned that it is their most requested title. I asked him if I understood correctly, just to double check. He confirmed that yes, they will be available through the Warner Archive online some time in 2011, and they will be completely uncensored.''


The WHV rep says no firm decision to release the controversial Looney Tunes and Merry Melody cartoons in 2011 has been reached, and it isn't clear whether they would go out via the manufacture-on-demand Warner Archive or as a regular commercial release.


Officially out of circulation since they were pulled from TV packages by then-owner United Artists in 1968, the 'toons made their first authorized appearance in decades when eight of them were shown at the first Turner Classic Film Festival in April, introduced by black film historian Donald Bogle.


WHV's George Feltenstein told me at the time the showings -- sanctioned at the highest corporate levels within Time Warner -- were a possible first step toward a DVD release of the much-requested titles, which have circulated on bootleg videos and on You Tube.


The tiles are "Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land," "Sunday Go to Meetin' Time," "Clean Pastures," "Uncle Tom's Bungalow," "Jungle Jitters," "The Isle of Pingo Pongo," "All This and Rabbit Stew," "Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs," "Tin Pan Alley Cats," "Angel Puss" and "Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears.''



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Caution to those buying some of the Warner Archive silents. This is from a thread on the subject over at the HTF:


I received two copies of THE MAGICIAN from the Warner Archive, one for me and one for a mate, and both copies appear to suffer from weird combing and motion-blurring artifacts. I tried them on my Samsung Blu-ray player with LCD, and also on a plain vanilla DVD player on a CRT, and they play funky on both setups. I've seen a copy of the TCM broadcast, and it plays just fine, so it ain't the telecine, it's gotta be the authoring of the DVD files. Changing the progressive settings doesn't help; it plays messed up on both settings. If you play it at 1/8th slow-mo speed, every few frames it does the chow-chow-chow, like the cats in the old commercials, back a frame and forward again. It is not my setup that is causing the problem; the authoring of this DVD is defective.


Don Freed at the Home Theater Forum has noticed this problem as well, and apparently more titles are affected than just THE MAGICIAN:




I have a question about the new WAC DVDs of Prisoner of Zenda (1922) and The Magician. On both of these discs, whenever anything moves horizontally in the frame, there is a very definite video stutter about twice a second. It sort of looks like a freeze frame and is constant throughout the discs. Prisoner of Zenda is worse than The Magician. I have viewed both discs on a variety of players and HDTVs, so I doubt if the issue is the playback equipment. Anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks.


"Mike*HTF" on the same thread says BEAU BRUMMELL is likewise affected, and that the WA didn't respond to his emails about the problem.


Bethany Harrison on the same thread said:


To me it sounds like the discs were telecined to an interlaced format, but have now been de-interlaced without removing the pulldown.

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> {quote:title=Edgecliff wrote:}{quote}

> Coming with no release date as yet.....


> Adam's Woman (1970)

> The All-American Boy (1973)

> Night Must Fall (1937) - remastered

> Once You Kiss a Stranger.. (1969)

> The Opposite Sex (1956) - remastered

> War of the Buttons (1994)



Edge, looks like today is the day for most of them.


The complete listing for today seems to be:


Legends of the SuperHeroes

The Addams Family Season 1 (animated)

Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space: The Complete Series

Warner Bros. Horror/Mystery Double Features

Brass Bancroft of the Secret Service (the 4 movies with Ronald Reagan)

Hot Rod

The Opposite Sex

Adam's Woman

All American Boy

Code Name Emerald

Once You Kiss A Stranger

The Sell-Out

Treasure Island (72)

War of the Buttons

You're A Big Boy Now


Edited by: filmlover on Oct 19, 2010 4:46 PM

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It was in the email notification I got. I just looked again at it and it says that one comes out tomorrow, so I guess it will appear then.


BRASS BANCROFT OF THE SECRET SERVICE MYSTERY COLLECTION (1939-40) are a four-film series starring Ronald Reagan as former Army Air Corps Lieutenant "Brass" Bancroft, who leaves his job as a commercial pilot to go to work for the Secret Service. Eddie Foy Jr. is featured as his comic-relief sidekick. This collection of fast-paced films are sure to be of interest to the legion of Reagan fans. Included are SECRET SERVICE OF THE AIR, CODE OF THE SECRET SERVICE, SMASHING THE MONEY RING and MURDER IN THE AIR. Available 10/20.

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filmlover, this title does not come up at all for pre-order on the site although it does appear on the e-mails that were sent out. Must be an error and that particular site is sometimes screwy!!


Edited by: Edgecliff on Oct 19, 2010 8:06 PM

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