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That website seems to be very screwed up. To begin with the $7.50 Blu Ray are being shipped November 2 so no free shipping with the complete order. I canceled the blu ray and just decided to order the Lupino Value Pack along with THE OPPOSITE SEX. Then the problems began. The website would not process my order. First it wanted a billing address even though I noted my billing and shipping were the same. Then it did not recognize my sign in code. Then it did not recognize my credit card. The same card I have been using for the last year. What a mess. I finally placed the order done over the phone. The woman was nice, but it took her about 30 minutes to straighten this out. Never had these kind of problems with this website.

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LOL, no excuse. I count on you. You're the mod for MOD.


(By the way, if you don't have a B&N membership, but do have an AAA membership, you can go in through the AAA website to B&N to place your order and get 10% more off the total.)(Same thing for Target.)


(p.s. -- I got Paths of Glory last night.)


Edited by: filmlover on Nov 3, 2010 5:13 PM

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Up for pre-order:


Vintage TV Series Xmas Episodes. The yuletide season doesn?t mean less work for Dr. Kildare and Dr. Gillespie and for Jon and Ponch of CHiPs. A prized medallion is passed around as a gift in The Courtship of Eddie?s Father. Menorahs, mistletoes and Balky Claus ? festive traditions of all kinds are celebrated on Welcome Back, Kotter and Perfect Strangers. The season is nearly ruined twice: on Eight Is Enough the Bradford family?s presents are stolen and Alice gets stuck in a Christmas blizzard. Mama?s Family debates the fate of Mama?s present, a goose. Keep it as a pet or eat it? The staffs from Veronica?s Closet and Suddenly Susan find Christmas with their co-workers to be the most challenging time of the year.


I will give this one a pass.

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A 30% off Warner Archive sale is going on until 11/15.

It excludes the recently released stuff, plus there is a $20 off coupon (SAVINGS) for totals over $100.

I picked up:


George Arliss Collection - 3 Films (no discount)

Madame Satan (remastered, no discount)

Are You Listening? 1932 - William Haines

Fast Life 1932 - William Haines

Flesh 1932 - Wallace Beery, directed by John Ford

Double Feature - Merry Wives of Reno/Smarty 1934


The last four were discounted 30%, so with the 20 dollar coupon I picked up 9 films for 86 dollars, still under ten dollars a film, which is acceptable. Charging 24.95 for Madam Satan is highway robbery, but I just have to get a gander at this precode musical directed by DeMille and set on a dirigible!


Let me highly recommend the Warner horror/mystery set too. I've gone through all six films and they're excellent but short. Just one word of warning. At least on my set, the flippers seem to have some kind of defect. The holders for discs two and three are made such that the holder for the disc on one side protrudes enough that it scratches the disc on the other side. I never had this problem with my other multi-disc Warner Archive sets, but you might immediately want to check your discs for scratches and transfer the two discs on the double-disc holder to their own individual cases. Fortunately, my discs played without any problem in spite of the scratching, but just be warned.

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Long list of new releases:



*THE HUMAN COMEDY (Remastered)*

*THE OUTFIT (Remastered)*






Edited by: Edgecliff on Nov 16, 2010 10:43 AM

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A few posts down, Edge commented about WB's horrid shopping website. I wish I could jump in and let my bashing give WB some impetus to improve their site. Sometimes, I've thought "nothing" would be just about as good.


I'd like to "hover" the mouse-pointer over a title and have a truly GOOD description of the film appear, and/or a poster-photo of it.


Then, all the laments about code-failures - ugh. Another guillotine-esque blow.


It really helps if I know every film they've ever displayed long before I arrive at their website. Like using IMDB or TCM to learn about some of those obscure titles. I suppose this is "Welcome to the Twitter Generation" where the Orwellian 140-characters-per-NewSpeak-Though-Limits are installed.


Or is it "instilled" at this point?


Where's a dead horse when I need to beat one?

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> {quote:title=Edgecliff wrote:}{quote}

> *10/19 releases:*


> 3 disk Horror Movie Collection (6 films)


> Disc 1

> Find the Blackmailer (1943)

> Smiling Ghost, The (1941)


> Disc 2

> Sh! The Octopus (1937)

> Hidden Hand, The (1942)


> Disc 3

> Mystery House, The (1938)

> Patient in Room 18, The (1938)-


> *10/26 release*




Just ordered the B films in this set, good price for these!!! Thank you for the notice!!

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Edgecliff, you mentioned in the Special Sales listing a few days ago about the WB Archive 5 for $50 sale on until the 29th. Sigh, I really want to get -30-, and have found four other titles to go with it, but Black Friday sales all week have left me broke. If only they had let the sale continue until the 30th, that would have been great because that's payday. And $10 is a lot better than $24.95! Argghh!

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There are 5 titles I also want from WB and a few from DDD. I have not spent that much for Black Friday sales since there is little I want. I generally don't collect the newer titles. i might spring for BACK TO THE FUTURE box set which is supposedly a Black Box special on Amazon on Monday.

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ALIAS THE DOCTOR (Richard Barthlemess)


FORT DOBBS (Clint Walker)




NIGHT MUST FALL (Robert Montgomery, Roz Russell)

Wallace Beery Double Feature


CHEYENNE (TV series)


A couple of very obscure titles here.

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Wow, those are some great titles, thanks for letting us know!


I really wish their prices were better though! The $50 deal was ok, but I'd like to get more than 5 titles for that price if possible, considering that these are DVD-R. Hopefully these prices will come down and/or they will consider doing more value-packs. 3 for $24.95 for example isn't bad.

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