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sorry, I should have written this before, *Heat Lightning* is a splendid precode drama along the lines of *The Petrified Forest*, with a lot of comedy thrown into the mix, and Aline MacMahon in a great role. She really deserves one movie where she is the lead. Glenda Farrell and Ruth Donelly are newly divorced 'frienemies' who vie for Frank McHugh's affections. It's good.

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> {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:}{quote}

> Geez, I would have to win the lottery to get all the Archives titles I want!!!


That is so true...I wish they would a sweepstakes to win a batch of films of your choice. For instance, all you have to do is write briefly why you deserve to win. First place gets 25, second gets 15, third gets 10. Now that would be great.

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Six-disc set of Vitaphone shorts scheduled release by Warner Archive on 12/14/2010:




Disc One --


"Vitaphone Pioneers Stars of Broadway, Vaudeville and Nightclubs (1926-1931)" - 13 shorts.


THE HOWARD BROTHERS in ?BETWEEN THE ACTS AT THE OPERA? . (10-5-1926) - Willie & Eugene Howard. #349




Gus Arnheim. #2584




RHYTHMS. (June,1929) Leo Reisman and his Hotel Brunswick Orchestra. #770


THE OPRY HOUSE. (August, 1929) The Mound City Blue Blowers. #834


RED NICHOLS AND HIS FIVE PENNIES. (December, 1929) Red Nichols. #870


LEW FIELDS IN ?23...SKIDOO?. (June, 1930) Lew Fields, Olive (Gloria) Shea. #1017


FASHION'S MIRROR. (October, 1930) Jack Thompson & Barbara Newberry. #1045


HENRY SANTREY & HIS SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE. (January, 1931) Henry Santrey. #1128


OPENING NIGHT. (January ,1931) Dorothy Sands, Peggy Shannon. #1138


ONE WAY OUT. (January, 1931) Thelma White. #1153


JACK BUCHANAN WITH THE GLEE QUARTET. (February, 1930) Jack Buchanan. #3816


BUBBLES. with the Vitaphone Kiddies (1930) The Gumm Sisters (with Judy Garland). #3898


Disc Two --


"Vitaphone Varieties Music and Comedy Diversions (1931-35)" - 6 Shorts.


THE GRAND DAME. (May, 1931) Patsy Kelly. #1203


NINE O'CLOCK FOLKS. (June, 1931) Roy Fant, The Mound City Blue Blowers. #1220


HOT NEWS MARGIE. (November, 1931) Marjorie Beebe. #1290


THE MILD WEST. (11-18-1933) Janet Reade. #1582 - 83


ROOFTOPS OF MANHATTAN. (11-16-1935) Gil Lamb. #1893 - 94


THE DUNCAN SISTERS IN "SURPRISE". (7-27-1935) Duncan Sisters. #1915 - 16


Disc Three --


"Vitaphone presents Movie Memories, Celebrities & Novelties Hollywood/Personalities/Nostalgia (1931-34)" ? 11 shorts.


THRILLS OF YESTERDAY. (10-17-1931) Silent-era Serials. #1261


MOVIE ALBUM #1. (3-5-1932) Old Silent Days. #1326


INKLINGS. (4-8-1933) Lowell Thomas. #1368


MOVIE ALBUM #2. (6-4-1932) Old Silent Days. #1388


NICKELETTE. (9-24-1932) Nickelodeon. #1399


MOVIE MEMORIES #1. (12-30-1933) Old Silent Days. #1517


A PENNY A PEEP. (6-30-1934) Nickelodeon Memories. #1518


THE CAMERA SPEAKS. (8-11-1934) Billy Bitzer. #1600


HOLLYWOOD NEWS REEL. (6-24-1934) Warner Bros. Stars. # 6170


MOVIE MEMORIES #2. (10-27-1934) Old Silent Days. # 6493


A TRIP THROUGH A HOLLYWOOD STUDIO. (12/7/1934) WB Stars. # 6616.


Disc Four --


"Vitaphone Singin? and Swingin? Musical delights from the worlds Broadway, Radio, Nightclubs & Vaudeville (1933-39)" - 11 shorts.


HARRY WARREN, AMERICA?S FOREMOST COMPOSER. (11-18-1933) Harry Warren. #1544


BARBER SHOP BLUES. (9-30-1933) Claude Hopkins. #1551


PHIL SPITALNY & HIS ORCH. - A BIG CITY FANTASY. (4-14-1934) Phil Spitalny. #1635


MIRRORS. (9-8-1934) Freddie Rich & His Orchestra, Vera Van. #1689


PHIL SPITALNY & HIS MUSICAL QUEENS. (10-6-1934) Phil Spitalny. #1719


DON REDMAN & HIS ORCHESTRA. (10-29-1934) Don Redman. #1770


MR. & MRS. JESSE CRAWFORD AT HOME. (4-15-1939) Jesse and Helen Crawford. #B219


VAUDEVILLE REEL #1. (10-13-1934) Herb Williams. #1751


VAUDEVILLE REEL #2. (10-29-1934) Carl Emmy, George and Olive Brasno. #1761


VAUDEVILLE REEL #3. (2-16-1935) Al Trahan. #1778


VAUDEVILLE REEL #4. (4-27-1935) Blossom Seeley and Benny Fields, Pat Rooney, Sr. #1791


Disc Five --


"Vitaphone in TECHNICOLOR! TECHNICOLOR MUSICAL COMEDY 2-Reelers (1934-35)" - 6 Shorts.


SERVICE WITH A SMILE. (7-28-1934) Leon Errol. #1700 - 01


GOOD MORNING EVE. (9-22-1934) Leon Errol. #1702 - 03


WHAT? NO MEN! (11-24-1934) El Brendel. #1704 - 05


GYPSY SWEETHEART. (3-30-1935) Wini Shaw. #1708 - 09


OKAY, JOSE. (12-7-1935) El Brendel. #7071 - 72


CARNIVAL DAY. (5-20-1935) Felix Knight. #7143 - 44


Disc Six --


"Vitaphone in TECHNICOLOR!- TECHNICOLOR MUSICAL COMEDY 2-Reelers (1935-38)" - 6 Shorts.


KING OF THE ISLANDS. (2-22-1936) Wini Shaw. #7234 - 35


CHANGING OF THE GUARD. (6-6-1936) Sybil Jason. #7497 - 98


ECHO MOUNTAIN. (8-29-1936) Fred Lawrence. #7633 - 34


THE SUNDAY ROUND-UP. (7-10-1936) Dick Foran, Jane Wyman. #7661 - 62


ROMANCE ROAD. (1-29-1938) Walter Cassell. # 8179 - 80


OUT WHERE THE STARS BEGIN. (4-13-1938) All Star Special. #8663 - 64

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With the release of *TORRENT*, the only Garbo Silent still not issued on DVD is now Clarance Brown's *A WOMAN OF AFFAIRS (1928)* with John Gilbert. The hold up with this picture is obviously the Carl Davis score and the ties to Thames and Photoplay Productions. Along with possible re-mastering. However, I have a recording from Arte Network in France, and they ran the film with the original Axt-Mendoza arrangement. So Warner Archive could conceivably release that version. They wouldn't need to shell out extra residuals to Photoplay. Although, it has never been on TCM with the Metro-tone track. Much as I adore Carl Davis, in this case I am kind of partial to the vintage score.


Henry King's *THE WHITE SISTER (1923)* Starring *Lillian Gish and Ronald Colman, in his first American film,* will certainly be the edition that TCM premiered in May of 2009. I should mention that this ran on TCM France with a different score in 2006, and the broadcast master used there seemed far superior to what we saw here in the States for some reason? I was wondering if the video wasn't maybe encoded at a much lower bit-rate of something? Haven't been able to figure that out. Hope that they at least put this on a Dual-Layer disc. It's over two hours long. I assume that *TORRENT* will be the same as the previous MGM laser-disc.


The early Talkie *ROMANCE* must be really rare because I do not recall ever seeing it before? When was it last shown on TCM?

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New releases:









*Robert Young* Double Feature

*Walter Pidgeon* Double Feature

*Warren William* Triple Feature


Edited by: Edgecliff on Jan 18, 2011 4:10 PM

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LIBEL stars Olivia de havilland, Dirk Bogarde

HOME BEFORE DARK, stars Jean Simmons, Rhonda Fleming

NIGHT DIGGER stars Patricia Neal

TWENTY PLUS TWO, stars Dan Janssen, Jeanne Crain

HOUR OF 13, stars Peter Lawford

CHICAGO CALLING stars Dan Duryea





NIGHT UNTO NIGHT, stars Ronald Reagan, Viveca Lindfords

STALLION ROAD, stars Ronald Reagan, Alexis Smith, Zachery Scott


Edited by: Edgecliff on Jan 25, 2011 7:32 PM


Edited by: Edgecliff on Jan 25, 2011 7:48 PM

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New releases:


BACHELOR FATHER, stars Marian Davies

BACHELOR IN PARADISE, stars Bob Hope and Lana Turner

MY LOVE CAME BACK stars Olivia de Havilland

SUNDAY IN NEW YORK, stars Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor


Edited by: Edgecliff on Feb 8, 2011 10:47 AM

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Worth noting that SUNDAY IN NEW YORK and BACHELOR IN PARADISE are remastered. :)


Previously TCM has shown SUNDAY IN NEW YORK pan & scan, so I'm looking forward to getting the widescreen copy...incidentally, wonder if TCM will be able to switch to widescreen next time they show it?

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