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The site is offering less and less incentives to buy. If you order more than 5 DVD's you don't get the 10% off, however, you get $20 off for spending $100 or more and free postage. They used to offer both discounts. I just ordered 6 items from them. Mostly musicals. I heard there might be another sale for Easter.


There is also supposed to be some sort of discount for those who have older copies of films that have been remastered. So far nothing has been set up for this.


The site is also offering the Columbia MOD's too.

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When ordering the other day I had problems with the site. It would not take my credit card. I tried several. The next day I ordered via customer service. When I checked my online banking the site had billed me twice for the order that would not go through. I don't know how this has happened since that order does not appear in my history. I wonder if anyone has had the same problem when ordering online and I suggest people be careful if they do and double check that the order did not go through and appear on your online banking account.

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> {quote:title=musicalnovelty wrote:}{quote}

> Here are details on the contents of the Vitaphone set being released April 12:


> http://www.wbshop.com/Vitaphone-Varieties-192630/1000213457,default,pd.html?



Click here to hear a "Podcast" by Warner Brothers' George Feltenstein talking about this new Vitaphone shorts DVD set:




He plays for us a very rare and historic record that you ain't gonna hear anywhere else, as well as the soundtracks to three of the Vitaphone shorts in the DVD set.

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Thanx Mateo. One has already dropped off with still one left. Was a bit worried. Even checked my order account and there was no listing for that order online. Very goofy site. Don't usually use my debit card to order online but since I had problems I had used several cards all of which did not work.

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> {quote:title=Edgecliff wrote:}{quote}

> *New Releases (Myrna Loy films)*









That last one is actually SO GOES MY LOVE, not "HEART" and (interesting for a Warner Archive release) it's a Universal Picture.

In addition to the Myrna Loy titles, the following are being released April 19:



By the mid sixties Rock and Roll was more than king, it was the emperor of entertainment, and so MGM's film division was tasked with bringing MGM Records' new crop of rockin' recording artists to the silver screen. Entrusted to Sam Katzman, helmer of quickie hit B pics like The Giant Claw, the resulting films are high on exuberance and verve, if a little short on plot and logic.


HOLD ON! (1966) REMASTERED England's "Madchester" music scene produced the stateside hit-making sensations Herman and the Hermits (aka Herman's Hermits). Signed to MGM, the musical combo found itself in uncharted waters - very real musicians being forced into a pre-fab pop-friendly frame - as if The Beatles were marketed as The Monkees. In their first starring vehicle, the children of the US vote to have a space capsule named after the band and a nervous NASA assigns a scientist to tail them while on tour. Includes the Hermits' chart-topper's "Hold On!" and "A Must to Avoid." 16x9 WIDESCREEN


MRS. BROWN YOU'VE GOT A LOVELY DAUGHTER (1968) REMASTERED Produced sans Sam Katzman's loving care, this film finds Herman's Hermits on more familiar territory - Manchester and London - as the lads journey down to play some gigs in order to raise entrance fee money to race their prize greyhound, Mrs. Brown. Even saddled with that sketchiest of plots, the film exudes a freshness and freedom that thoroughly captures the time and the band, more so than the more staid and pre-fab confection that was Hold On! Stand out songs include the title track and "There's a Kind of Hush". 16x9 WIDESCREEN


THE FASTEST GUITAR ALIVE (1967) REMASTERED Celebrate Roy Orbison's 75th birthday on April 23rd in style with his solo screen outing, which finds Roy strumming a bullet blasting guitar while playing a Confederate spy out to steal Union gold in a Musical/Western. The film's score boasts seven original songs written and performed by Orbison -including the astounding title track - creating enough sonic sweetness to settle any scores. 16x9 WIDESCREEN


GET YOURSELF A COLLEGE GIRL (1964) REMASTERED Mary Ann Mobley plays a girl who leads a double life as prim and proper co-ed Terry Tyler and rock and roll songstress Joanie Harper. When her secret gets leaked during her senior year at staid Wyndham College, she beats a hasty Christmas break retreat to Sun Valley, where rock and romance awaits. Co-starring Nancy Sinatra and featuring performances by Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto (a lush "Girl From Ipanema"), The Dave Clark Five ("Thinking of You"), and The Animals (covering Chuck Berry's "Around and Around"). 16x9 WIDESCREEN



By far one of the Warner Archive Collection's most popular stars, we are pleased to be bringing you more Myrna Loy - just as you demanded! Join us in saluting her grand legacy with this set of new releases that spans twenty years of her career, and witness her surprising artistic evolution, from exotic femme fatale supporting parts to sophisticated quipster leading ladies.


THE SQUALL (1929) Alexander Korda helms this torrid tale of a virtuous family torn apart by the temptress in their mist. Nubi, the gypsy girl (Myrna Loy), finds sanctuary from the wrath of her angry lover in the bosom of the prosperous Lajos clan, Hungarian farmers. The Lajos women discover they've clasped a viper to their breasts when the seemingly irresistible Nubi creates a destructive path of seduction and betrayal with every man in sight. Also featuring Zasu Pitts and a teenage Loretta Young.


THE GREAT DIVIDE (1929) After 15 years Stephen Ghent (Ian Keith) sells his stake in a mine and heads south of the border to celebrate. At a nightclub, he discovers that the flapper floozy (Ruth Jordan) he's dancing with is the daughter of his long dead partner. Determined to save her from her lax, city ways, Ghent kidnaps her and attempts to countrify her. Loy co-stars as Manuela, Ghent's none-too-pleased Mexican 'fianc?e.'


NEW MORALS FOR OLD (1932) Pre-code family drama about the generation gap of 1932. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Lewis Stone & Laura Hope Crews) are distressed to see their children (Robert Young & Margaret Perry) behave in 'modern' ways. One becomes an artist in Paris, the other openly has an affair with a married man. The father attempts to shrug it off as a symptom of the times, but the children eventually discover that the gap is much smaller than they thought. Loy co-stars as Myra, a lady with distinctively modern morals.


THE PRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY (1933) Fight fans take note! This comedy romance pairs future heavyweight Max Baer with Myrna Loy! Washed up rummy fight manager Professor (Walter Huston) discovers pugilistic prodigy sailor Steve Morgan (Baer) smashing his way through a local dive. He takes him to the country to clean up and learn the ropes. When sailor Steve comes to the rescue of Belle (Loy), a gangster's moll, he finds himself at the center of a love triangle. Also features boxing greats Primo Carnera & Jack Dempsey with a spectacular prize fight finale. Directed by WS Van Dyke (The Thin Man) with an uncredited assist from Howard Hawks.


THIRD FINGER, LEFT HAND (1940) Margot Sherwood Merrick (Myrna Loy) wants nothing to do with romance, so she invents what she thinks is the ultimate suitor shield - an imaginary husband. Unfortunately for her, smitten Jeff Thompson (Melvyn Douglas) calls her bluff and starts to pose as the fictitious Mr. Merrick. So how do you legally separate from a fib come to life? Directed by Robert Z. Leonard.


SO GOES MY LOVE (1946) Fictionalized adaptation of Hiram Percy Maxim's memoir, A Genius in the Family, about his relationship with his father, Hiram Stevens Maxim (Don Ameche), the inventor of the modern machine gun. Country girl Jane Budden (Myrna Loy) heads to the big city intent on capturing a good prospect, but unfortunately for the wannabe gold-digger, her heart is bigger than her avarice and she falls for the hapless inventor. Blood, sweat and toil follow, as does a family, and eventually success.

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i just got an email from classicflix that these are available exclusively through TCM.com, apparently not even the WHV store has them. it looks like they're starting to make Warner Archives titles with special features!


Naughty Marietta (1935)



Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald first teamed in this lively Victor Herbert operetta about the romance between a swaggering soldier and a French princess. Determined to avoid an arranged marriage, the royal takes on her maid's identity and hops aboard a cargo ship headed to New Orleans. But when the vessel is hijacked by pirates, she unexpectedly finds love with her rescuer. With Frank Morgan, Elsa Lanchester; songs include "Live for Today," "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp," "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life," and more.



1944 "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast version with MacDonald and Eddy

Pre-recording sessions


Theatrical trailer.


Sweethearts (1938)



The time-worn stage chestnut is a "play-within-a-film" for this frothy Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy musical comedy, written by Dorothy Parker and Alan Campbell. MacDonald and Eddy play a married acting couple who plan to leave Broadway for Hollywood, but impresario Frank Morgan plots to stop them. With Ray Bolger, Florence Rice, Mischa Auer.



1946 "Screen Guild Players" radio broadcast version with MacDonald and Eddy

Pre-recording sessions

Outtakes and rare stereophonic mixes

Theatrical trailer

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*5/10 releases:*




PT 109










Edited by: Edgecliff on May 10, 2011 6:08 PM

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filmlover, the site has been having less and less sales on their items. Apparently orders for these DVD's have increased and WB thinks there is no need for the sales they previously had. This isunfortunate. In some case these DVD's sell for more money than some newer Blu Ray's.

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Unless it is straightened out I will be order almost nil in the future from this site. For some reason when I try to order online it won't accept any credit card I put in. Very strange. Customer service is of no help. This is the third month in a row I have had this problem. At first customer service accepted my Insider Rewards now for some reason they won't. And I will not spend $19.99 per disc which could be expensive especially with a big order. So unless its a very must have I will mostly pass on new releases. Has anyone out there had the same problem as I have had? In the past everything worked fine that is why it is so confusing.

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*New Releases 5/17*:



Paul Newman films:














The above are all being sold as 3 Pack and 4 Pack Collections.


Edited by: Edgecliff on May 17, 2011 9:39 PM

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