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*1/10 (Westerns)*

Last Hunt, The (1956)

Welcome To Hard Times (1967)

Day Of The Evil Gun (1968)



The Squaw Man (1918/1931)





*1/17 (Henry & Jane Fonda,, et al.)*

Fugitive, The -- Remastered (1947)

Tall Story (1960)

Young Stranger, The (1957)

Simon -- Remastered (1980)

Period Of Adjustment (1962)

In The Cool Of The Day (1963)

Slim (1937)


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Warner Archives new releases for January 2012:


It's time to head "Out West" as we welcome in the New Year saluting that most American of genres, the Western. And it's a full on double six-gun salute, to boot - with a rip snortin' rootin' - tootin' line-up that covers as wide a range of flickers and shows that ever graced those new-fangled nickelodeons that's done emptied out the faro tables.




The saddle bum that saved a studio saunters back into action for a third hit season! At the time of "Cheyenne"'s premiere in 1955, many studios were trimming production schedules while others had shuttered altogether. The downward spiral was halted when Warner Bros. bravely ventured out into the uncharted lands of television drama. Bringing big screen production values to TV, Cheyenne proved a true trendsetter, the first continuing drama to last more than one season and continued for six more. Season 3 finds the show's creators broadening "Cheyenne"'s horizons even more, throwing him into challenges and situations (including a song and dance number) that anyone but the unflappable Mr. Bodie would find daunting. Guest stars found in this 5-Disc, 20-episode collection include Tom Conway, Sebastian Cabot, Iron Eyes Cody, and Michael Landon.


THE SQUAW MAN (1914 & 1931):

Cecil B. DeMille remakes his own directorial debut in this Warner Archive Collection double feature. Englishman James Wyngate takes the fall for his cousin Henry's embezzling, leaves England and makes his way to the American West. Wyngate soon finds himself with a Native American wife and son. But when cousin Henry's deathbed confession clears him of any wrongdoing, his old love, Lady Diana heads to America to bring Jim home, not knowing what she will find. The 1914 version was not only DeMille's first feature, it was the first feature filmed in Hollywood, CA. The sound remake features Warner Baxter and Lupe Velez.



Robert Taylor and Stewart Granger star in this stirring tale of the last buffalo hunt, adapted from the novel by Milton Lott. Taylor plays Charlie Gilson, a black-hearted hunter, who puts together a team for a government-sanctioned cull of the sole remaining buffalo herd. Joining him are the reserved Sandy McKenzie (Granger), an ex-buffalo hunter, Woodfoot (Lloyd Nolan), a one-legged skinner and redheaded 'half-breed' Jimmy O'Brien (Russ Tamblyn). But trouble soon drives the team asunder after Charlie massacres a group of Indians and kidnaps the lone survivors, a young mother (Debra Paget) and her child. Sandy realizes the time is quickly coming when he must make a stand - for the buffalo and the tribes that depended on them. Newly Remastered. 16x9 WIDESCREEN.



Henry Fonda headlines in this overlooked and under-rated adaptation of E.L. Doctorow's nontraditional Western from director Burt Kennedy. Fonda plays aging small town lawyer Will Blue who finds his resolve faltering in the face of unrepentant evil. A nameless drifter (Aldo Ray as the "Man from Bodie") terrorizes the aptly named town of Hard Times. He then decides to burn the town down as a parting gift and a reminder of Blue's inability to protect it. Vowing to rebuild the town to atone for his cowardice, Will rallies the few remaining residents around when another stranger arrives, bringing a brothel full of new life to the town. And then the Man from Bodie decides it's time for another visit. Also stars a veritable who's who of Western (and non-Western) greats including Warren Oates, John Anderson, Royal Dano, Edgar Buchanan, Denver Pyle, Paul Fix, Elisha Cook Jr., Keenan Wynn and Lon Chaney, Jr. Newly Remastered. 16x9 WIDESCREEN.



Noted TV producer Jerry Thorpe (Harry O, Kung Fu, Falcon Crest) directs this Western morality tale with every bit of the nuanced and quirky characterizations that made Thorpe's acclaimed and award-winning TV series famous. Gunslinger Lorn Warfield (Glenn Ford) returns home after a three-year absence to discover hostile Apaches have kidnapped his family. Intent on rescue, Lorn joins forces with Owen Forbes, a rancher that despises him but desires his wife, Angie (Barbara Babcock). As the duo move deeper and deeper into the circles of a hellish West, the gunslinger turns ever more to the ways of peace, while a savage fury awakens in the heart of the rancher. Glenn Ford ably personifies the dark and dangerous stranger while character great Arthur Kennedy brings a deft everyman touch to the role of the increasingly brutal Forbes. Dean Jagger and cult favorite Harry Dean Stanton are among the picture's additional delights. Newly Remastered. 16x9 WIDESCREEN.



The first Monogram Collection was only the start - and this time out the focus is on a true pair of Western Aces, Whip Wilson and Rod Cameron. You get a full six-pack of the Whip in these rollicking adventures: Canyon Raiders (1951), The Gunman (1952), Stage to Blue River (1951). Night Raiders (1952), Montana Incident (1952) and Wyoming Roundup (1952), and you can follow that up with a bracing double shot of Rod Cameron in Fort Osage (1951) and Wagons West (1952).



The Waltz King gets taken for a spin around the biopic floor in this gala concoction of music, dance and romance. Cinema legend Luise Rainer sets the tempo, playing suffering Strauss spouse Poldi Vogelhuber while Fernand Gravet plays waltzing maestro Johann Strauss. Opera diva Miliza Korjus lends her magnificent vocals to the affair, playing singer Carla Donner, the third point of the film's romantic triangle. As lavish and large a spectacle as you would expect from MGM, "The Great Waltz"'s orchestration is as stunning as its source material. Newly Remastered.



Robert Alda stars alongside musical greats Al Jolson, Paul Whiteman, and Oscar Levant in this biopic treatment of the life of composer George Gershwin. The film traces Gershwin's rise, from his first big hit Swanee (performed by Al Jolson, playing himself), to his collaborations with lyricist brother Ira (Herbert Rudley) to the heights of artistic achievement with the debut of Rhapsody in Blue at Aeolian Hall under the aegis of Paul Whiteman (also playing himself). Although the film may be light on the facts, it more than makes up for it with bravura musicianship, fine acting, and a once-in-a-lifetime performance from Robert Alda. Newly Remastered.

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Both THE GREAT WALTZ and RHAPSODY IN BLUE were Movies Unlimited exclusives which were previously posted and are just being offered on the WB site.



Is there a need to post the whole press release of new items, completely with summaries of each film that are now available from the archives?






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2/7 Releases

Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy wave (pairings and solos)

Firefly, The - Remastered Edition (1937)
Broadway Serenade - Remastered Edition (1939)
I Married an Angel (1942)
Balalaika (1939)


One Sunday Afternoon (1948)
Power of One, The (1992)
Vision Quest (1985)

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Upcoming releases:


Diplomaniacs (1933) - Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Marjorie White, Phyllis Barry, Louis Calhern

Kentucky Kernels (1934) - Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Mary Carlisle, George 'Spanky' McFarland, Noah Beery

On Again Off Again (1937) - Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Marjorie Lord

The Rainmakers (1935) - Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Dorothy Lee, Berton Churchill, George Meeker


British Agent (1934) - Leslie Howard, Kay Francis, William Gargan, dir. Michael Curtiz


Also out will be Season 2, Volumes 1 & 2 of The FBI.

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February 21 releases








UNTAMED (1929) Joan Crawford

BACK PAY (1930( Lee Tracy


THIRTEEN WOMEN (1932) Claudette Colbert

FAST WORKERS (1933) John Gilbert, Mary Brian

DANGEROUS (1935) Bette Davis, Franchot Tone

NIGHT SONG (1947) Merle Oberon, Dana Andrews

THE STEEL TRAP (1952) Joseph Cotton, Teresa Wright





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The following tititles are available now. There were some errors in my prior listing and these are now corrected:


* *[back Pay|http://www.classicflix.com/back-warner-archive-p-12283.html]** (1930) - Corinne Griffith, Grant Withers, Montagu Love

* *[blessed Event|http://www.classicflix.com/blessed-event-warner-archive-p-12282.html]** (1932) - Lee Tracy, Mary Brian, Dick Powell, Allen Jenkins, Ruth Donnelly

* *[Dangerous|http://www.classicflix.com/dangerous-warner-archive-p-12281.html]** (1935) - Bette Davis, Franchot Tone, Margaret Lindsay

* *[Fast Workers|http://www.classicflix.com/fast-workers-warner-archive-p-12280.html]** (1933) - John Gilbert, Robert Armstrong, Mae Clarke & dir. Tod Browning

* *[Night Song|http://www.classicflix.com/night-song-warner-archive-p-12279.html]** (1947) - Dana Andrews, Merle Oberon, Ethel Barrymore, Hoagy Carmichael

* *[The Steel Trap|http://www.classicflix.com/steel-trap-warner-archive-p-12278.html]** (1952) - Joseph Cotten, Teresa Wright

* *[Thirteen Women|http://www.classicflix.com/thirteen-women-warner-archive-p-12277.html]** (1932) - Irene Dunne, Ricardo Cortez, Myrna Loy

* *[untamed|http://www.classicflix.com/untamed-warner-archive-p-12276.html]** (1929) - Joan Crawford, Robert Montgomery


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> {quote:title=Edgecliff wrote:

> }{quote}The following tititles are available now.


> * *[The Steel Trap|http://www.classicflix.com/steel-trap-warner-archive-p-12278.html]** (1952) - Joseph Cotten, Teresa Wright


It's interesting that THE STEEL TRAP is being released through Warner Archives when it's a 20th Century-Fox Picture.

But it was an independent production and apparently the rights have changed hands somehow to where Warner Archive can release it.

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2/28 Releases




Buster Keaton at MGM will feature three early sound Keaton comedies (likely on 2 discs): *Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931)* and *Speak Easily (1932)*, and *The Passionate Plumber (1932).*


Swing Fever (1943) / Playmates (1941)

Bright Lights (1930) / The Reckless Hour (1931)

The Crash (1932) / Registered Nurse (1934)



Playgirl (1941) stars Kay Francis



Bedeviled (1955) stars Anne Baxter


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Last August/September, there was about a 6-8 week period during which it seemed that Warner Archives had stopped releasing pre-1950 titles.


Based on the AMAZING stream of film releases from 30's and 40's since then, clearly my concerns were unfounded.


Thank you, Warner Archive for a VERY IMPRESSIVE run of great classic movie releases.


Keep up the great work!!



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March 6 releases:


Tick...Tick..Tick - Jim Brown

Kenner - Jim Brown

The Split - Jim Brown

The Slams - Jim Brown

The Miniver Story - Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon

Fearless Fagan - Carlton Carpenter

Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Traveling Saleslady/Miss Pacific Fleet - Double Feature



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