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This Place Ain't the Same as It Used to Be

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I reckon not. This here town used to be a place for classic film lovers to post games, share trivia, have discussions, share movies, and just have fun. But I hear dis here new police force ain't so fond of that.




I guess I best be leavin' again. This place ain't the same as it used to be. All the old folks is under new management now.


Message was edited by: Metropolisforever_0

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Yah, I feel the same way, after that one gentleman got bent because I told someone I would kick them in the buttocks, like it was a big threat or something. Geeze WhiZ! Been around BBSs long?


I've been on BBS's since they were chat rooms on Dial-Up networks, I used to play Trade Wars 2002, and I even moderated a forum at the original MP3.com (The one owned by Michael Robertson, not the one that is there now). I used to have to moderate flame wars between guys that actually were wanting to harm each other. Compared to that - This place is actually prertty peaceful and interesting.


In private forums I go all out, but in here, I always censor myself, but once a while I want to make a point and so I might use, as Mr. Spock puts it, "Colourful Metaphors"


I agree with what Metropolis says, and I come here to talk about films. I also go into the other appropriate forums to discuss The Essentials or other TCM things. I was totally disgusted when I saw a thread condemning a TCM CoHost for something that is not even an issue here (or should not be: A Political POV)


That just irked me and I had to take issue- And I say again, those things ought be discussed over at CNN, not here.


Once again, I want to apologise for wanting to kick someone in the "Byoo-Tox"


PS: Metropolis, Please don't go, I enjoy your topics.


Message was edited by: weAponX

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We sort of forgot about this tidbit of Hollywood history. Remember the "I Love Lucy" episodes where Lucy is pregnant with "Little Ricky" and broke one of the taboos about the subject?


She was a maverick dealing with pregnacy in films / TV and was the first to have a plot dealing with it. But even she could NOT use the word "pregnant" back then which was strictly forbidden. How times has ever changed.


The delivery room scene is considered one of the most memorable and was also contraversial at the time.

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> {quote:title=Metropolisforever_0 wrote:}{quote}

> Well, I don't know what that has to do with this, but it's worth noting that Mary Kay and Johnny (1947 - 1950) showed a couple sleeping in the same bed, and was the first show to do this. Nobody noticed or cared.


Was that television? The code was different for TV I think- It was in film where you had to show two separate beds, but TV might have had a couple of different things in it's code.


Also, I see what you mean- There is overzealous moderation- The guy deleted my post and said it was "hatred" which is total c***- If Hatred were the case, the guys original post in that thread needs to be deleted as well.


Sheesh! One thing we don't need is the Hayes Office here.

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