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Trump & Manafort trial....

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3 hours ago, hamradio said:

PBS NewsHourVerified account @NewsHour 10m10 minutes ago


Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort had been indicted for allegedly running a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud scheme in New York four years ago.

Read more from @ericarhendry and @DanielBush.

The Washington PostVerified account @washingtonpost 8m8 minutes ago


Manafort indicted in New York state,

charges that fall outside Trump’s pardon power


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".....First, and most obviously, the criminal-justice system seems to have worked. Last week, many commentators were decrying the perceived lenity of Ellis’s sentence. Today Jackson offered a systemic correction. Given Manafort’s age and the severity of his crimes, seven and a half years seems about right. It’s actually on the high end for similar offenses. And given his age, Manafort may well die in jail, which cannot be a happy prospect for him.


Second, and more important for the American public, the New York authorities have made clear that they are willing to serve as a pardon insurance policy for America. In recent months, much has been made of the possibility that Trump will issue pardons to his friends and relatives as a way of insulating his conduct from criminal scrutiny. Were he to do so, the only legitimate federal response would be to consider that conduct as a potential ground for impeachment—a highly problematic endeavor, to be sure. But the president’s pardon power runs only as far as federal law goes. It does not, and cannot, reach allegations of state criminal conduct....

Third, the New York indictment is not good news for Trump, personally. The Manhattan prosecutor has brought charges of fraud against Manafort for falsely inflating the value of certain real-estate properties he owned for mortgage purposes. Those allegations find a strong echo in the recent congressional testimony of the former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who said the president engaged in the exact same course of conduct in his personal capacity—

finally, as bad as this news is for Trump, it is likely even worse news for the Trump Organization—now also possibly in Vance’s crosshairs for real-estate shenanigans. ......

for an institution such as the Trump Organization, the question is not so much “Who knew what?” as “Did someone in the company know something?”

This was not a good day for Manafort.

In the larger context of America’s interest in the rule of law, it may well be remembered as an excellent one."



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