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I cannot believe it. Remember that 6-page thread about disturbing films? Apparently, our new Mod Squad deleted it without providing any explanation whatsoever - despite the fact that absolutely nothing about it violated any rules.


I guess it violated one of those new rules:


1. Any posters caught having fun will be banned on sight. Likewise, their posts will be deleted.

2. If we don't like you, we reserve the right to ban your sorry **** - just for kicks.

3. If we get bored, we reserve the right to play around with our magical admin super-powers.

4. If we think a thread might possibly start inappropriate discussion, the entire thread will be deleted.

5. The TCM Mod Squad is not to be criticized. Or else.




Have a --wonderful-- fun-free day!


~ TCM Mod Squad


"Cracking down on fun"

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Plus, they locked the other thread, about graphic SCENES, after deleting the image of the guys head exploding- Which I kind of expected to be deleted anyway, but I thought, hey, what's the difference between describing it and showing it?


The HAYES office has struck again

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I like my picture better, haha.


You know I agree with you mostly but I got to stop for now, I hope they are PAYING this guy... cos he is sure active today, I wonder what size microscope he is using to investigate all this stuff, or if he is just arbitrarily deleting and locking threads with no plan whatsoever?


MP3.com used to pay be a hundred bucks a month just do do the same thing, i'd charge more nowadays to do it, but my idea of moderating is just making sure no flame wars erupt.


Moderating forums is just too much grief, if you are micromanaging it like this guy is.

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> {quote:title=Metropolisforever_0 wrote:}{quote}

> Might as well delete the whole goddamned board while they're at it. I guess if *ONE* post in any thread violates the rules, the entire thread will be deleted.


> It's enough to make you wanna {...}


I HATE when this happens.


Message was edited by: TCMWebAdmin


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