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'Journey to the Center of the Earth' (1959) - with Arlene Dahl in person

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Rediscover the Pre-CGI Screen Magic Of 1959's Classic

"Journey to the Center of the Earth"

Starring James Mason, Arlene Dahl & Pat Boone. Directed by Henry Levin.

(1959 - 132mins. - Color - 20th Century Fox)


A 50th Anniversary Screening Shown In 20th Century Fox's NEW Restoration Print


Hosted by its star, Ms. Arlene Dahl -- In Person!


At the Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre

A Historic Movie Palace Now Open As A Non-Profit Multi-Discipline Arts Center

54 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Tel: (201) 798-6055 Web: www.loewsjersey.org Email: loewsjersey@gmail.com


Saturday, April 25 7:15PM


Post-screening interview & audience Q&A from the stage is included with regular admission to the film.

A pre-screening "Meet & Greet" reception with Ms. Dahl to benefit the Loew's from 5:45 to 7:00PM. A limited number of tickets are available for $20. Light refreshments will be served, and admission to the screening is included.

Space is limited for the Reception. Reservations are suggested. Call (201) 798-6055.


The Movie: A handsome professor-turned-explorer . . . Our hero running for his life in front of a huge, rolling bolder . . . A determined heroine . . . A treacherous villain plotting to steal the professor?s discovery. . . . Buried ruins and an ancient temple destroyed in a climactic earthquake. No ? we?re not talking about the Indiana Jones series. All of this and more is found in the visually spectacular ?Journey to the Center of the Earth? made in 1959, more than 20 years before Harrison Ford first donned that hat. See "Film Notes" below for more movie info.

Don't miss this chance to see this classic sci-fi & fantasy film, a family favorite for years, on the 50 foot W-I-D-E screen at the Loew's Jersey, with the movie's legendary eye-popping colors and spectacular W-I-D-E screen special effects fully restored!


Our Guest: After briefly working as a model, Arlene Dahl first acted on Broadway in 1945. The next year she was voted "Miss Rheingold of 1946", and began working at MGM the year after that. By 1948 Dahl was playing leads at MGM. In the tradition of such drop-dead-gorgeous redheads as Maureen O'Hara and Rhonda Fleming, Dahl often as not found herself cast in Technicolor swashbucklers, notably "Caribbean" (1952), "Sangaree" (1952) and "Bengal Brigade" (1953). In 1956 Dahl delivered an intimidatingly superb performance as a beautiful psycho in Allan Dwan's "Slightly Scarlet". Among some of her other best known films are "Reign of Terror", "Three Little Words", "A Woman's World" and of course "Journey to the Center of the Earth". She is the mother of actor Lorenzo Lamas, with her second husband Fernando Lamas. After the birth of her son, Ms. Dahl largely withdrew from acting, instead founding a business that marketed cosmetics and lingerie and becoming a columnist. In later years, she had a recurring role on TV's "One Life to Live". She has two other children in addition to Lorenzo.


Admission: Tickets for the screening & interview are $7 for adults, $5 for seniors & children 12 years old and younger.


Tickets for the pre-screening reception with Ms. Dahl, beginning at 5:45PM, are $20. Reservations are suggested. Reserved tickets will be held at the door. Light refreshments will be served. Admission to the screening is included. Proceeds benefit Friends of the Loew's, Inc.




The Loew's Is Easy To Get To: The Loew's Jersey Theatre, at 54 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ, is directly across JFK Boulevard from the JSQ PATH Center with trains to and from Lower and Midtown Manhattan and Newark's Penn Station, is minutes from the NJ Turnpike & easily reached by car or mass transit from throughout the Metro Area.


Half-price off-street parking is available in Square Ramp Garage adjoining the Loew's. Patrons present a coupon to garage attendant when they leave. Coupon is available at our box office.


What's Special About Seeing A Movie At The Loew's? The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre is one of America's grandest surviving Movie Palaces. We show movies the way they were meant to be seen: in a grandly ornate setting -- on our BIG 50 ft wide screen! The Loew's runs reel-to-reel, not platter, projection, which often allows us to screen an archival or studio vault print that is the best available copy of a movie title.


The Loew's Jersey is managed by Friends of the Loew's, Inc. as a non-profit, multi-discipline performing arts center.


For directions or more information: Call (201) 798-6055 or visit www.loewsjersey.org.


Classic Film Weekends are presented by Friends of the Loew's, Inc.





In this film based loosely on Jules Verne?s story, James Mason stars as an amusingly absent-minded professor who accidentally finds directions for a path into the Earth?s core that were left by a long-lost explorer. Mason picks up the quest, and is joined by one of his students, played by pop-singer Pat Boone (whose popularity at the time 20th Century Fox hoped ? correctly as it turned out ? would be a big box office draw). Arlene Dahl plays the strong-willed widow of a rival geologist who insists on joining the adventure, adding a heroine character that Verne never imagined. An Icelandic guide and his pet duck Gertrude (!) round out the exploration party. But they soon encounter the villainous descendant of the long-lost explorer as he plots to hijack the exploration for his own gain.

Part science fiction, part adventure, part fantasy, Journey to the Center of the Earth is the kind of movie that, in order to succeed, must convince its audience to suspend disbelief and be drawn into a fantastic alternate world being created on screen. Today, of course, the default tool to accomplish this is CGI. But Journey to the Center of the Earth is an extraordinary showcase of how movie makers accomplished this long before the digital era.

Several generation of movie goers remember being dazzled the first time they saw Journey?s winding tunnels, vast underground grottoes, luminous crystal canyon, forest of giant mushrooms, lost city and erupting volcano. None of this was summoned from a computer, but instead was produced through some of the most effective combinations ever seen of more venerable techniques: Location shots in Carlsbad Caverns were joined with footage using elaborate full size sets, detailed miniatures (models), and very successful matte painting ? painted back drops that fooled the camera by adding depth and perspective. (Matte painting is, in the era of CGI, an all but forgotten art.) One of the best remembered scenes in Journey has the explorers encountering ferocious subterranean dinosaurs ? created through the ?trick photography? of enlarging film of lizards with faux fins glued onto their backs! It may sound campy today, but the effect was more than respectable for its time.

But the makers of Journey to the Center of the Earth did not rely solely on spectacular art direction. Carl Faulkner's sound engineering is also a substantial asset, even out-pacing some of the visual effects in impact. Bernard Hermann?s orchestral score, including cathedral-sized pipe organs, is an indispensable part of the film?s atmosphere, furthering the sense of wonder and adding to the feeling of progression: as the explorers travel deeper and deeper into the bowls of the earth, the register of the music grows lower and lower.

Of course, the success of Journey to the Center of the Earth doesn?t rely solely on its special effects and score. The ensemble cast strikes the perfect balance between the script?s drama, fantasy and even comedic moments. James Mason and Arlen Dahl are terrific in their leading roles, and even Pat Boone ? not usually remembered for his acting ? turns in a likable supporting performance.

A half century after it was made, this version of Journey to the Center of the Earth is remembered by many movie lovers as the definitive version, despite several TV and theatrical re-makes, including the most recent in 2008 that is laden with modern computer graphics -- quite a testament to the quality of the film?s production.

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Thanks for all the info on Arlene Dahl. She played quite a variety of roles in her career, westerns, comedies with Red Skelton, musicals, period pieces, and drama. I've always wondered if she did her own singing in "Three Little Words." It certainly sounds like her. If she didn't, they did a wonderful job of matching her voice with the singer.



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Sounds like a great event! I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but I'm delighted to hear Arlene Dahl is keeping pretty busy lately. Last I heard of her, she was being honored at the Noir City festival, in January. It's great that she's so eager to show up for all her fans. B-)

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Thank you, Raining Violets, for the information on Arlene Dahl's singing voice. Funny, but I always felt that she did her own singing in that movie, and now I know for sure! Thanks so much. Being a musician, I'm always interested in who does and does not do their own singing. I have been disappointed so many times to learn that certain voices were dubbed. Thanks again.



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A limited run of 5,000 Blu-ray copies of the 4K restoration of the classic 1959 film, Journey To The Center Of The Earth is now available from Twilight Time.


Early reviews indicate it's a marked improvement over the previous release.




Region Free


VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 2.35:1


Audio is now 5.1 DTS-HD MA and, an isolated track is included of the Bernard Herrmann score.

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