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Well, I'm back and a bit rusty, but I'll give this a try. Judy's song was "Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart" which was written by James F. Hanley. He also wrote "Second Hand Rose", which was a hit for Barbra. Lena's song was "More Than You Know" which was written by Vincent Youmans with lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu. Youmans also wrote the music for "No, No, Nanette" which featured the songs "Tea For Two" and "I Want To Be Happy".

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Thanks, Cujas. Here's a quick one. The movie "The Man On the Flying Trapeze" featured singing burglars. What song did they sing? Also, a movie made in the nineties also featured singing burglars. I'm sure you know it. What was the movie and what song did they sing?

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Walter Brennan and Tammany Young sang "On The Banks Of The Wabash, Far Away" in The Man In The Flying Trapeze.


Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello sang "Swinging On a Star" and "Side By Side" when they played burglars in the flop "Hudson Hawk".



By the way , where's Eve ?


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Correct again, Muddy. I recently used some of the lyrics from "The Banks Of The Wabash" for a clue on the "By Any Other Name" thread, and I was thinking of the singing burglars as I was posting. Your turn now.

As for Eve, she sent me a message that she has been busy. She conducted an interview with John Gilbert's daughter, Leatrice. She posted the interview on the Classic Film And TV site. Here is the link that she sent me.





It was John Gilbert day yesterday on TCM. There is a thread about it on the General Discussion forum.

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Speaking of lyrics, here's some from a calypso song which some people think is chauvinistic...


"They have de feminine mind,

Which is something like being colorblind;

You keep 'em guessing and

That is how you outmaneuver woman kind...


..To make them jump thru the ring

Or to keep them dangling on a string,

You find out what they want you to do,

And you do the opposite thing.."


Name the song, the singer, and the movie...


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I believe the song is "Technique", written by Johnny Mercer and sung by Pat Boone in the 1957 movie "Bernardine". The movie is noteworthy not just for being Pat Boone's first movie, but it was the last movie for Janet Gaynor, who hadn't been in a movie since 1938.

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Thanks, Skip. Speaking of chauvinistic lyrics, the second verse of "Isn't It Romantic?" has lines like:

Isn't it romantic? Soon I will have found some girl that I adore.

Isn't it romantic? While I sit around, my love can scrub the floor.

She'll kiss me every hour, or she'll get the sack,

And when I take a shower, she can scrub my back.


Can you name the composers, singers, and the movie where it was first performed?

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Ah, one of my favorite songs, especially the version by Ella Fitzgerald...The song is by Richard Rodgers (melody) and Lorenz Hart (lyrics). It was first introduced in 1932 in "Love Me Tonight", with Jeannette MacDonald and Maurice Chevalier...Strangely, there's a portion in that movie where you can hear the melody as a march, rather than a ballad....

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Right again, Muddy. I believe Jeanette sings the first verse and Maurice, playing a tailor, sings the second verse, along with a few other folks. Here are the lyrics:





From Love me Tonight

Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers


I've never met you, yet never doubt, dear;

I can't forget you, I've thought you out, dear.

I know your profile and I know the way you kiss,

just the things I miss on a night like this.

If dreams are made of imagination

I'm not afraid of my own creation.

With all my heart, my heart is here for you to take.

Why should I quake? I'm not awake.


Isn't it romantic?

Music in the night, a dream that can be heard.

Isn't it romantic?


Moving shadows write the oldest magic word.

I hear the breezes playing in the trees above

while all the world is saying you were meant for love.

Isn't it romantic

merely to be young on such a night as this?

Isn't it romantic?

Every note that's sung is like a lover's kiss.

Sweet symbols in the moonlight,

do you mean that I will fall in love per chance?

Isn't it romance?


My face is glowing, I'm energetic.

The art of sewing I found poetic.

My needle punctuates the rhythm of romance.

I don't give a stitch if I don't get rich.

A custom tailor who has no custom

is like a sailor, no one will trust 'em.

But there is magic in the music of my shears.

I shed no tears, lend me your ears.


Isn't it romantic?

Soon I will have found some girl that I adore.

Isn't it romantic?

While I sit around my love can scrub the floor.

She'll kiss me every hour or she'll get the sack

and when I take a shower she can scrub my back.

Isn't it romantic?

On a moonlight night she'll cook me onion soup.

Kiddies are romantic

and if we don't fight we soon will have a troupe.

We'll help the population,

it's a duty that we owe to dear old France.

Isn't it romance?


Lorenz Hart sure had a way with lyrics. I think you can see why you hardly ever hear the second verse anywhere, although Michael Feinstein sang it on one of his albums. Your turn, Skippy.

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Thanks, Miles...Regarding Lorenz Hart, I agree. Just listen to "I'll Take Manhattan"....Time to watch "Words and Music" again, I guess.


Next: This song by Victor Young, first sung by Doris Day and then by Nat King Cole, was featured in two movies, one of them with Errol Flynn...The other one was a war movie...Name the song, the movies, and the other star in the other film....


Edited by: mudskipper on Aug 30, 2010 6:09 PM

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Could the song be "When I Fall In Love"? It was first heard in a 1952 war movie called "One Minute To Zero" with Robert Mitchum. Doris Day had a recording of it at about that time. Later, Nat King Cole recorded it for the soundtrack of "Istanbul", a 1957 movie that starred Errol Flynn. Of course, many of you remember the duet by Celine Dion and Clive Griffin for the soundtrack of "Sleepless In Seattle.

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