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The film is "Hangover Square", directed by John Brahm, a film noir about a composer, played by Laird Cregar, who has blackouts. It was Laird Cregar's last film. He died of a heart attack two months before the movie was released in 1945. The composer was Bernard Hermann. In the movie, Laird Cregar was playing the piano, but I don't know who the soloist was for the original score...

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There is a lineage of classical pianists we have to go back to in order to answer this question.


The great pianist Franz Liszt trained Emil von Sauer. Von Sauer was considered to be Liszt greatest student who made recordings.


Von Sauer taught the pianist who performed "Concerto Macabre". What a classical lineage that musician possessed!

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I know very little about this type of music, but my research tells me it was Ignace Hilsberg who played "Concerto Macabre". He's not well known to me, actually, not known at all, but as I said, I'm not an aficionado of that kind of music. If I'm correct, give the thread to mudskipper. He got most of it.

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Ok, another song from the movies...this one a musical from the fifties.. Name the popular singer and the movie:


"....That bluebird may be hiding upstairs;

So the sun isn't shining, who cares ?

Got an optimistic feeling that I might find someday

That ......... .... .... .......... along the way."

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