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Ok, here's an interesting one...


.Dan Rather once said that "An intellectual snob is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture and not think of The Lone Ranger"....Well, you don't have to think of the Lone Ranger. There's an Oscar-winning movie where the William Tell Overture was played during an Indian attack....What movie was that ?

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In "Dracula" (1931), starring Bela Lugosi, excerpts from Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake'" was played in the opening credits...parts of Richard Wagner's overture from " Die Meistersinger of Nuremberg" was also in the soundtrack...

Incidentally " parts of "Swan Lake" was also played in the opening credits of Boris Karloff's "The Mummy"...


Mendelssohn's "Spring Song" and Schubert's "Ave Maria" were both in the soundtrack of "The Bride Of Frankenstein" with Elsa Lanchester..

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Walpurgisnacht (Walpurgi's Night), the eve of May Day (May 1) is a national day of celebration in the Scandinavian countries to welcome Spring and celebrated with bonfires.....However, in Germany and eastern Europe, it is associated with sorcerers and witches , similar to Witches' Sabbath and Halloween ....


In Disney's "Fantasia" (1940) they used Mussorgsky's "Night On Bald Mountain" to show the celebration and arrival by witches, demons, goblins and all sorts of evil spirits on Bald Mountain....The music in the scene where Mickey played with the sorcerer's wand was, appropriately, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" by Paul Dukas...For those who would like to introduce their stdents. children or grandchildren to light classical music, "Fantasia" is a very good place to start...


your thread, six.

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Cujas, have you been "vamping" while waiting for an answer? I believe the name of the song is "The Vamp". Maybe that should be your screen name, cu. It was sung by Alice Faye in "Rose Of Washington Square" in 1939. The movie also starred Tyrone Power and Al Jolson. It was one of Alice Faye's favorite film roles. A few years later, around 1945, Betty Grable and June Haver sang the song in "The Dolly Sisters". IMDB says it was also used in the soundtrack of "Cheaper By The Dozen" in 1950. Apparently 20th Century Fox really liked it.

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Thanks, cu. The following lines may apply to you.


Venus de Milo was noted for her charms,

But strictly between us,

You're cuter than Venus,

And what's more,

You've got arms!


These lines are from a well known song that has been recorded by many artists over the years. Can you tell us what the name of the song is and what thirties movie it was introduced in? As an added bonus, can you tell us who sang it in that movie. I'll give you a little clue. This actor was just starting out in movies and was not yet well known. He would go on to become a major star in dramas and comedies, but, although he was in a few more musicals, he never became a musical star. He would also make his mark on TV in the fifties and sixties.

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