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Thanks, here's a very nice song:


"The moment I saw him/her smile

I knew he/she was just my style,

My only regret is we've never met

Though I dream of him/her all the while;

But he/she doesn't know I exist

No matter how I may persist,

So it's clear to see, there's no hope for me..."


This song was sung in two movie musicals. Name the song, the two movies, and the two different singers...

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This is Judy's song from *Meet Me In St. Louis*--


"I just adore him--

So I can't ignore him

The Boy Next Door"


If you know another classic movie that had the audacity to use Judy's song--you're a better man than me.

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"Meet Me In St. Louis" is right. That's the easy part. The second movie is a seldom-seen musical from the fifties starring a blond singer and featuring a famous balladeer. They were in 4 musicals together....I don't know about "Born To Kill"...

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Thanks. Everyone knows that Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra appeared in several movies and they performed their theme song in some of them, including "Du Barry Was a Lady". What you may not know is that their theme song was performed in an earlier movie. It was a movie that they had no connection to. It was sung by a woman who would have a very limited movie career, but she would show up many years later in a popular TV sitcom. Can you name the song, movie, and singer. I'll bestow upon you the title of "Trivia Champion For The Day" if you can also name her TV sitcom.

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Just to hold my place------The theme song was "I'm Getting Sentimental over You". That's the easy part. Hope to get back with the remainder of the answer.......... Update: I'm having trouble finding the movie. Anyone?


Edited by: finance on Mar 21, 2011 10:05 AM


Edited by: finance on Mar 21, 2011 4:10 PM

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Well, Miles--you always like people to do research and I did to get your answer.


But let's start with tap dancing--something I don't have to research


Eleanor Powell's movie "Ship Ahoy" featured Tommy Dorsey and his Orch. playing his theme song in 1942--of course Ellie danced to it. And "Dubarry" was in 1943 with another tap dancer starring. (Gene Kelly, of course)


Now comes the research because I don't like "Abbot & Costello" --Carol Bruce appeared in *Keep 'Em Flying" in 1941 and sang the song. And since I don't like "WKRP" I had to look her up too.


Fi can have this thread--


I just wanted you to recognize the Tap Dancers in this question. We tried to co-exist with the big bands but sometimes we got lost in the Shuffle (ball-change.)--That's a tap joke.


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I appreciate the effort. For those who don't remember, Carol Bruce played Mama Carlson, the station owner and mother of "the big guy" on WKRP. "Keep 'Em Flying" was one of Bud and Lou's service comedies made in 1941 to capitalize on their success in "Buck Privates" and "In The Navy". As promised, I hereby bestow the title of "Trivia Champion Of The Day" on Cujas. Gee, I feel just like a game show host. Well, finance, she's giving you the thread.

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Going back to the original premise of this thread, I'll connect the previous answer to another movie.


Staying with Bing, he starred early on in a musical comedy with a famous comedian -- the only film in which both appeared (so you know it isn't Hope). Name the picture, the comedian, and the composers of the score.

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