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Sorry, Fi, not the comedian or movie I meant.


So here's another clue. Until I looked it up, I thought this could be the only musical based on material by Booth Tarkington, who won Pulitzers for two books that were made into famous non-musicals, "Alice Adams" and "The Magnificent Ambersons."


I found out how wrong I was -- but then, I tend to avoid Doris Day movies, musical or otherwise. (Please don't hate me, Doris Day fans -- and I know you're out there. It's not even that I dislike her that much. It's the 1950's white bread thing, I guess.)

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Exactly right, Metz. One of the many lesser-known Fields movies I was lucky enough to see decades ago on a local network affiliate. And that I wish TCM would show, but I keep reading in these threads about problems with the rights.


Your thread.

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Thanks. In another movie, at the end of a dance, Fred Astaire pulls a cigarette case out of his pocket and offers a cigarette to Ginger. Can you name the song that they danced to and the movie it was from? Bonus points if you can name the composer.

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It was their first "Love" Dance--


"Night & Day" by Cole Porter in *Gay Divorcee*.


"Night & Day" had been a number #1 song while Astaire performed it on Broadway in "Gay Divorce". He also took the Broadway production to the West End in London and sang it there.


"Gay Divorce" was his first Broadway show as a solo star after his sister Adele married.

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The Tap Princess is correct. "Night And Day" was the only song from the Broadway show to make it to the movie. Eric Blore and Erik Rhodes were in both the stage and film versions. The movie also featured a very young Betty Grable in a production number with Edward Everett Horton. Cujas, you sure know your Fred and Ginger movies. It's your turn now.

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no takers--let's continue


"A heart is not a thing to build a wall about"

"A kiss is not a thing that you can stall about"


Singer, song and movie---This person has recently been in the news.

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All I can do for you is to say that my song and "A Kiss etc" were both from MGM movies.


to continue:


A Heart ditto

A Kiss ditto

"If you don't know that it's a thing to have a ball about, you know nothing at (song title)-----.


Edited by: cujas on Mar 30, 2011 7:09 PM

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I hate to give a partial answer, but I am really not sure on this one. I believe the lyrics are:


*A heart is not a thing to build a wall about,*

*A kiss is not a thing that you can stall about,*

*And if you think you cannot have a ball about,*

*You know nothing at all about love.*


The title is "All About Love". I believe it was recorded by Eddie Fisher, who was mentioned in the news recently because of the death of his one-time wife, Elizabeth Taylor. However, I don't know what movie it was featured in. Perhaps, cujas, you or someone else could enlighten us, or at least provide another clue.

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That phone that's tied up for hours,

It's all about love, it's all about love


If you don't know it's a thing to have a brawl about

"You know nothing, at all, about love."



My childhood Eddie Fisher favorite 45rpm--remember those?


Mack"Chattanooga Choo-Choo- Gordon wrote the lyrics and

Josef Myrow wrote the music.


Miles you got 2/3 of it and

Miss Lavender--you love Debbie and Eddie too--you got the movie title--"A Bundle of Joy"


Movie was a remake of Ginger Rogers' "Batchelor Mother".


Miles, you may have this thread, but if you're too busy, you can give it to Miss Lavender.


Some day soon--Miles is up--

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Miles, it's yours, but just wanted to tell Miss cujas that as a kid I did love the film *Bundle Of Joy* and Eddie Fisher's voice. Besides Oh My Papa , remember Dungaree Doll ? (real cornball)

btw- I have an interesting story about Eddie Fisher that I may divulge one of these days. I have a very, very wonderful story about Elizabeth Taylor that I just haven't been able to share with you guys yet, one day I will.

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