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Skipper, this was the toughest one yet. I needed that last clue. The song is "I Did It With My Little Ukulele". It was sung by Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards in the 1933 movie "Take A Chance". Here's a clip of Cliff with James Dunn.




Of course, Cliff Edwards was the voice of Jiminy Cricket in "Pinocchio". His best known songs are "When You Wish Upon A Star" and "Singin' In The Rain". He also did an early version of "It's Only A Paper Moon", which also had lyrics by E. Y. Harburg.


You know, skip, I seem to recall you once saying that my songs were obscure. Welcome to the club, my friend! This one was fun to figure out.

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I'm glad you had fun searching for the answer. I hope it made the time you spent worthwhile...I don't think it matters how obscure a song or a movie is as long as one gives good clues. I think the clues have to be subtle, just like in a mystery story, and not generic like some hints that I see....Then it makes the answer more meaningful... Now aren't you glad you learned a new song ?


Here's the video from You Tube:





By the way, "When You Wish Upon A Star" made Ukulele Ike famous. The second song I was referring to was "Did You Ever See An Elephant Fly?" from Dumbo...

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I actually have a 78 RPM record of "When I See An Elephant Fly" by Charlie Barnett's orchestra. I should have remembered that Cliff Edwards voiced it for the movie. Now, there is a song that was a big hit for Dinah Washington that became a standard over the years. It was written by a well known songwriting team for a 1930's musical about a down on his luck agent who discovers a porter in his hotel who has a beautiful tenor voice. The song was cut from the movie, although it's melody can be heard often in the background. Two years later, the same singer made another musical for the same studio, playing a bandleader whose songwriter partner walks out on him, taking the rights to all of their songs with him. The song that was cut from the earlier film is now featured in this movie and it became one of the biggest hits in this singer's career. Can you name the song, the singer, and the two movies I am referring to? By the way, this singer made only a handful of movies.

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Miles, thank you for reintroducing me to a new/old tenor....James Melton.


The song is the beautiful "September in the Rain" , introduced in the film "Melody for Two" (1937), with music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Al Dubin.

The original singer was James Melton who used to help his parents grow melons and raise hogs in Florida and was encouraged to pursue music by his high school teacher who heard his voice...The first movie you were referring to was "Stars Over Broadway"(1935)...Dinah Washington had a hit version of the song in 1961. It has also been covered by various artists including Jo Stafford, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Frankie Laine, Dakota Staton, Sarah Vaughn, Doris Day,Julie London, Jeri Southern, The Platters, and even Marty Robbins....Having heard most of those and, recently, Melton's version, I think the latter is more sentimental. Now I have to get some of his songs. I hope he has a CD other than the Living Era release.


Here's Melton's version of the song:....http://youtu.be/HM61325M1bM


Dinah Washington:....http://youtu.be/OvB6rrnzDM8


Jo Stafford:....http://youtu.be/AsU7dGT2Ixs


Frank Sinatra:.....http://youtu.be/FE38CtZmVbw

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Yes, "September In The Rain" is a lovely song and James Melton was a very talented singer. It's too bad that he didn't make more films. The second picture was "Melody For Two" from 1937. After that he appeared in only one more picture, 1945's "Ziegfeld Follies", where he played an opers singer. Your turn again, skip.

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Most of you have probably seen this movie and laughed before, but I wonder if you remember this song and dance number by the female star:


"....I'll watch the path that winds by the wishing tree

It ends beneath my window and there I'll be,

And there I'll wait for the love I long for;

Tonight the moonflowers may bloom for me..."


Song, movie, performer ?

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Here's a very nice duet from a musical from the thirties...great song from a famous composer:


Girl: "....I'm just trying to be

Friendly and gentle, not sentimental.

So if I touch your hand,

Don't misunderstand its meaning...".


Man:..."I am trying to be

Proper and good, behave as I should;

But if my poor heart skips a beat

Each time we meet,

Don't blame me..."



Song, composer, performers, and black and white movie ?

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The song is "Sympathy" from the 1937 movie "The Firefly". It was sung by Jeanette MacDonald and Allan Jones. The composers were Rudolf Friml and Otto Harbach. The movie also featured Allan Jones' biggest hit "The Donkey Serenade". I have this movie on VHS, but I haven't watched it in several years.


Here's a clip.




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Yes, a beautiful waltz song by Allan Jones, Jeannette MacDonald....and the AFLAC duck? from "The Firefly" with music by Rudolf Friml...I also have the movie on VHS. I wish they'd release it on DVD


Your turn, Miles.

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Thanks. Here's part of a well known song.


Your eyes made skies seem blue again,

What else could I do again,

But keep repeating through and through,

I love you, love you.

I still recall the thrill,

I guess I always will,

I hope 'twill never depart.

Dear, with your lips to mine,

A rhapsody divine,



The next line is the title of the song. It was sung by an up an coming singer in a thirties movie. The song became a staple of the singer's concert repertoire for many years. Can you name the song, movie and singer?

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Miles--"Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart" was Judy's audition song at MGM--so the story goes.


Next let her rip--


"On opening nights, your name in lights,

Why we won't stop 'til you reach the top--"


Not hard--performer (s), movie etc, etc.


Edited by: cujas on May 21, 2011 5:58 PM

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That would be "The Song's Gotta Come From The Heart". It was sung by Jimmy Durante and Frank Sinatra in "It Happened In Brooklyn". It was written by Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn. Here's a clip:





Edited by: MilesArcher on May 21, 2011 10:52 PM

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Thanks. Here's the scene.


A man and a woman are in a canoe in a beautiful moonlit setting. She is paddling while he sings. Part of the song is:


If a breeze caresses me,

It's really you strolling by,

And if I hear a melody,

It's merely the way you sigh.

Wherever you are, your near me,

You dare me to be untrue.

Funny, each time I fall in love,




The last line is the title of the song. It was sung by a top musical performer to a beautiful actress. Can you name the song, movie, performers, and composers? It was also recorded by Frank Sinatra.

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Yes, "It's Always You" was sung by Bing in the movie "Road To Zanzibar" Frank did his recording with Tommy Dorsey's orchestra. Here it is:




Now everyone can choose which version they prefer. Good job, muddy. Your turn, now.

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In one of their movies, this comedy team, playing sailors, sang about a musical instrument that creates music by sending steam, gas, or compressed air through whistles....Name the team, the song, and the movie...

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