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18 hours ago, LawrenceA said:

This thread has been up for two months, and it wasn't until today that I realized that I have a magnet of Perry King on my refrigerator. Scream Factory, the DVD/Blu-Ray company, has a big sale every year during October, and they used to offer a sheet of fridge magnets, featuring reproductions of cover-art from the discs, as a free gift with any purchase. I got two of them over the years, and I just noticed that one of the pics is from Class of 1984, starring Mr. King.






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The whole beefsteak/cheesecake phenomenon reminds of this 'personality'. Remember her? Scroll down to see her name.


Brooke Burke. One of the hottest 'TV entertainment hosts' to come down the pike. Fan clubs, etc. But she was essentially a zero and a loser. Strictly television, strictly reading copy from cue-cards. Destined to live out her short-lived fame without ever doing anything of any import. Just another pretty face.

At the peak of her fame she had boys' tongues hanging out all over the USA. Where is she now? Who knows. Who cares. Who even remembers what show she hosted?

Perry King at least, was an ACTOR. Hard working ACTOR. Not just a dressed up Hollywood shill, standing up and introducing other Hollywood shills.

Anyway this is partly why I threw television away long ago. Pointless!

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On 8/3/2018 at 6:33 PM, rayban said:

Does anybody remember James Coco, Raquel Welch and Perry King in 1975's "The Wild Party", which was directed by James Ivory?

Reportedly, Raquel Welch was very difficult to work with - she tried to get the cinematographer, Walter Lassally, and one of the stars, Perry King, fired.

She even wanted her boyfriend at the time to replace James Ivory.

She did fire the producer, Ismail Merchant.

The Directors Guild became involved - and sent threatening letters to Raquel Welch.

The film had a difficult shoot, to say the least.

Supposedly, even today, different versions of it exist.

A director's cut was released briefly in American cinemas in 1981.

If you saw it, what version did you see?

Going out on a limb, AIP produced it.

The film turned out to be one of cinema's "great bombs".

Perry King played - memorably - a movie star, Dale Sword.




Here's the whole film...



He was gorg in this film! I developed a big crush on him in the 90s when he was doing all those television movies on Lifetime and movies based on books ("I'll Take Manhattan", "A Cry in the Night"). He usually played a 'really nice guy' or an outright villain. 

But the coiffed hair and slight grey in the 90s was when he was at his foxiest imo, I was never a fan of porn stache perry


images (4).jpeg

images (3).jpeg


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1 hour ago, Hibi said:

Thanks! I'd forgotten all about this thread! What a man! :D

he's my sugardaddy crush, even though he's aged and is simply looking Iike a 'sweet old man' these days....but my god, what a looker he was .

Love looking at his work

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