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George who? Help me with an actor's name.

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It's been driving me nuts this afternoon trying to think of this actor's name. I'm afraid I can give you very little to go on except he was a frequent co-star on The Loretta Young show, very handsome, and always good. He was in a fair amount of movies as well, starred in some B pictures.


His first name, George, finally popped into my head a few minutes ago but his last name is still eludes me. Anybody?

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If it wasn't George Nader ("Bride of the Gorilla"??) it should be. He was a hunk...tanned, hairy chest, kind of wooden but who cared. He was gorgeous. He was with Esther Williams in "The Reckless Moment" I believe. And his nephew (Michael?) was in "Dynasty."

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Thanks you guys! That's it!


I was trying to remember a movie that he actually starred in called Nowhere to Go. I couldn't remember his name, couldn't remember the name of the movie, couldn't remember one of his co-stars who happened to be early Maggie Smith! Just blanked out.


I saw the movie on TCM some years ago on a Sunday night. It was a British film and TCM considered it, at that time, a "foreign" movie. It's on my movie wish list.


Yes he was very good looking and had a nice speaking voice, manly like Bill Holden.

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PS What do you do in a case like that? I googled The Loretta Young Show, even "male co-stars on The Loretta Young Show." Since I had no clue as to his name I had "Nowhere to Go." Sorry, groaning pun...


When the name "George" finally bubbled up I knew I could count on you to come up with who it was.

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Hi Poinciana,


*What do you do in a case like that?*


This happens to me sometimes. I just can't remember someone's name but I know they were in a certain show. The first thing I do is go to the Internet Movie Database and look up the show by title and scroll through the cast listings. That usually works. :)



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