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Any fans of "FORTY GUNS" (1957) in here?

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I'm a big fan of Samuel Fuller's 1957 western FORTY GUNS, starring Barbara Stanwyck and Barry Sullivan. Does this ever show up on TCM, or even on the Fox channel?


And are there any fans of the movie in this here forum? :)

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Hiya, Fordy Guns! Welcome to the forums! B-)




There's a lot of great things to be said for this Fuller western, chiefly among them the great Barbara Stanwyck, in one of her best performances. The other guys were good, too, but the movie probably wouldn't work without Stanwyck. Same with *The Furies*.

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I saw this movie around seven years ago as a Stanwyck fan. I remember thinking it was ho-hum or by the numbers. I need to look at it again as i am a new fan of John Ericson after seeing him in Return Of Jack Slade and Day Of The Bad Man. I also appreciate Barry Sullivan more now than i did back then because of Queen Bee, Bad And The Beautiful, and No Questions Asked. I bet i'll like it much better this time around, no doubt.

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You can count me among the fans of "Forty Guns." And someone was right when he or she said that the best thing about it is Barbara Stanwyck. I have heard that she absolutely loved making westerns, which is no surprise since she made so many of them.

And let's not forget how great she was on The Big Valley. That show should have gone on for much longer than just three seasons. I've loved some of her other westerns, such as "Annie Oakley" and "The Violent Men" but "Forty Guns" remains one of my very favorites.



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If you are interested in Sam Fuller. Check out You Tube.You can watch the documentary that was done on him a few years ago.It's a real kick watching Fuller."The Typewriter,The Rifle and The Movie Camera" Just type in Sam Fuller and click on documentary. It's in segments, but it looks like it might be all there......Enjoy....

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