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Analysis of Hitchcock films


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I'm writing a paper about some of Hitchcock's films, and I must say all the information I've found about his films has been very interesting. The concept of how the quest is not really a quest, it is just the means to an end, and the MacGuffin is an object that helps the plot proceed.... These are just some of the many thing I have read. There is an entire book about all the motifs he uses in his films; it's all very interesting. I thought it may be interesting to discuss his films from more of an analytical view. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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Could you share the name of the book that you make reference to? I'm familiar with some Hitchcock bios, but not sure about the book you mention.


There's a lot of recurring themes in Hitchcock's movies that I enjoy, although I suspect even those who don't enjoy all of his recurring themes can still enjoy the sheer suspense of his movies, especially those that are considered his best movies.


And since there's quite a few Hitchcock movies coming up on TCM, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to come up with many examples of his themes, technique, etc. What I find most interesting (and sometimes a bit disturbing) are Hitchcock's conflicted views about women, as well as his recurrent suspicion and distrust towards pretty much all authority figures.

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For my paper, my professor wants us to have a good number of sources, so what I mentioned is a culmination of ideas from various books. Here are the names of most of the relevant ones:


_Hitchcock?s Romantic Irony_

_Hitchcock?s Motifs_

_Hitchcock?s Films_

_The Art of Hitchcock: Fifty Years of His Motion Pictures_

_Hitchcock?s America_


My paper is mainly focusing on *North by Northwest* and *Spellbound*. My professor wanted us to pose three questions to base our paper around. Mine are:

1.How do Hitchcock?s films North by Northwest and Spellbound use adventure and mystery as a vehicle for discovering sexuality and love?

2.How does the view of sexuality differ when the main character is a man versus a woman?

3.What common themes and elements in Hitchcock?s films emphasize the role of sexuality?


So most of my reading has been to answer those questions, but everything that I have read has been absolutely fascinating. I would love to hear what you have read and get somemore imput. :)

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Kid...I hope you're watching the Hitchcock films tonite on TCM (and not writing on this Message Board). "SPELLBOUND" is up next with the incandescent Ingrid Bergman.


And with a bit of shameful self-promotion: in between the Hitchcock film was a promo for Monday night's showing of "THE LETTER" a film I picked for next week's Fan Programmer event.


Best of luck to you on your paper. Only 48 posts in two years.



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I did catch some of the films last night. *Spellbound* was on a little late for me, so I watched my DVD of it instead. And as for the 48 posts (I guess this makes 49) I really just like reading the massage boards. I normally comment when I have something to say or feel like I have something to add. I enjoy classic films, but I wouldn't say I'm very knowledgeable about them (well,for my age I'm knowledgeable, but not as a whole). Plus, I'm the type of person who likes to know what their talking about before I go tell everyone else. After reading all this stuff, Hitchcock is a topic I feel knowledgeable about.

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