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> {quote:title=mr6666 wrote:}{quote}

> how about Edward G. Robinson as 'Rico Bandello' in *Little Caesar* and as 'Wilson' the Nazi hunter in *The Stranger*?


Robinson's role as FBI agent Edward Renard in CONFESSIONS OF A NAZI SPY is probably a little bit closer to the mark.

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I'm not too sure about those two men being "natural opposites" and enemies, Rich. In fact, a case could be made that the two men actually wanted the same thing (the abolition of slavery) but differed in their methods. And one could also make the case that both men ended up as martyrs for the sake of their goal as well.


How about Raymond Massey as a German major in DESPERATE JOURNEY and a captain in the Merchant Marine in ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC?

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Audrey Hepburn: Holly Golightly in "Breakfast At Tiffany's" & Sister Luke in "A Nun's Story"


Tyrone Power: Leonard Vole in "Witness For the Prosecution" & Larry Darrell in "Razor's Edge"


Ann Sheridan: Randy Monaghan in "King's Row" & Lorraine Sheldon in "The Man Who Came

to Dinner"

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> {quote:title=CharlieT wrote:}{quote}

> I'm surprised no one's mentioned this one yet:


> Henry Fonda in *The Lady Eve* and in *Once Upon A Time In The West*.


That's a good one, Charlie. Fonda was really an amazing villain in that Leone movie. I believe people at the time thought he'd been cast against type. No matter, he did an amazing job.

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>And as far as The Searchers goes, there are those who question why there weren't any scenes where Debbie would explain why she was a willing sexual partner of Chief Scar for all of those years.


Willing?? Ask the three kidnapped girls in Cleveland, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, and Amanda Berry. They had been kidnapped and held prisoner and raped for 10 years.


Just like those girls, Debbie wanted to stay alive, and she wanted to not be beaten up or cut up or tortured. You could see how much of a slave she still was when Scar asked her to show the pole with the scalps on it. You could see it in her face.


Chief Scar was the villain of this movie. Ethan Edwards was the hero. He found Debbie and brought her back home alive.


The scene of the crazy girls at the military fort shows how some girls react to such a kidnapping and continuous abuse for years. They go crazy.


How would you stay alive if you were kidnapped and abused in that same way?


I've known about this for decades. I read 19th Century books about it, and I learned about it decades ago when I was in the news business, about how it still happens occasionally among the general population. It happens all over the country, but it usually doesn't get as much publicity as the Cleveland case. Some girls are tied up and held captive for only a few days or a few weeks, and then they are murdered and dumped somewhere. There are other tied-up and locked-up kidnap victims all over the country right now, mostly young women. Maybe 10, maybe 100, maybe more. No one know the exact number.

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Ally Sheedy as a goody-two-shoes tree-hugging ditz in *Short Circuit* (1986) and as a burned-out lesbian druggie in *High Art* (1998).


Eric Stoltz as a downtrodden but heart-of-gold cripple in *Mask* (1985) and as a **** druggie safecracker in *Killing Zoe* (1993).

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