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What movie is this picture from?

Kid Dabb

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> {quote:title=HollywoodGolightly wrote:}{quote}

> Here's one that should be relatively easy.


> I think. ;)


> 20z779i.jpg


Nope, not relatively easy... Isn't it interesting one person's easy is another's unknown.

They look like they're made of chocolate. Time for some triple chocolate pie from Baker's Square.


h4. Thelma and Louise?


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The photo is from one of the daydream sequences that the main characters share. The real significance of it is to give you an idea of their shared viewpoints/flights of fancy, and they are visually very striking and, once you've seen the movie, hard to forget.


The movie depicts events that took place in the 50s. The two main characters were big Mario Lanza fans.


This was the first movie credit for the Oscar-winning actress who co-stars in the movie, and who was only about 19 when she made it.


Lastly, the movie is set somewhere that is south of the Equator. ;)

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> {quote:title=Kid_Dabb wrote:}{quote}

> Hmm. Is the picture from Heavenly Creatures (1994) ?


We got a winner!! :D


Yes, it was released in 1994. Peter Jackson would go on to many other things, among them directing yet another remake of King Kong. And Kate Winslet would finally win an Oscar (after many nominations) for last year's The Reader.

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