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has anyone else seen the pre-code film the squaw man?


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yes i know the title is not pc at all but i decided to check it out because it seemed interesting when i read about it. it has warner baxter in it and i have not seen many of his films but he seemed to be a good actor. i hate to give anything away to those that have not seen it but those that have is anyone else disappointed in the ending when she kills herslf. i got so involved in the story that i did not want that to happen or for warner to send their boy away. i mean for a pre-code film couldn't they just lived happily ever after? i mean it was in 32 or something and it just put me in mind of a cop out like something that would of occurred after the code went into effect?! can anyone explain how they felt on seeing the ending? the movie just seemed good and then a big letdown with the end.

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THE SQUAW MAN (1931) is decent film, although the story was somewhat creaky by the timethis version was fillmed. DeMille had originally made this film in 1914 with William Farnum playing the Warner Baxter part. One does feel sorry for the Lupe Velez character, she sacrifices much in the film for him, and even saves his life at one point, but her death clears the way for a proper Victorian happy ending with the English Lady. I believe that this was DeMille's last MGM picture and he returned to Paramount and his epic picture formula with THE SIGN OF THE CROSS (1932).

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