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Hello everyone! I was hanging out reading the boards and thought I would stop in for a visit. I didn't use the WebAdmin username because it feels so stiff and formal. I hope you don't mind me visiting in my street attire.



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{quote:title=ipso_facto wrote:}

If the TCM staff makes a determined effort to find out what has really happened, and why it has happened, they will come to a conclusion that may not be the same one that has been reached by some of the people who have posted in the related threads, but which might nonetheless help them understand _why_ certain situations have developed that have been unfair to their loyal viewers.{quote}




We have reviewed many of the old threads and our goal still remains the same. To create a positive environment where you and other members can enjoy discussing movies and sharing your experiences. Focusing on the past, will definitely not help us reach that goal.


Someone stated that these problems happened because there was a lack of moderation by staff. I would like to propose that now we are here, that we all start fresh.


But you have to give us, the new moderator team, a chance. It will take persistence and consistency from us to prove that we are here to help and that means being fair to all members, that includes the new or long-term members.


There is no way we can consider speculation of multiple accounts as a violation. However, if we receive legitimate multiple violation complaints, and can identify a pattern of harassment or abuse, we will take the necessary action against that user and any accounts that apply.


We also need your help. When you report violations, provide the username, link and which code of conduct you feel was violated, it helps us identify and resolve the issue quickly. You may not receive a personal response after our review, but we do review your private messages every day and will take action or store your complaint as a reference.


Thanks for listening!



TCM Administrator in Plain Clothes :)

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Hi Mary,


Glad you decided to stop in like this. You must be a night owl too! :) It is nice to hear from the moderators (in plain clothes) publicly in this way. I think many members will appreciate this.



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Thanks for posting, Mary.


*There is no way we can consider speculation of multiple accounts as a violation.*


Does that mean there's a green light on multiple user accounts? Also, the behavior that has irked most of us (returning from removal with a new user name, and following other posters around) is not a violation of the Code of Conduct. Can that ever be changed? Thanks.



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I'm very happy to see you, Mary, particularly on this thread.


The last sentence in your first paragraph is extremely important and the crux of our situation with this formerly banned individual who had been posting here under multiple user names: "Focusing on the past, will definitely not help us reach that goal". (of a positive board environment for everybody)


This tells me that you have an intuitive glimmer into the heart of the problem with this person's agenda, which, however politely or passive-aggressively it's cloaked by her/him, can be discerned without even reading between the lines (it's so transparent); i.e., certain topics and phrases, all well-known to those of us familiar with this wearisome repertoire, will make their way into nearly every one of this poster's many user names, and includes the notion that there is an "elite", "vocal minority" who are "exclusionary" to other "well-intentioned" posters who have "unpopular" opinions. So the past is very much alive with this formerly banned individual, who cannot let go a slanderous and frankly delusional idea that he/she is being persecuted by a "clique" because of this individual's personal life and social/political views.


This formerly banned individual needs to stop playing the same old tune, but I'm afraid he/she hasn't seemed to care, and was actually emboldened by TCM's policy of allowing people to have multiple user names, thereby allowing this individual to make it his/her life's work of personal revenge (under the guise of "I'm standing up for all the victims in the world") by obsessively following this perceived "clique" around the board in the most insidiously "nice" manner and tone possible, but in truth it's stalking and harassment.


I'm desperately hoping this person finally sees the light, lets go of the blame game, and moves forward so that he/she can become a welcome and valued member of this unique community.


Message was edited by: Bronxgirl48

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