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The Sexiest!

Guest son, jery

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Harold Lloyd is my favorite new ****! I've been watching the terrific TCM marathon of his 20s comedies and was stunned at how charismatic--and gorgeous this guy was! As Robert Osbourne and Lloyd's granddaughter pointed out, while the other comedy greats like Chaplin, Keaton, etc. exploited their "poor man, ugly man" theme, Lloyd was always the debonair, dashing, Jazz Age Lothario. Lloyd embodied to me that marvelous, now missing, quality of the American male. He was witty, suave, very clean-cut, a spiffy dresser and so cute that it's no wonder he was a hero all around the world--to both guys and girls.

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Paty I also watched some of Lloyd's films on Sunday night and I was most impressed with his comedic skills. I couldn't believe how much the comic ran all over the place and especially most of the time in only one take.

No wonder he kept himself in good shape and looking trim, prim and proper. He was an icon of comedy indeed.



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sophia loren (in her 60s and still sexy)

ann margaret (her body movements were her act)

tuesday weld (in a cute way)


montgomery clift (brooding, melancholy and hot hot hot, like warm milk or _____ at bedtime)

paul newman (those blue eyes were brighter in person)

cary grant (manic sexy depressive)




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Sexiness is not just the body, its the way you act, personality, emotions, gestures, in the way you walk, the way a person where their clothes and the way a person talk.


Clara Bow

Bebe Daniels

Toby Wing- a lot of times she didn't even talk in movies, she usually played the pretty girl, flashing her eyes and smiling.

Alice Faye

Ann Sheridan

Joan Blondell

Nina Mae McKinney- watch Hallelujah-1929, and if you don't find her sexy, you don't know sexiness.

Barbara Stanwyck-when she wanted to be

Bette Davis- if the role required sexiness.

Kay Francis

Martha Raye- she wasn't that pretty in the face, but she had some attractive ways.

Rita Hayworth

Carmen Miranda

Veronica Lake

Marilyn Maxwell

Susan Hayward

Gloria Grahame

Ava Gardner

Ann Miller

Hedy Lamarr



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Ok, there seems to be a big debate over who is sexy and who isn't. So I'm going to throw someone in the mix who hasn't been mentioned on either list, but whom I think holds a certain, repressed sexuality. Now I know a lot of people aren't going to agree with me on it, so I'm not going to argue in her defense--but Joan Fontaine, to me, is EXTREMELY sexy, especially in Rebecca. She so innocent and fawn-like in the beginning and as the movie progresses, she sort of lets loose and matures. I love it!

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Just thought it should be mentioned that Carol Baker of

the 60's era of films was also among the sexiest! Her portrayal of Jean Harlow in the movie"Harlow" was a haunting sexuality that stays and captures the audience.

Along with the theme music of the movie I"m gone!!!!!!!!

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Jack Carson! I was re-watching "Mildred Pierce" last night and thought how sexy, huggable and likable this big teddybear was in all his pics. Are there any other Jack Carson fans out there? He made a slew of musicals with Dennis Morgan but getting back to "Mildred." I always wondered why Joan Crawford didn't marry Carson's 'Wally' character. He would have been a heck of a lot more funt than that oily, snarky Zachary Scott!

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Anne Bancroft is at the top of the list..... How she presents herself, her way with words and of course her beauty that sets her apart from the rest. She is still stunning in her 70's and is unofficially the most desirable older woman in film.

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I have to agree with what swngsoul said in his post: "Sexiness is not just the body, its the way you act, personality, emotions, gestures, in the way you walk, the way a person wears their clothes and the way a person talks." And I'll add intelligence & a sense of humor. Somethin' about a man with a brain (and quick wit)! SO...with that I'll list a few of my fave's that don't fit the typical "sexy" mold....


Kevin Spacey

Gary Oldman

William L. Petersen--especially with the beard (plays Gil Grisom in CSI)


Okay....I'm ready to catch hell for this one--


Johnny Depp! Okay, I know just about everybody here hates him; but I've loved just about every movie he's done (except Blow) and I find him VERY sexy. I really don't give a damn about his political views....he's just an actor---what do I care what his opinions are??


Errol Flynn ~ I've always had a thing for him. Too bad that "black socks" thing stuck with him..lol. Kinda like Hugh Grant and the hooker. It'll go with him to the grave.


And as I mentioned earlier in the thread ~


:D Gary Cooper & Louis Jordan

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