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Movies that "messed you up"

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This thread is meant to elicit from you those memories of films you saw that disturbed your sensibilities in some way and have stuck with you through decades. In my case, the two films that leap to mind are House of Wax and -don't laugh!- The Art of Love.


House of Wax probably needs no explanation for the enduring fear it instilled in me as a child, but The Art of Love (supposedly a comedy) might. Well, I was six when that movie debuted, and full of inadequate Sunday School lessons about right and wrong, good and bad, etc., so when Dick Van Dyke framed his friend for murder and nearly let him ascend the steps of the guillotine, I about had a heart attack right there in the backseat of my parents' car at the Moonlight Drive-In! What kind of life was this?! Were these people real?! Did friends betray one another like that all the time?! I barrelled out of our car -in my footie pajamas!- and raced to the bathroom, where my mother found me throwing up. I couldn't articulate all I'd discerned from the storyline of that seemingly innocuous film; all I could do, as a six-year-old, was claim a "tummy ache" and plead for an early return home (so I wouldn't have to see what I imagined would be a bloody, gruesome ending to the movie). My mom, bless her heart, did understand, and she walked me back to our car and instructed my dad to leave immediately, which he did without question. (My sister,

however, has not forgiven me to this day for interrupting her good time!)


So... what's stuck in your craw all these years?

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In Cold Blood. As I think about it I get almost nauseous, because it's a true story, the actors who played the Clutter family probably did come from a small town somewhere in the US, and the use of black and white heightened the terror of the murders for me. Seeing the Clutters going about their daily day on the last day of their lives honestly struck terror in me.

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*Sophie's Choice* stands as the hardest film I've ever watched. The most excellent *Japanese Story* (Toni Collette) is a great entry, too, but a more Tenuda-esque "It could happen!" event. The harshness of the final scene - the close-out of the film - *In Cold Blood* stands are a stark choice by the filmmakers. So appropriate.

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