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I'm going to do a schedule too but I have questions.


I'm planning my TCM Imports entry with some additional imports with the same performer. Does the restriction on the studios we can use apply to the foreign films we pick if they haven't been on TCM Imports before?


I have another theme in mind for daytime programming but I think maybe the official programmers have done it before. Will that be held against me?


I have another question but I've forgotten what it was so I'll be posting again once I remember what it is.

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The TCM Imports can come from any studio without restrictions and without counting as one of your TCM premieres. TCM Imports can be more than one film, as long as they're programmed in the same time block (after Silent Sundays, which can also be one or more films).


Since the winner is chosen by popular vote, I don't think repeating a theme used in an earlier Challenge can be "counted" against you. I'm sure your own take on the theme would be unique anyway, so go for it!


"I _detest_ cheap sentiment." -Margo Channing


Message was edited by: ChipHeartsMovies, thanks again Plain Text!

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LonesomePolecat, you can select any week within a given year.


I'll give you a head start and tell you that for this Challenge, you can choose any week from September 2009 through September 2010. Because TCM releases its schedules about 3 months ahead, when the Challenge closes August 2009 will already have been announced, so we're starting in September.


In the Challenge, just like on TCM, your week's programming should start on a Sunday at 6:00 AM ET and end close to 5:59 AM the following Sunday.


In the next day or two I'll post some tips on how you might select your week!


"Well, I can't yell "Oh butler!" can I? Maybe somebody's name is Butler." -Miss Claudia Caswell

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More help for first time players!


Here are some ideas that might help you select the week you want to program:


*Is there a star whose birthday you'd like to celebrate with a tribute?* Birthday information is easily found on IMDB.


*Perhaps you'd like to commemorate an anniversary?* Seventy five years ago would encompass September 1939-1940, for example.


Many classic films premiered during that time. *Ninotchka* (November 10, 1939), *Gone with the Wind* (December 15, 1939), *Rebecca* (March 28, 1940) among them. You can get the premiere dates for movies from IMDB.com, TCM's database, or often Wikipedia.


*Maybe you want to commemorate something historical.* Seventy five years ago this period also saw many important political and social events, especially as the world ramped up for WWII.


Wikipedia is a big help there.




Whatever year you choose to research, you can use those URLs and replace the year at the end.


*And sometimes* ... it's fun to just pick a week at random and see what it holds in the past! Let's say your week includes March 16. If you Google "What happened on March 16" you are led to a page with lots of things that occurred on that date. Works with any date!



You don't HAVE to include these sorts of anniversaries, but for me --- I have fun doing this this research and then matching movies with it. On March 16, 37, Nero died, for instance...perhaps that's a good day to schedule *Quo Vadis* !


*CORRECTION* --- Uh, that would be seventy years ago for those back dates --- as you'll see in the following post, patful caught the error. I was just in Atlanta and there is a big hoopla for the 70th anniversary of *GWTW* , and for some reason I just took in 75. Thanks patful, and will you please balance my checkbook?


"You're maudlin and full of self-pity. You're magnificent!" -Addison DeWitt


Message was edited by: ChipHeartsMovies, because some people are not the mathematical types.

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*Seventy five years ago would encompass September 1939-1940...* - Chip


Can this man be entrusted with tallying votes?

:-) :-) :-)


And I think CineMaven is trying to bug you enough until you kick her out of the Challenge. ;-)


Glad to see some new participants!

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Ack, you're right, patful. Duh, that would be SEVENTY years ago. Seventy five is obviously my I.Q. at the moment.


"I will regard this great honor not so much as an award for what I have achieved, but a standard to hold against what I have yet to accomplish." -Eve Harrington

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Hello Mr. Chips ;-)


Question: * Is there any link that we may look at for past Programming Challenges?


* Are we allowed to even look at those Challenges or would that be considered cheating??


* The Challenge opens May 1st. When specifically does it end?


Message was edited by CineMaven becuz I HAVE to tell you that I'm loving your quotes from "All About Eve."

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Thanks, patful, for giving CineMaven (and everyone) the links to the past Challenges. I hope all of you veteran gamesters will also chime in with tips for our first-time players!


Everyone --- you're not just welcome to look at the past Challenges, you're encouraged to do so. You may find a theme there that you want to explore, but what you do will be creative and unique.


"The bed looks like a dead animal act." -Birdie


Message was edited by: ChipHeartsMovies, cuz he forgot to credit Birdie.

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Also, just to be clear ---


The TCM Programming Challenge is just a fun game created by TCM fans. It is not sponsored by or connected in any way to TCM itself. Don't think that if you "win" this Challenge you're guaranteed to replace Alec Baldwin as the co-host for The Essentials next year.


That said, if you really bring it on...who knows what glittering prizes await you!


"Everybody has a heart - except some people." -Margo Channing

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filmlover, Lonesome Polecat, patful, CineMaven, Fedya, lzcutter, ILoveRayMilland, Norma_Desmond, Kate1Fan, helenbaby, countessdelave are all on board ... this is shaping up to be a very fun game! Still room for more players, for any of you who are still thinking it over!


"Funny, the things you remember and the things you don't." -Karen Richards


Message was edited by: ChipHeartsMovies, because Karen Richards had something to say.

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Gang, I am not doing this for the prizes. I'm doing this for the Challenge and the competition.


But if experience is worth anything, at my TCM Watch Party for the Fan Programmer event, I invited Chip. He took that trek out to Brooklyn (with a delish date might I add) and brought a cake for me, with Bette Davis' picture from "THE LETTER."


So if there ARE any prizes...we're in for a treat.


Message was edited by CineMaven becuz Chip, I hope you're ordering from Tiffany's or Bergdorf's.

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More tips for first-time players!


In the Challenge, there are restrictions about which studios' films you can use. (You won't find out exactly what they are until May 1, when the new game starts).


BUT, you can always use any film that has ever played on TCM in the past. Here's how to find out if a movie has been previously shown on TCM:


1. Go to TCM.com

2. At the top, in the area called "Search Database," click the button next to "Site."

3. Type in the name of your movie and click "Go."


If your movie has ever appeared on TCM, you will find Programming Articles and other evidence. For instance, I tried the Mae West film *I'm No Angel* and found from a Programming Article that it aired in 2003. Then I tried the Maria Montez gem *Cobra Woman* --- it was mentioned a couple of times in other articles, but never aired on TCM. (And more's the pity!)


Just be sure that you click the button next to "Site" and not "Movie Database" for this purpose. "Movie Database" is where you go for running times, film information, etc. --- it has info on ALL movies, not just the ones that have aired on TCM.


Easy, huh?


"Miss Caswell is an actress, a graduate of the Copacabana School of Dramatic Art." -Addison DeWitt


Message was edited by: ChipHeartsMovies for typos

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*filmlover, Lonesome Polecat, patful, CineMaven, Fedya, lzcutter, ILoveRayMilland, Norma_Desmond, Kate1Fan, helenbaby, countessdelave are all on board ...* - Chip


I'm teetering, Chip, not sure if I'll do it. Dr. Thorndyke hasn't seen any improvement yet.

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