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Did anyone see "Smile"?

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I watched "Smile" late last night with Bruce Dern. Kind of a crazy documentary style satire on teenage beauty pagents. It was made in 1975 and it was hilarous seeing the hair and clothes that I used to wear back then. Boy, weren't we fashion challenged back then. Most of the "pagent contestant" weren't anything like they would be today. Very plain, no makeup, very poofy hair styles or long and straight hair,just plain teeth without veneers or bleaching. And they had to wear gloves everywhere. The flight attendants at the beginning were dressed in their little uniforms with cute little hats and white gloves. I don't remember things still being quite that formal by 1975, but I wasn't a pageant queen either. Anyway, I was expecting it to be laugh out loud funny, but it was more thought provoking than that. Plus there were a few loose ends that weren't tied up by the end of the movie. But overall it was worth watching. A few of the pageant contestant were Annette O'Toole (veteran beauty pageant contestant), Melanie Griffith (the little too sexy for her own good contestant), and Joan Prather (naive girl who get real competitive toward the end). If you don't remember Joan, she was the oldest son's wife on Eight is Enough, but I checked her filmography and she's apparently been out of the business since the late 80's. She sure was cute and I remember liking her on 8 is enough.

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It was a funny movie, in the vein of 'Happy, Texas' another outrageous movie on the subject of child beauty pageants (and other stuff!). I very much enjoy those types of movies, a recent one on dog shows with Eugene Levy was a good example.

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Brack, what do you mean "Fashion challenged"? I STILL wear my lime-green leisure suit and Earth Shoes... and believe me, I make an indellable impression! Speaking on indellable impressions, ever notice how no karaoke session is complete until a large,angry, drunk woman belts out Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive"?

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