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BOYS IN THE BAND (1970) i love this story--let's do it with GIRLS!


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BOYS IN THE BAND is very important to me. You really had to be there---in 1968. I got to see the play off-Broadway, with the ORIGINAL cast. And I loved the movie version, made in 1970.

1968 was a very wonderful and horrible year. Times were SO GOOD. Prices were SO LOW.

And if you were male and 18, you might just get drafted into Viet Nam, in the middle of all this "good times."

Luckily, i wasn't male, and i was 18, and BOYS IN THE BAND got a mention in "Glamour" magazine as a hit, and i went to see it that summer at Theatre Four.

I just watched a "documentary" (MAKING THE BOYS, 2009) with lots of depressing stuff, from Mart Crowley, about how he made a bundle off the play/movie, left the USA to "find himself", and is still depressed about the whole experience--though rich and successful (If you need to see "Michael" in the play, just look at Mart). Oh, yes, everyone loved the play because they love to see GAY people suffer. Where is he getting all this???

We love the play because it's GOOD.

We just LOVE this play/movie.  It's good. It's funny. The characters are right on EDGE, and we are with them all the way. They are friends we all have.

I think it's time to stage 3 magnificent shows (on Broadway, or as movies with the best actors of the day).

1)>>> John O'Hara's FARMER'S HOTEL

2)>>>Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (the musical)

3)>>>BOYS IN THE BAND, with an all-female cast  (GIRLS IN THE BAND, i suppose).

Their sexuality doesn't matter, or their race, or their beauty, or lack of it. Because they are carrying enough soul-destroying baggage just being WOMEN. Each has a story to tell. Let's invite them to the party and enjoy and suffer with them. Get the telephone and play the "truth" game. See who your REAL friends are. Argue and forgive and make plans to meet again.


ANY casting ideas, fans?





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I found the film very depressing. Wonder why it's never turned up on TCM or has it? Havent seen it since its release. How did the film compare to the play? I've read they changed some parts or left out scenes.......not sure how a female version would turn out. Set in the present day? The same basic plot?

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10 hours ago, NickAndNora34 said:

Not a casting idea, but "Boys in the Band" was just recently revived on Broadway at the Booth theatre, starring Andrew Rannells, Zachary Quinto, and Jim Parsons, among others. Thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to check it out :)

It's apparently closing after this weekend, I think. 

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Yes, I saw the ads for the Broadway revival. And---they kept the time-period, as well (costumes, etc.)

Wonderful as he is, I don't see Jim Parsons as "Michael" in any universe.

Great that they re-booted it, at least.


As to the original stageplay (1968), it was wonderful and gritty, and not depressing at all !

(compared to women's lives in 1968, Gay men are kings of the universe).

Most interestingly, it was CLIFF GORHAM (Emery!) who dominated the theatre, to a terrifying level.

He was SCARY.

Every time Emery spoke in the play, people held their breath---was he going to get violent, next?

In the movie, Harold is the weird and dominant presence, for a while, battling it out with Michael for control.

Another great thing about the stage play is the MUSIC---on stage, the Johnny Mathis tune ("Look of Love") included his vocals. In the film it does not.

At the time it was an open secret that Johnny Mathis was gay, and it seemed very fitting that he would be heard during the play.

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