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Bea only made a few films but was memorable as the Italian mother in *Lovers and Other Strangers* and hilarious re-creating her role as Vera Charles in *Mame,* stealing what there was of the film from Lucille Ball.


What a pity she never got a big fat role in a Woody Allen film....


I think one of the funniest things I ever saw on TV was on "Golden Girls' with Bea and the late Estelle Getty singng "I Got You Babe" dressed in Sonny and Cher drag... with Bea of course as Cher... priceless.

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Sad to hear this. Her role in "Maude" is where I know her the most. I still remember how the Maude character got started. It was on one episode of "All in the Family", she was Edith Bunker's sister, the character totally opposite from Edith. Archie Bunker finally met his match, lol.


I still remember Maude's famous one liner "God will get you for that".


The Maude sitcom followed after that episode of "All in the Family" Its not regarded as a spinoff like "The Jeffersons".





RIP Beatrice Arther (1922 - 2009)

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Yeah, I wasn't a big fan of the Mame remake; I adore Roz Russell, but Bea sure did steal the show from Lucy. As much as I love Lucy, it was not one of her better roles. Fair to middlin at best.


The show Maude was breakthrough TV. Maude touched on subjects no one dared talk about, and Bea was my favorite Golden Girl. Damn cancer! :-(

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Bea Arthur had the comic timing of Fanny Brice, Marion Davies, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett..... she was a treasure and will be missed.


Message was edited by: drednm

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She was indeed great. This is very sad news. She was always a welcomes presence in anything she did. There were many times when I really needed a laugh and she provided. I was a big fan.


She will be missed.


Rest in peace dear lady.

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Indeed: rest in peace, Ms Arthur.


//What a pity she never got a big fat role in a Woody Allen film//



Yes, she would have been a good addition in any of his films.


She would have been good too, on a similar thought, as some character in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, someone vexing Larry.


My favourite role of hers was her cameo in History Of The World, Part I as the Vnemployment clerk, when she paraphrases what Comicus does (being a "Stand-Up Philosopher") as being a bullshtt artist. And her closing line when she says she can no longer be of assistance because she is going on her wine break. :D




~p e a c e~

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Vera Charles was Mame's boozy sidekick. When Bea Arthur and Angela Lansbury sang "Bosom Buddies," they brought down the house (and each won a Tony Award).....

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