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The letter at the end of Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

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Hello jeangenie,


I found this at Wikipedia;


Later, as Charlotte is taken away by the authorities, Willis hands her an envelope from the now-dead Jewel Mayhew; it contains Jewel's confession of the murder of her husband.



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I'm more of a Dark Victory, The Great Lie kind of guy. The latter possibly my favorite Bette Davis performance. Maggie gets me every time.


I think she's got a thing for playing Charlottes that need doctors :)

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Agreed. The scenes in the desert I thought were particularly good (unusual locale) but that dialog escapes me now. The set up itself is quite the leap for the audience, and *we do it!*

Humm. . . Need to check my sources. I am one of those who believes Bette's work needs SOTM treatment once a year.


And while *CineMaven* adores her work in The Letter, I do love her in Now, Voyager and All About Eve.


Message was edited by: Charlotte, who is starting a new tradition with the tags to create immortality..

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I absolutely love the movie "Now Voyager." What an amazing movie and an amazing transformation in her character. Who doesn't love or identify with someone that has been desperately in love under the wrong circumstances?

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I just love the background music when Bette and Mary Astor

take their walk in the desert in "The Great Lie" and the dialogue

between Mary And Bette when Bette catches her eating pickles

in the kitchen..."yes they are pickles...I'm not an anemic creature that can

get nourishment from a lettuce leaf, I am an artist, I have zest and appetite

and I love food" she is a hoot and goes on to win her well deserved Oscar,

and she is actually playing the piano in all those concert scenes...

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1 hour ago, Swithin said:

I think Mary Astor's performance in Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte is one of her finest.  It was her last film.



Swith-- Bette wasn't shooting that day, but she came out especially to see this last great performance from her friend.

You might argue also that her performances in 2 twilight movies prior to that one were awesome:

A Kiss Before Dying and Return to Peyton Place.

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