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Watched a documentary last night on HBO about Steven Spielberg. Not only was it interesting and informative about Spielberg's professional life, it gave great insight into his personal life as well.One thing that really intrigued me, however, wasn't anything said by or about Spielberg. 

Martin Scorcese commented on how he sometimes enjoys watching a film. It was a comment emanating from the mind and soul of a true director and, for that matter, many dedicated film aficionados. In addition to repeatedly rewatching a films several times, he'll sometimes turn of the sound so he can focus on individual scene set ups both for better appreciation of the film and of what the director was trying to convey.

I'm no director and I've never muted a film (well, maybe LaLaLand),  but when I rewatch a movie for the second or 20th time I kind of mentally blank out the dialog and focus on the nuances of a shot - even one that lasts for moments. Doing so has rewarded me with new or refreshed appreciation of a director's talents and the story as a whole. I realize it's a collaborative effort w/an entourage of technical assistants, but it really all starts with the director's vision.

Plus, I admit certain smug satisfaction when I realize what the director was trying to convey by his decisions.   It's kind of like a "Wow! I get it!"- moment. I also must confess a smidge of sympathy for those audiences that didn't get those moments at all.   How much more they may have enjoyed or appreciated a film if they were able to get 'the whole picture' so to speak.

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