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ChipHeartsMovies--I mean this with all the affection and love in the world-DAMN YOU FOR THAT LUCKY 13 THEME--DAMN YOU TO HELL.


Actually, I'm just joking but I'm having a heck of a time with this. Every idea I've come up with has not panned out because it just seems so disjointed. The movies don't seem to be a cohesive idea. And I want to use Blithe Spirit but I can't remember if it's ever been shown on TCM and I'm afraid I've reached my limit on premieres. And if I use Thirteen Women, which I wanted to until you mentioned it in your post, it will seem like I can't come up with a original thought. ARGH!!! This is so frustrating.


I was always like this when I was in college and a paper or test was coming up.

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*Blithe Spirit* has not aired on TCM in the past, according to the website. (As a side note, I have a friend who is in the current Broadway revival of the stage version starring Angela Lansbury, and if any of you get the chance to go, it's terrific!).


Certainly you should feel free to use *Thirteen Women* ! And if the 13 theme is slowing you down. work on something else for a few days --- maybe you'll see it fresh when you return. Remember everyone, this Challenge is structured so that you have FIVE full weekends (and the weeks between) to work.

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It is a dreary, drizzling, cloudy Sunday in New York as I sit at the Starbuck's on Church & Murray Streets working on my Programming Challenge.


And let me say that I am going Hard-Kore Klassics. I am pulling out the stops to create a challenge by pulling out every classic out of my cotton-pickin', movie-lovin' uh...head.


Be ready for me!!


Message was edited by CineMaven becuz the Starbucks canned music actually helps me think. Okay okay, enough of my procrastination. I've got a week of TCM programming to do...

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> It is a dreary, drizzling, cloudy Sunday in New York as I sit at the Starbuck's on Church & Murray Streets working on my Programming Challenge.


If it's *Sunday in New York*, shouldn't you be trying to bed your girlfriend while simultaneously telling your kid sister not to have sex before marriage? ;-)


> And let me say that I am going Hard-Kore Klassics. I am pulling out the stops to create a challenge by pulling out every classic out of my cotton-pickin', movie-lovin' uh...head.


In 70 years, somebody is going to consider *Crank: High Voltage* to be a classic. I don't know who that somebody is, but there'll be somebody....

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CineMaven isn't overstating the drabness of this day. While the rest of you are likely enjoying the spring, today couldn't be grayer and more dreary in NYC...feels more like November in London.


But I'm not complaining, since it got her started! Wonder if it will inspire her to program Frankie and Annette at the beach...or *The Rains of Ranchipur* ?

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Chip, I'm doing "The Rains Came."


"If it's 'Sunday in New York' shouldn't you be trying to bed your girlfriend while simultaneously telling your kid sister not to have sex before marriage?" - Fedya.


HA!!! You have no idea how funny that is...on a couple of levels. ;-)

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> They just said on TV it is going to rain for three more days. CineMaven will be pulling out movies about the Jonestown Flood and Noah's Ark by the middle of the week.


Well, the Fox Movie Channel has been showing *Wild River* quite a bit recently....

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Since I'd been working on this since last weekend, I was pretty much done with my schedule except for the Lucky 13 requirement. I got my mind wrapped around that one and think I have some okay films for this. But tonight TCM is doing prison films, which is one of my daytime themes and I have a Director's showcase that is almost exactly the same films that I picked to show for this particular director that are going to be on his "day" in June. I guess I really don't have an original thought in my head. I usually look at the schedules when they're first posted then I forget about them. But I'm not changing anything, doggone it. I've worked all week on this so you folks will just have to think I have no creativity at all. I even picked I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (last night's essential, which I didn't know was going to be shown until Friday) as one of my prison films. ARGH!! I'm no good at this.

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*ARGH!! I'm no good at this.*>>




From the sounds of things you are just the opposite, you *ARE* very good at this. Looking forward to your entry.


Don't let past or current schedules deter you, go with your heart and the films that matter to you, that's all that really matters and is at the heart of every good entry.

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For what it's worth, here it is. Enjoy and don't hesitate to proofread or constructively criticize my effort.



*Week of Sept. 20-26, 2009*



*Sunday Daytime Theme--Blue Hawaii*


6:00 AM Honolulu (1939) d. Edward Buzzell Starring Eleanor Powell/Robert Young 83 m MGM

7:30 AM Blue Hawaii (1961) d. Norman Taurog Starring Elvis Presley 101 m Paramount p/s

9:15 AM Ride the Wild Surf (1964) d. Don Taylor Starring Fabian Forte/Tab Hunter 101 m


11:00 AM Hawaii (1966) d. George Roy Hill Starring Max Von Sydow 186 m Mirsich p/s

2:05 PM Traveltalks-Honolulu Paradise of the Pacific (1935) 9 m

2:15 PM The Castaway Cowboy (1974) d. Vincent McEveety Starring James Garner 91 m Disney

3:50 PM Short-Harry Owens & His Royal Hawaiians (1944) 10 m

4:00 PM Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961) d. Paul Windkos Starring Deborah Walley 101 m Columbia

6:00 PM Endless Summer (1966) d. Bruce Brown Documentary 95 m Bruce Brown Films p/s

7:30 PM MGM Parade


*Nightime Theme--They Say You Want a Revolution*


8:00 PM The Devil's Disciple (1959) d. Guy Hamilton Starring Kirk Douglas 85 m Hill-Hecht-Lancaster/UA p/s

9:30 PM The Comedians (1967) d. Peter Glenville Starring Richard Burton 156 m MGM


*Silent Sunday Night*


12:00 AM The Eagle (1925) d. Clarence Brown Starring Rudolph Valentino 77 m Art Finance/UA TCM Premiere

1:20 AM 1925 MGM Studio Tour 32 m


*TCM Imports--3 Films of Jean Gabin*

2:00 AM French Can Can (1955) d. Jean Renoir 93 m

3:45 AM Touchez Par au Grisbi (1954) d. Jacques Becker 94 m

5:15 AM Traveltalks-Paris on Parade (1938) 9 m

5:30 AM Zouzou (1931) d. Marc Allegret 92 m


*Monday Daytime Theme-Lock Me Up & Throw Away the Key*


7:00 AM James Cagney: Top of the World (1992) d. Carl Lindahl Host MIchael J Fox 47 m Communicreations/Turner Pictures

8:00 AM Hell's Highway (1932) d. Rowland Brown Starring Richard Dix 62 m Radio Pictures p/s

9:15 AM Each Dawn I Die (1939) d. William Keighley Starring James Cagney 92 m WB

10:45 AM Caged (1950) d. John Cromwell Starring Eleanor Parker 96 m WB

12:30 PM I Am A Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) d. Mervyn Leroy Starring Paul Muni 93 m WB

2:15 PM Castle on the Hudson (1940) d. Anatole Litvak Starring John Garfield 77 m WB/Anatole Litvak Prod

4:00 PM The Big House (1930) d. George Hll Starring Wallace Beery/Chester Morris 86 m MGM/Cosmopolitan

5:30 PM Dynamite (1929) d. Cecil B. DeMille Starring Charles Bickford 129 m MGM

7:40 PM Short: Tell Tale Heart J. Schildkraut (1941) 20 m


*Nighttime Theme--Dean Stockwell*

8:00 PM Private Screenings: Dean Stockwell

9:00 PM Anchors Aweigh (1945) d. George Sidney 140 m MGM

11:30 PM Song of the Thin Man (1947) d. Edward Buzzell 86 m MGM

1:00 AM Kim (1950) d. Victor Saville 113 m MGM

2:50 AM Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962) d. Sidney Lumet 184 m Landau Films p/s


Programming note The Cagney doc is P/S and produced by Turner


*Tuesday Daytime Theme--The Softer Side of Manly Men*


6:00 AM Love Crazy (1941) d. Jack Conway Starring Wm Powell/Myrna Loy 99 m MGM

7:45 AM Lady for A Day (1933) d. Frank Capra Starring Warren William 96 m Columbia

9:30 AM Ace of Aces (1933) d. J. Walter Ruben Starring Richard Dix 76 m RKO

10:45 AM Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945) d. Roy Rowland Starring E.G. Robinson 105 m

12:15 PM She Couldn't Say No (1954) d. Lloyd Bacon Starring Robert Mitchum 89 m RKO

1:45 PM Three Godfathers (1949) d. John Ford Starring John Wayne 105 m Argosy/MGM

3:30 PM Boom Town (1940) d. Jack Conway Starring Clark Gable/Spencer Tracy 118 m MGM

5:30 PM Green Dolphin Street (1947) d. Victor Saville Starring Van Heflin/Lana Turner 140 m MGM


*Director's Showcase--William Wyler*


8:00 PM Best Years of Our Lives (1946) Starring Fredric March 178 m RKO/Goldwyn

10:30 PM The Heiress (1949) Starring Olivia de Havilland 115 m Paramount p/s

12:30 AM The Little Foxes (1941) Starring Bette Davis 116 m RKO/Goldwyn

2:30 AM These Three (1936) Starring Merle Oberron/Miriam Hopkins 93 m Goldwyn/UA

4:15 AM Tom Brown of Culver (1932) Starring Tom Brown 82 m Universal TCM Premeire


*Wednesday Happy Birthday to Me!!*

*Daytime Theme--Some of my favorites from childhood*


6:00 AM 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) d. Nathan Juran Starring Kerwin Mathews 87 m Morningside/Col p/s

7:30 AM Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) d. William Asher Starring Frankie Avalon 98 m AIP p/s

9:15 AM Horizontal Lieutenant (1962) d. Richard Thorpe Starring Jim Hutton 90 m MGM/Euterpe

10:45 AM The Glass Bottom Boat (1966) d. Frank Tashlin Starring Doris Day 110 m MGM

12:45 PM Spencer's Mountain (1963) d. Delmar Daves Starring Henry Fonda 119 m Warner

2:45 PM The Trouble With Angels (1966) d. Ida Lupino Starring Hayley Mills/Roz Russell 112 m Columbia

4:45 PM Help! (1965) d. Richard Lester Starring The Beatles 90 m Subafilms TCM Premiere

6:15 PM Flipper's New Adventure (1964) d. Leon Benson Starring Luke Halpin/Flipper 103 m Ivan Tors Prod. p/s


*Star of the Month--Fredric March*


8:00 PM The Sign of the Cross (1932) d. Cecil B. DeMille 124 m Paramount p/s

10:15 PM Anna Karenina (1935) d. Clarence Brown 95 m MGM

12:00 AM One Foot in Heaven (1941) d. Irving Rapper 108 m Warner

2:00 AM Tomorrow, the World! (1944) d. Leslie Fenton 95 m Lester Cowan Prod/UA p/s

3:45 AM The Middle of the Night (1959) d. Delbert Mann 118 m Sudan Prod/Columbia

5:45 AM Inherit the Wind (1960) d. Stanley Kramer 127 m UA


*Thursday Daytime Theme--Queens of MGM (All MGM Films)*


8:00 AM As You Desire Me (1932) d. George Fitzmaurice Starring Greta Garbo 70 m

9:15 AM Riptide (1934) d. Edmund Goulding Starring Norma Shearer 92 m

10:45 AM Ziegfeld Girl (1941) d. Robert Z. Leonard Starring Lana Turner/Judy Garland/Hedy Lamarr 131 m

1:00 PM Valley of Decision (1945) d. Tay Garnett Starring Greer Garson 119 m

3:00 PM Little Women (1949) d.Mervyn Leroy Starring June Allyson/E. Taylor/M. O'Brien 121 m

5:00 PM The Affairs of Dobie Gillis (1953) d. Don Weis Starring Debbie Reynolds 74 m

6:15 PM The Girl From Missouri (1934) d. Jack Conway Starring Jean Harlow 95 m


*Nighttime Theme--Lucky 13*


8:00 PM Mr. Lucky (1943) d. H C Potter Starring Cary Grant 100 m RKO

9:45 PM Short-Passing Parade/Who's Superstitious? 11 m

10:00 PM Vice Versa (1948) d. Peter Ustinov Starring Roger Livesey 111m George Brown Prod. p/s

11:45 PM Short-Carey Wilson's More on Nostradamus 11 m

12:00 AM Thirteen Women (1932) d. George Archainbaud Starring Irene Dunne 73 m RKO

1:15 AM The Woman on Pier 13 (1950) d. Robert Stevenson Starring Laraine Day 73 m RKO

3:00 AM Nights of Cabiria (1957) d. Ferderico Fellini starring Giulietta Masina 117 m deLaurentis prod p/s

5:00 AM Zotz! (1952) d. William Castle Starring Tom Poston 87 m Columbia



Programming Notes

Lucky in Title

Vice Versa--A Mystic Stone causes a father/son switch

13 in title

new title of I Married a Communist--This is a loose interpretation

Cabiria--Unlucky in love

Zotz!--a magic coin



*Friday All Day Theme--They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab--Booze & Drugs in Movies*


6:30 AM Heroes for Sale (1933) d. William Wellman Starring Richard Barthlemess 73 m 1st Natl/WB

7:45 AM Three on a Match (1932) d. Mervyn Leroy Starring Ann Dvorak 64 m 1st Natl/WB

9:00 AM The Wet Parade (1932) d. Victor Fleming Starring Robert Young 120 m MGM

11:00 AM Smash Up, Story of a Woman (1947) d. Stuart Heisler Starring Susan Hayward 103 m Univeral p/s

12:45 PM Thunder Road (1958) d. Arthur Ripley Starring Robert Mitchum 92 m DRM Prod/UA


2:00 PM Monkey on My Back (1957) d. Andre de Toth Starring Cameron Mitchell 93 m Ed. Small Prod/UA

3:45 PM Madame X (1966) d. David Lowell Rich Starring Lana Turner 99 m Universal p/s

6:30 PM Cat Ballou (1965) d. Eliot Silverstein Starring Lee Marvin 96 m

8:00 PM A Hatful of Rain (1957) d. Fred Zinnemann Starring Don Murray 109 m Fox TCM Premiere

10:00 PM The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) d. Otto Preminger Starring Frank Sinatra 119 m Carlyle/UA p/s

12:00 AM A Star is Born (1937) d. William Wellman Starring Janet Gaynor/Fredric March 111 m Selznick/UA p/s


*TCM Underground*


2:00 AM Valley of the Dolls (1967) d. Mark Robson Starring Patti Duke/Sharon Tate/Barbara Parkins 123 m Fox p/s

4:15 AM High School Confidential! (1958) d. Jack Arnold Starring Russ Tamblyn 85 m MGM/Albert Zugsmith Prod



*Saturday Helen's Picks*


5:45 AM Henry Aldrich for President (1941) d. Hugh Bennett Starring Jimmy Lydon 74 m TCM Premiere

7:00 AM Henry Aldrich, Editor (1942) d. Hugh Bennett Starring Jimmy Lydon 71 m TCM Premiere

8:15 AM The Prince & The Pauper (1937) d. William Keighley Starring Errol Flynn/Mauch Twins 120 m Warner

10:15 AM Around the World in 80 Days (1956) d. Michael Anderson Starring David Niven 167 m Todd/UA p/s

1:00 PM Westward the Women (1951) d. William Wellman Starring Robert Taylor 118 MGM

3:00 PM All This and Heaven, Too (1942) d. Anatole Litvak Starring Bette Davis 143 m WB

5:30 PM Battleground (1949) d. William Wellman Starring Van Johnson 118 m MGM

7:30 PM Short-Starlit at the Lido (1935) 20 m


*The Essentials*


8:00 PM Dodsworth (1936) d. William Wyler Starring Walter Huston 101 m Goldwyn/UA p/s

9:45 PM Traveltalks-Looking at London (1946) 10 m


*Nightime Theme--Walter Huston Films*


10:00 PM The Devil & Daniel Webster (1941) d. William Dieterle 85 m RKO

11:30 PM Rain (1932) d. Lewis Milestone 93 m Milestone/UA p/s

1:15 AM The Beast of the City (1932) d. Charles Brabin 87 m Cosmopolitan/MGM

2:45 AM Ann Vickers (1933) d. John Cromwell 72 m RKO

4:15 AM Always In My Heart (1942) d. Jo Graham 92 m WB

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Wow, helenbaby, you move fast!


Congratulations on being first. I have a packed day, but I can't wait to read carefully later.


One note for all -- generally it's a good idea to post your programming notes as a separate post, as it makes it easier to follow the schedule.


But obviously you figured out "13," and your Hawaiian location is envious.

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Dear Helen,


Great schedule. I love the Hawaii theme and list of films. What on earth are you talking about in regards to the prison films?! You made me laugh with the unique way that you packaged them: "Lock me up and throw away the key". Great title. As is the "Softer side of manly men".

Congrats on a terrific schedule!

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Thanks for the support folks. I got my inspiration from song titles (some of my themes anyway) and put films I like to fit the themes. I really like precodes so I tried to include a lot of them. I've been dying for TCM to do a Private Screening with Stockwell so that's where I got that idea and tried to include films he made from child to young adult. I know the prison & booze/drug theme are a little dark but I picked them because some films I like concentrate on those subject. Fredric March is one of my unsung heroes of films that's why he's my Star of the Month. Really, a lot of these films in my schedule are films I've seen a lot and love (and all of you have as well.) I just built my schedule around them.




Cinemaven--the only reason I got through with this so early is that I'm retired so I don't really have much to do with my time. I've never attempted one of the challenges before so I thought it might be fun. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. But I'm sure you're going to do a bang up job. You seem so knowledgeable when you were a guest programmer.

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Thanx Helen. I will see exactly how much I do know about movies as I proceed with my Challenge.


Again...congratulations on your completion and good luck in this "contest."


By the by...you must check out "The Arnelo Affair" if you want to see Dean Stockwell. I thought he was one of the most natural of the child stars of the 1940's.


Now, thirteen...thirteen...thirteen...

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helenbaby, wonderful schedule! Manly men as softies, MGM queens, and lots of Walter Huston, William Wyler, and Fredric March. I went through my list of SOTM and I can't believe March hasn't had the honor yet. And nice job with the number 13. I still don't have a clue what I'll do with it.


Okay, now for my incredibly harsh criticism: you only used six premieres ! :-) Use everything the host gives you! I've only done 45 hours and already used four of mine. Also, you don't need to include your Silent Sunday selection as a premiere.


Again, well done.

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great ideas, Helen. Especially "blue hawaii" and your fantastic pick for star of the month! and how cool of you to pick the week of my mom and sister's birthdays (sept 24 & 25 respectively). :) I'm only slightly intimidates.

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*...our first Margaret O'Brien sighting...* - lzcutter


Yes, I saw that. And after going Maggie-free in #12, I'm limiting myself to just one this time. So far, I have more John Ford films than O'Brien's. What's wrong with me? Must be rabies...

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*Must be rabies..*


I warned you about *Ol' Yeller*.


Glad to see you working on a schedule!


Can't wait to see what Ford films you highlight!

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What's all this about Margaret O'Brien? I like her okay but really I picked that film for June & Elizabeth, not her, although she was a big star for MGM. I just tried to pick the women who were some of their biggest successes from the 30's 40's & 50's. Was she used a lot in previous challenges? I'll be honest--I've never participated in even voting or looking at the previous challenges except the first one and I gave up making a schedule on that one after about a day.

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