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Thanks to TCM for broadcasting Captain Thunder. Fay Wray looked very beautiful in this film.

Too bad the film is worse than terrible, in the acting and directing departments. The gyrations,

eye-rolling, and mugging, on the part of the mostly Latin cast was embarrasing to behold.

It resembled the worst programming on Galavision, where undisciplined Latin gameshow personalities behave like fools. However, it was a treat to see Fay Wray in a never-before-

broadcast film. I hope TCM can find other rarities of Wray's work for Columbia and Universal

to broadcast in the near future.

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I think the film was part of their limited series on how Latinos are portrayed in film. I realize it was 1930, and sound films were in their infancy. But, that film is an outstanding example of how NOT

to present Spanish, Latino, Mexican, whathaveyou. Fay's accent was a distraction, but no

worse than the rest of the casts'.

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Not sure I can accomplish that. maybe someone who has greater computer experience knows how to post a sound file. Really, I dont recall seeing any such posts in this forum. It's

safe to say that Varconi, with whom I am not familiar, doesn't speak in this film with a

noticable Hungarian accent. I recorded excerpts that feature Wray, adding up to approx 20min.

The entire film is too amatuerish to watch. I'll re-examine the 20minutes worth to see how

V Varconi's performance stacks up.

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If you have a sound card on your computer you probably have a WAV recorder / editor built into it somewhere. Open it up, hit the record button (usually it's a red color) while the computer is playing the DVD-R in your DVD drive, and record the sound. Save as a WAV or MP3. MP3 is more compressed and is usually what is used on the internet.


Thanks for the screen captures. He looks slightly goofy in those pictures. ;) Figures I slept in late the morning it was on. It sounds like it would be great for a laugh! :)

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