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Hell's Kitchen


Mountains. Blinding snow everywhere. A figure slowly comes into focus through the haze. He stopped, spoke with Professor Hartram for a moment, then led us through what we later found to be..

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Major Barbara


The serenity of Gull Cottage's outward appearance was a well worn mask. If one took a moment to glance upward, through the large windows of the master's quarters, one might be fortunate enough to see..

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h4. In the Company of Men


A desolate urban street in South Central Los Angeles. Mack's car dies as well as his cell phone, and he looks in his rear-view mirror to see...


Message was edited by: casablancalover, who didn't realize her response would need to be changed.

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Bang The Drum Slowly


Back in the days when the Soviet Union was a communist country, Rudolph Turnerova worked for a Moscow TV station as a meteorologist. One day, his wife came to him and said "Rudy darling, it's a beautiful day today. Why don't you take the afternoon off and we can have a picnic? We haven't done something like that in a long time". His response was "No, this afternoon we're going to have scattered showers that could become heavy at times". She pleaded, "But Rudy, there's not a cloud in the sky. No other station is predicting showers". "Listen to me", he said, "when I tell you this.

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By the way, earlier I had you all set up in my story about Rudolph the Russian weatherman. After his wife tells him that no one else in predicting showers, his line is "Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear". I know there's no wrong answers. but c'mon, this is my "A" material. If I set 'em up, you gotta knock 'em over! OK, let's try this:


Candy maker Willy Wonka was showing a visitor around his candy factory. He explained that his flavorings are varied. He has chocolate, fruit flavors, mint and peanut. He said that he doesn't want to take a chance that they could be stolen by the Oompaloompah gang, so he has put a security guard in charge of each flavor. He has someone guarding the chocolate, someone else watching the fruit flavors, and still another taking care of the peanut. The visitor then asked. " But what I want to know is:

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*Who's minding the mint?*


I'm in a tank. Everyone's from a different country. We're retreating across the sands of the..


:) Your Russian weatherman bit was good. The unexpected answers are more entertaining. I wasn't expecting those types of responses at first - more along the lines of the intended response, as you've demonstrated. It's like a fresh watermelon seed - the more you try to elicit the response you want, the faster it shoots off in some other direction.

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