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Movies are the answer

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Possibly I'm only speaking for myself, but for some time, this most promising thread for wild, whacky, and off the wall responses, has devolved into a boring, overpopulated short story...not the right place for blogs or writing efforts...

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This was a joke as a tribute to the show Mad Men. The new season begins tonite so this story will probably be over today. If you read the the oiriginal intent of the thread 1 or 2 sentences were to be posted after a clever title. As I recall, *Many Posters* contributed Long Winded, Strange and Unusual stories. After today, why not go back to the original intent that the author of this thread had. That includes *EVERYBODY* here.

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First, lavender is exactly right about what "the story" currently on this thread was intended to be and when it would have ended...and I agree with both lavender and Jenetico on what they have to say about what's happened to the thread and when it was most entertaining...here's the original post by Kid Dabb who created the thread:


*Using one or two sentences, ask a question that can be responded to with a movie title.*


*A question example: Where did 1st Sergeant Milton Warden and Karen Holmes embrace in a very wet kiss?*


*On The Beach*


*Another, more difficult way - make a short statement that can be reponded to by a movie title.*


*A statement example: Two cowboys - First cowboy,"I've got three horses with broken legs and don't know what I should do." Second cowboy, "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"*


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Those damn heels disallowed any form of games, so she figured sooner or later, the kid would grow to dislike her immensley. She made a decision to leave once and for all, forgetting those days and nights in the desert with nothing to eat but a lettuce leaf. Just one more sacrifice she had to make on her way to...

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