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Movies are the answer

Kid Dabb

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*Harvey* (or maybe it was *Sweet Charity* )


The Message Board member was watching TCM incessantly, it seemed. She had a job to deal with, things to take care of at home, friends and relatives depending on her. But she didn't seem to care, she was obsessed with...

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*I Can Get it for You Wholesale*


Bridget had a wonderful dream, she and she alone had found and now possessed the priceless treasure she'd been pursuing for years! It all seemed so real that when she woke up and looked around she was shocked to see...

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*The Tall Stranger*


Out of smokes. The crumbled pack bounced off the closed portal in her cabin, coming to rest on the floor next to the .45-auto with smoke still curling from it's barrel. He deserved it. And she so badly needed a cigarette.. rushing out of her cabin thinking only of..

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OH! OH! I have a reply page!

h4. Where Love Has Gone


Late at night, the two teenagers are making out in the folded down seats of his mother's station wagon, while airliner's roar overhead from a nearby runway. As the boy and girl are lost in passion, suddenly there's a . . .


Message was edited by: casablancalover, who's a nonsmoker, and impressed with the action sequences here. Great imagery, Mike!!

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*Fiddler on the Roof*


"Here. You take the straw."

"What will you use?"

"This spoon. Here, I'll..


(Thank you and welcome back, charlotte. Are your login problems a thing of the past? - I hope)

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> {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:}{quote}


> (still trying to visualize a toy version of Rage in Heaven)

That one was in response to the same one you responded to at the same time. I tried to edit it out but the board locked me out right after I posted it.

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