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John Wayne really made a lot of great westerns. I absolutely love "The Searchers", but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be "McClintock!" It's a comedy/western and costars two of my favorite actresses of all time: Maureen O'Hara and Yvonne DeCarlo. Yeah, that's my favorite.



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1. The Searchers *****

2. Rio Bravo

3. The Quiet Man

4. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

5. Sands of Iwo Jima

6.. She wore A Yellow Ribbon

7. The Three Godfathers

8. Red River

9.The Shootist

10. Big Jim McLain***

11. North To Alaska... with a special nod to Sarah Palin ;-)

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Trying to pick a favorite John Wayne movie is like trying to pick a favorite child."Red River" no wait "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" or "3 Godfathers", but there's one that is missing from these list and while it is not necessary my favorite of his it should be viewed and viewed the way it was It was presented.."The Big Trail", if you have never seen the restored version I think you will be greatly surprised at the film and Wayne. He is young and looks like a Greek God at times and his acting needs a work which will come in time, but for sheer raw talent, it's there and the film is a visual treat.Directed by the great Raoul Walsh this is as a stunning piece of film making as you will ever see.Released in 1930 just after the Great Depression hit, the film cost 2 million dollars, in todays market this is about 250 to 300 million dollars. This film is so far ahead of its time, it was shot in early 70mm wide screen process and in 35 mm and in 3 different languages with different actors.They used close to 200 Conestoga wagons, upwards of 20 thousand extras and countless animals. Yet the film was a big failure, but not due to Wayne or Walsh or the film its self. The wide screen process required theaters to install special screens and sound, many theaters couldn't afford to with most of the country out of work and money was hard to come by.But the sheer scope of the film is staggering with long vistas of covered wagons moving across the screen and the Indian attacks or the wagons crossing rivers or being lowered over sides of steep cliffs in to valleys below. It equals anything you can see today on the screen and if you see it, it's CG. Is this the greatest motion picture ever made, of course not, but for a great movie experience rent or better buy the restored version of the "Big Trail", fire up the dvd, sit back and watch a piece of great film making....Plus check out the extras, like "The Making of John Wayne" and many other goodies.........


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A few more of the Great John Wayne films to consider watching for the first time [ hard to believe ] or to revisit once again:


Allegheny Uprising- Reteams with Stagecoach's Claire Trevor


The Spoilers- one of the great fight scenes between the Duke and Randolph Scott


Reap the Wild Wind- Dukes only outing with C.B. DeMille


Tall in the Saddle [see Duke heat up the screen with sexy Ella Raines,Rare for a 40's B western ]


They Were Expendable - One of the Great WW2 films by John Ford


3 Godfathers- Great fun and Beautiful Vistas


Sands of Iwo Jima- First Best Actor Nomination


Hatari- Great Fun Movie


Sons Of Katie Elder-Reteams with Dean Martin, A Slam Bang Western


The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance- When Legend Becomes Fact..Fords Last Great Western

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