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"Born To Be Bad" (1934)

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I don't want to be too extensive this time...Only want to tell you this short (61 minutes of running time) Pre-Code, is a goody-goody, with Cary Grant, and especially Loretta Young, who is great in it...she looks ravishing, great gowns, slim-fitted, beautiful face-eyes, fresh beauty, great spunk....


I cannot understand why (I've read it) was she "stereotyped" and "dismissed", mainly in the 1930's as being a so-so or bad actress, and being only a "clotheshorse"...untrue...she's radiantly good (Well BAD) (chuckles) here...


It's difficult to think of this LORETTA...when one thinks of the 1940's Loretta in "The Farmer's Daughter"....or her other teaming with Cary Grant, the excellent & cute & sentimental "The Bishop's Wife"...a completely different stuff...


I wanna watch more early '30s Loretta, not only her virginal-good characters (like "Zoo in Budapest" (I'd "kill" to see this one) or "The Crusades" (here she's mostly "decorative" IMHO)....but stuff like "Midnight Mary" (I've read it's TOP) "Employee's Entrance", "Taxi". "The Hatchet Man".....


The quality of the DVD is pretty good.

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feaito, I have an interesting story to tell about Loretta. I was lucky to get her in-person autograph about 10 some odd years ago at one of the events she sometimes attended. She still looked incredibly beautiful. She asked where the fans get all of the photos of her we bring to sign and I told her, in Hollywood collector stores. I guess she didn't realize where all these photos were coming from.

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Thanks M.L....it seems we're losing good stuff from Fox Movie Channel?? Did I tell you that besides Latin TCM, a Lati-Cinecanal classics will be premiering in late 2004...they say its becoming sort of a trend..here


Thanks Edge for sharing the story...I remember that the last time I watched Loretta live, was for the 100 Years of Hollywood Birthday celebration, in the 1980s (second half of that decade), I still have that one taped ...or my dad has it??..It's dad! Well, there she read the names of the deceased stars until that time, who had made "Hollywood history" (Bogart, Grant, Lombard, Grace Kelly...)... I remembered when she pronounced the name Tyrone Power, she sighed deeply, as if with pain...guess she was good pals with him, 'cos they made many movies together in the 1930s at 20th Century Fox...and she pronounced his name the irish way?...not "Tairon" but sort of "Ter?n"....I'm gonna borrow that one from dad...I remember many stars appeared...C?sar Romero, Lillian Gish, Alice Faye, Tony Martin, Miltone Berle, Ruby Keeler, Ginger Rogers, the then famous Marlee Matlin, Drew Barrymore, Janet Leigh, etc...

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