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I wouldn't necessarily think it was all that surprising. The pressure to look impeccable during the shoots and when attending public events must have been a great burden.


But I do think a lot of people who grew up in that era did like to look their best at all times. My paternal grandfather continued wearing suits and ties well after he had retired, even on weekends (I think he may have skipped the ties on Sundays).

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I can't believe my eyes ... Did I just read this whole thread and not see a single mention of ...


the explosively talented, effusively fabulous Kay Thompson (?) ... yes I did ...


Somebody asked (second poster) what is in this movie that makes people like it? What ?


Answer ... Kay Thompson ...

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I was a kid when I went to see this movie at my neighborhood theatre. The title promised to me that this was either a cartoon or a very "funny" picture. Then the picture began and what I saw wasn't very funny to a 10 year old and worse an "old" lady singing about the color I hated most as a boy but "pink" . Disappointed I got up and went to the ticket booth and asked for my money back. The ticket lady snarled at me with an emphatic "No!" Well many years later having grown up to appreciate the many classic films we all have come to love and my opinion changed about this film. Fred Astaire was wonderful, Audrey Hepburn was enchanting, and Kay Thompson priceless with those wonderful Gershwin tunes.

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The whole point of Funny Face was built into the irony that two people as different both in their respective ages and their theoretical view points could gradually discover that they shared enough common ground to fall in love.


Audrey is luminous.

Astaire is ageless.

Kay Thompson - priceless.


The whole package comes together with one glorious burst of enthusiasm for life, love and fashionable clothes. Even today, many years after I first saw it I still can't help but 'think pink!'

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