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Did anyone catch this one? I thought it was pretty interesting that this pre-Code focused on a 1940 war with "Eurasian States."


The airplanes in this movie set in 1940 looked like the planes in the 20s/30s. Guess they thought that was as state of the art as flying machines would go. I also watched with wide eyes as Lewis Stone talked to Phillips Holmes on a video-telephone type machine.


I liked Lewis Stone's performance a lot. He seemed very honest and gave a realistic performance. He also seemed pretty ruthless when he told his son about his real father & mother. It kind of seemed out of character.


Was the actress who played "Peggy," any relation to the director? I think I caught the titles, and it looked like they had the same last name.

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I wish I had caught it; started a thread in Hot Topics on 07 May to complain about its late addition to the schedule. You might find the responses interesting reading. I really hope TCM will replay it before too long, and it would be nice if more of us would suggest that.


According to the IMDb, Ruth Selwyn was married to Edgar Selwyn, who was 30 years her senior, but they eventually divorced.

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